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Average cost of an uncomplicated homebirth?

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I just got my records from the insurance provider I had when dd was born (hosptial). I almost fell over!! All tolled, the costs were over $20,000!

Not only do I want to experience a natural childbirth, but I am no longer insured and can in NO way afford that kind of money next time around.

What is the average cost of prenatal care and birthing with a midwife? And also, what sort of prenatal care do you receive from a midwife?

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My laymidwife charged 1200.00 for the whole thing and came to my home for prenatal care.

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1,500 for mine
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$4,000 for a cnm-attended homebirth. This included all prenatal visits, labor and birth support, newborn exam, 2 postpartum visits and a bazillion phone calls (give or take.)

Prenatal visits were always an hour long. After the usual BP check, urinanalysis, listening for a heartbeat, and checking size, we chatted about anything and everything that was happening in connection with my pregnancy and she answered any questions I had. The visit schedule was typical--monthly visits, bi-weekly around month 8, then weekly during the last month.

Most midwives I've heard of are willing to work out a payment plan with their clients.
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$3700 for a CNM at a birth center, including all prenatal visits. It is $4500 if you pay on an extended plan. These rates are for a birthing center in Dallas, Texas.

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I have paid $1200 - $1500. CNM's and OB's can be more expensive b/c their malpractice insurance insurance is more. One MD in the state said she is being charged $3000 per homebirth for malpractice these days!
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1800$ for lay not-legal midwife (late transfer...like 4 prenatal visits?) plus postpartum. I think it was like 3500 for one of the local birthing centers (might be 3700). Both accepted insurance though, of course that's more of a struggle for the lay midwife. The birth center took a bunch of insuracne plans.
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I'm paying a CNM $3500 for everything. This is the flat rate she charges for all prenatal visits, plus the mom's choice of homebirth, clinic birth, or hospital birth. She works out payment plans with you, but you have to be paid up by 38 weeks.
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I don't know what the total cost was, I think Medi-Cal paid for part of it, but we only paid $250. I believe that was the fee for the second CNM. I can tell you, though, (to put it in perspective) that my daughter's bill from the university hospital was, for 2 weeks $198,000 and no, that's not a type-o. This was very intensive ICN care and two surgeries.
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$1500 included everything - prenatal visits, birth, post partum visits - 6 week checkup. My insurance company reimbursed 80% of that so my out of pocket was only a couple hundred! My midwife was a direct entry midwife. She also owned a tub that I used so I didn't have to pay for that either!
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My first homebirth - with a CPM, or certified professional midwife - was $1700. My second homebirth was $1200, I guess because we were returning customers!
She checked hearttones when they could be heard through a doppler, my blood pressure, and I checked my own urine with her test strips. Never any internals or weight checks -- she, and I, believe they are not important if mom and babe are doing well.
Oh, yeah - she'd also palpate my belly and measure my fundus to make sure the babe was growing well.
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Our CPM charges $2300 for full prenatal and the birth. Plus the cost of two MD visits.

Malpractice insurance is going through the roof. My dso is a family doc in Mississippi and lots of OBGYN's here are dropping the OB portion of their practice because they can't afford the insurance.
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$2800, LM with all prenatal care, home birth, 2 day postpartem home visit. I live in Southern California.
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She charged $1500 for cash payment, and billed insurance companies $3000 cause they only pay half. That included all prenatal care and delivery costs as well as post-natal care.
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the birthng center with cnms was going to cost about 10,000 for a totally uncomplicated/nonmedicated birth. 6000 just for the midwife to show up.

my home birth- which included all prenatals and 6 weeks postpartum (mind you she still helps me now) with a CPM cost 2,000. insurance would not pick up any tab- but we couldn't have put our hard earned money to better use. i wished i could have paid her more.

my prenatals were part of the reason i chose her. she was amazing- counseled my husband and i, talked about the emotional/spiritual aspect of pregnancy, taught me so much abot my body and pregnancy and birth. she really empowered me. her knowledge base was vast, and she focused strongly on nutrition and herbs, etc. she didn't use doplars- babies aren't psyched with the devices- but let me hear the heartbeat/placenta with a fetascope, felt the baby with her hands, taught me to learn exactly where baby was lying- make out hands, heels, head, etc. the care at the birthing center with CPMs didn't even begin to measure up. it was the best decision i've ever made!!!!

not all cpms/cnms are the same. i hope you find one that feels good to you, and can help you trust your body and baby!


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that should say 1,500.

I'll go back up and fix it...
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Mine was $1000 for care, $15 per visit for milage. (she lived 2 1/2 hours away) and $45 for the birth kit.

First birth was in the hospital to the tune of $25,000 (one week in the NICU)

and this hospital birth (afore mentioned midwife is currently on trial) so long as there are no complications is starting at $7000 dollars. Sucks!
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WE BIRTHED UNASSISTED, oh the cost of getting a copy of the birth certificte was $12 and I choose to buy a birth tub at $150, but it was essentially free!!!
So we call it a free birth, lol

But seriously you are free in a lot of ways other than finatially...

Birth is as private as conception!
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We plan on using a CNM practice that charges $3400 for all prenatal visits, a handful of postpartum visits, etc. They have a cheaper package that is $2400 just for labor/delivery. Both of these costs are the same whether it's at the birth center or at home - this is in the DC metro area. (and not covered by our insurance). We looked into another practice that is covered by our insurance - they charge $4200 and only do birth center or hospital births. Even though it would be cheaper for us to use them, we feel more comfortable at the first place...
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$2400 for the whole shootin match. CNM includes birth at home.
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