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September Cesarean Support Circle

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A new month-a new thread!

This thread is a place of sharing, strength and support for anyone recovering from or planning a cesarean birth. We ask that everyone's unique experience be respected and treated with sensitivity here.

Welcome newcomers and hi regulars!

My stats:

emergency c/b 3/2000
planned c/b 9/2003
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Hi everyone! Where has August gone? It seemed to have just vanished!

I had my first May 6th 2002 (emergency) and my second August 13 2004 (unplanned). I'm still healing from the most recent one. My incision is healing good but where I had those darn retention stitches are a pitb!!! They still haven't closed up and are pretty gross looking. I'm really itchy there. I have a nurse come twice a week now to care for it. I dont' know how much longer for, but it's nice that this time they actually did something for me like that.
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unplanned c/b 4/02
planned c/b 1/04

prmom-- I have TONS of numbness. I hadn't experienecd any lasting longer than a few weeks with my fist c/b. THis time around I have numbness about 2 inches all around the scar.

I have to agree about the annoyance of the skin flap. But to be honest... I'm getting a tummy tuck AFTER I lose the weight on my own. I dont find it a vain thing at all. I'm finding it to be something that will allow me to wear clothes that fit. It also help me heal a little from that lost birthing experience. Plus, I figure, I already have a scar!
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Thanks for the reassurance with the numbness. I don't remember it after c/b #1 and this time I have it and it is felt in quite a large area. I love how you all make me feel better about the tummy tuck thoughts. Not that we could afford one. I did recently tell my mom that once I lose all my weight if the skin and flap are awful that for the next few holidays/b-days I want money put in a tummy tuck fund. I was sort of joking, but who knows.

bwylde- I hope you continue to heal well. I remember how much my stitches itched too. I remember also no matter how much I cleaned and dried the area there was always a funny odor. Went aways once the steri strips came off. Ugh! Just reminds me how I don't want to go through that again.
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I can still smell the smell!!

I don't know if its second c/b or what. But I didn't have it with my first. I also my skin kinda "slosh" off. It would get all with and creamy and then stink and come off... NASTY!!!

Yeah, we don't have the money either but I def want a tummy tuck. We'll save for awhile for it but I need to lose weight on my own first. I also thought about a boob job. It depends on what happens. I might miss my mommy boobs...kwim?
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Hi all.

I had my first c/b (emergency) on July 12, 2002 and my second (unplanned) July 8, 2004. I just had my 6 week check-up (at 8 weeks pp) today. I asked my Dr. about the pain I still have around my belly button but he had no answers. That wasn't much help. He said "there's not much around there so I don't know what it could be." But other than that, I've healed well. I still have numbness too and expect I will for a few months to come (at least).

I didn't loose much weight quickly this time. So I have quite a bit to loose on my own now. I need to loose 30 pounds to get down to the weight I was prior to my first pregnacy. And then I would like to loose another 30 at least on top of that. And when I do that, I would also love to get a tummy tuck (and a boob lift after I'm done nursing). I don't ever really see that happening unless we come into a bunch of money. I hate the skin flap. Can they get rid of all my stretch marks while they're at it?
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Hi everyone!

I had my first (and only) unplanned and unnecessary c/b on 11/10/03. Thankfully, except for the occasional pulling sensation and some periodic itchiness, I'm healed. I'm below pre-preg weight (I have no idea how that happened -- I eat like there's no tomorrow), but still need to lose about 10-15 lbs. to be at my "ideal" weight. I also have the skin flap and flab which is beautifully riddled with stretch marks. I think they look way worse than my incision scar, frankly.

I'm actively seeking HBAC mws in my area or near my ILs house in upstate NY although we aren't even considering ttc yet. Its a problem, though, b/c technically, no mw is allowed to attend an HBAC in my state (NJ). I'm trying to learn the rules about NY, but the danger there is that we're a good 20-30 minute drive from a hospital, and I'll have to kick my ILs out of their own house for the birth (my FIL would run and hide, but my MIL talks REALLY loudly and is nosy and she'd drive me batty). But if that's what it takes to have my next at home, I'll do it. I'm really trying to avoid the hospital this next time.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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Hi everyone. Well after planning a VBAC with all my heart and soul, I am reaching 42 weeks on Sunday with no progress and having a c-section. Although I could continue to put it off, I feel like I need to move on and face it so that I can deal with it, and not put my hopes into things that probably are not going to happen. And I would also like to meet this extremely stubborn child of mine.
Meanwhile I am dealing with a hurricane, so I'll be back.
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I had an emergency c/s this June, double footling breech with a prolapsed cord and decelerations. I'm pretty much healed. There's a not-quite-numb feeling above my scar, but everything else is fine. My c/s, contrary to what everyone told me would be, was much easier to recover from than my very traumatic vaginal delivery nearly 2 years ago.

Next birth, I'd like to VBAC; in fact, I'm seriously considering UC. Not for any of the usual reasons, but for strange personal reasons of my own. I wanted to UC my daughter, and I even knew that she would be breech when she was born... I hadn't figured on the prolapsed cord, though. I knew that I'd need help to deliver her when it happened, though, I just had a feeling about it. *sigh* Anyway, baby #3 is at least 3 years off, so we'll see.
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Originally Posted by calla lily
I asked my Dr. about the pain I still have around my belly button but he had no answers.

Can they get rid of all my stretch marks while they're at it?
The pain could be an internal bruise. Think about what they had to move out of the way. I had this same thing and it was very painful! About 12w pp it finally went away completely.

As for the stretchmarks...on a tummy tuck they cut the bikini line and then basically pull the skin down. They say it will remove most stretchmarks depending on high they go.
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Now that I think about it, it does feel like a bruise. It was so very painfull while in the hospital. They kept poking me there to check my uterus too.

Mommytotwo, I will be thinking about you. Where do you live? I'm in Central Florida and don't plan on sticking around for this hurricane. We are heading up to the foothills of SC tonight. I hope you are in a place out of the way of the storm. I guess you can't travel too far being 42 weeks. Maybe it will put you in labor though. Best of luck.
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I'm just subscribing...

emergency C at 42 w 4 d 6/01
VBAC at 41 w 5 d 5/04

Mommy to Two, I'm thinking about you...
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By the way...
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member? (tell me how to celebrate... I want my 1,000th post to be on this thread)
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