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Hello fellow October mamas! I am a recovering long-time lurker, so long in fact that I feel I know most of you quite well. I am 34 weeks with my first, unfortunately still breech. I'm trying not to worry too much about babe turning, but we are planning a home waterbirth that hinges on this baby being vertex. Let's see, I've had a great pregnancy so far, no real complaints other than CONSTANT peeing and hunger and the fact that I cry over just about everything. But to be honest, I even like all that because I love being pregnant!! Glad to finally join everyone!

Oh, by the way Piglet, if you would add me to the list:
our edd is 10/12, sex unknown, predicting a boy, 12 hour easy labor- thanks piglet!
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Welcome. Good to have you with us. I see you live in TN. We just moved from TN to back up north.
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Happy to see your comming out of the lurking closet. Look forward to see you on the weekly board.
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so don't wait til next week and come over and chat with us!

I pray that baby turns!

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Nice to have another expecting mama! See you on the thead!
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Hi! I'm a really late joiner! I don't know why I haven't looked into this forum on the boards yet. I guess it had to be one of those can't sleep 4 in the morning things. I'm due with #2 on Oct. 24th. Wanted to do a homebirth but I didn't care for the lack of options available here. I plan on doing a hospital birth with a very pro-natural childbirth OB. I'm getting excited about our new arrival. We didn't find out the sex this time around either. I love the surprise.

I'm just getting anxious about being away from my lil dumplin for a possible overnight. I know he will be fine becuase my sister is going to watch him and he will be able to play with his cousin who is 5 1/2 months older than him and they are more like brothers than cousins. So I have no worries there it's just be my first "overnight" away. I do take time for myself for several hours at a time and am fine. I've just never been away overnight and he's never had anyone but me or DH put him to sleep. He's been weaned for several months now so no worries about nursing!

So that is my late hello post to everyone! Hope to get to know you all in the next few weeks we have left!

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Carrie...join our weekly thread and introduce yourself....

see ya there!
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Welcome fellow Wisconsin-cheesehead
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