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My feelings are crampiness, hungry, extremely tired and a pain in my hip and achey lower back that only happened when I was pg. I'm guessing it's b/c I'm older, fatter and in school full time with 3 kids to take care of. The hip pain and crampiness was what really had me concerned. Thanks for your replies.
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Shelbean- I've never delivered vaginally before but you are describing what I felt when I started ovulationg and af again. I took a hpt because I was worried!

Sometimes my dh still asks if I am.

My problem is that af (very veyr heavy bleeding)is coming around every 10 or 15 days and lasts anywhere from 5 days to 14 days. it can be super light or super heavy.....
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Hi Amber! I'm curious-- why were you induced so early, with no signs of impending labor at all? Did you have pre-ecclampsia or something like that? (Feel free to blow me off-- it's really none of my business! )
Why would I blow you off? :LOL Actually, those are questions I've asked myself a lot. I don't know why I was induced, other than that my doctor was on call that week. I didn't have pre-eclampsia--I was starting to show trace proteins in my urine, but I also had gestational diabetes, so that's not really too uncommon. I know there was some concern about a large baby, but all my ultrasounds (and I had PLENTY of those) showed that she was just fine.

I think my case, specifically, is one of those instances where I had unnecessary medical intervention in a BIG way. I know part of that is my fault--I didn't know enough to say "No". I never even thought I COULD--I just assumed that my doctor knew best, like I think a lot of first time Moms do.

But, lesson for sure learned on that one!

KKmama--you're in Colorado? I am too. Do you know of any doctors in the Denver area who are VBAC friendly? We're thinking of TTC here again pretty soon, and I want to be sure I've got a decent midwife/doctor practice before it's too late.
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: Amber!

Congrats KKMama! Thought of a title?

MommytoTwo-hope the hurricane missed you and that everything is okay!

Exercise-nope, haven't found anything I could do with baby that I CAN do. (Like, I cannot run and will pass out if I try.)

My stats:
unwanted, planned c-section at 42 wks 6 days due to ds being transverse and refusing to flip around no matter what we did, and God knows we tried everything :LOL
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Still healing from c-section 20 months later

I'm glad I found this thread. I haven't reallytalked to anybody much about my C-Section. I was really sad about it for a while, but I feel certain it was necessary and saved my and my sons life in my case.

But, It's been 20 months sincemy son was born and I feel I am still healing both physically and emotionally. I expected it would take a while because I had a difficult pregnancy. But, there is a one inch seperation of the muscles from my diaphragm down my stomach and below my bellybutton. This doesn't seem right to me. I'm a little freaked out by it. Has anybody else had any experience with this?

Are there specific exercises to get them back together? I'm a bellydancer and did start dancing again 3 months after my sons birth. But I thought that would help not hurt the healing process!
Any feedback would be comforting

Mama Chris
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Are you sure the muscles are seperated?? You could end up with a major hernia if they are...sicen that is what one is... organs slipping through breaks in the muscles.

If you really think they are seperated I'd ask a dr. I'm not all for running to them for every little bump and bruise but that sounds kinda serious.

i could be wrong...anyone else wanna give it a shot??

Oh, and welcome
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I'm sure there is an indention, a deep one and it is long,,, I guess it is time to talk to a doctor about it. I haven't been back to my ob/gyn since me post natal check up.
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I would jsut be concerned about a hernia down the road and that is soemthing yo do NOT want to deal with! My Grandpa has a weblike material that goes from his left shoulder down at an angle to his right hip. He had a hernia from one sie of his body to another! Not that you would have one like that but it wouldn't be fun either way!

I hope its just a umscles weakness and you can fix it with exercise!
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Yikes, MamaChris! Definitely talk to a doctor about that one. That's NOT good--like Megan said, I'd worry about a hernia!
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Originally Posted by shelbean91
For those of you who have delivered vaginally as well as c/b- did you notice any difference in the time it took to start your periods again?

I'm noticing strange things going on that only happen when I'm pg, but I'm fairly sure I'm not. (Have a neg pg test, even). I'm wondering if I'm just gearing up to start ovulating already or if the weird symptoms are an effect of being so overweight.
After my vaginal delivery, I got my period back in 3.5 weeks, and ovulated a week later. After my c/s, I got my period back in exactly 4 weeks, and ovulated (I think and hope and pray) about a week later.
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I've been having a lot of tummy pain the last few days. I still haven't gotten AF back yet, but of course I automatically jump to the worse case scenario...like ectopic pregnancy! Brother...if I could just stop my imagination. But anyway, I never had cramping when I had AF before, so I'm concerned. Actually the pain is concentrated in the lower left side of my tummy.

I haven't gone to the dr. for my post partum check up (I went 2 wks after, but not to the 6 wk after one). So I think I shall make an appt. just to allay my fears!
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Hey! I did my first REAL ab workout and it rocked!! When i was done I could feel my muscles twitching. I just can't explain how much satisfaction I got from it! I think my "phobia" is gone!!!
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BlueBelle, I'm in Boulder. I don't know about Denver, but PM me if you want any specifics about Boulder.

RacheePoo, I'm kind of thinking of something along the line of Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!!! which is what I hear all day.

MamaChris, I've had the ab separation you describe (though not as severe) with both pregnancies. I'd have a dr. examine it and then get someone (the dr., a physical therapist, *someone*) to teach you what you need to do to get the muscles to close up again. It's been too long, and you need help--a hernia is a real risk.
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KKmama -

I saw you had your vbac at 41w5d. Did you do anything special to help baby come along? I had a c/b with ds#1 (08/00) and am doing my best to have a vbac this time around (due 10/05/04). I went over 42 weeks with the first and then was induced. My biggest fear this time is that I wont go into labor "in time." I'm just curious if you had issues around going past 40 weeks and how you handled it.
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Thanks for the advice and concern. It's so good to have a place like this with other mamas to turn to.

I found out that I have a condition called diastisis recti where the muscles are seperated and don't go back together for several reasons. It's actually quite common. I'm making an appointment with a physical therapist this week!

It's really frustrating to me that follow up advice and recovery information is not more emphasized or readily available. Especially for those of us who have C-sections.

sigh* I'm so frustrated withthe medical establishment....
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MamaC... i'm glad you are ok! I was worried for you!

yeah, talk about weird things... my breasts are killing me and HUGE! They got really firm over night and I'm not sure why!!
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Hi! I am due for a c/b (my first child) in 3 days!! And, I have to admit, after reading this thread I am scared to death. I have read books and done tons of research and hadn't heard all of these problems....

Any advice on how to avoid any of these things, or does it just come with the territory?

Also, what is the tummy flap I've been reading about?

Anything to allay my fears would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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Don't be afraid. Delivering your healthy baby is the point, and the good women here just need the venting space. I survived two c/b (01/00 and 10/01), one unplanned (low fluid/induced/pitocin and I don't get along well) and one emergency (prolapsed cord) and have had a hard time emotionally after #2. Yoga sounds like good advice (thanks).

Since you're going in for the first time, be thankful it's planned and you've been able to process a lot of the issues ahead of time. Also, I labored a good long time before being cut, and planned will be much nicer to your recovery. Just be mindful not to do too much too soon, as my scar troubles were caused by my stubborn insistence on going up and down the stairs and playing mom too soon after surgery.

Can any of you veterans help me negotiate with my HMO about changing docs? I'm expecting again and the new OB won't dream of even trying a VBAC after 2c's. Both ceasareans were about the baby, not me, and they have not even peeked at the medical records before standing firm on a planned c/b. I'm disappointed, since I picked this practice because of the midwives available. My husband is not supporting VBAC, bacause he's heard the doc's stories of possible hemmorage and death. Augh. Perhaps because this a c-friendly bunch, I could just get a pep talk about a planned c/s not being a failure? please?
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Stacey- Don't be frightened! I have had 3 c-births and survived them all . My advice is pretty simple, check out previous threads there OnTheFence posted her birth plan, it's pretty good, and my advice is always- MAKE SURE THEY DO A DOUBLE LAYER SUTURE OF THE UTERUS! That is very important. Get moving as soon as you can, and eat as soon as you can after the birth to get the gas going, and to feel better. When you get home, keep up the walking, but don't be lifting or doing stairs- remember that you will have had major abdominal surgery, this is not a normal birth in that regard. Yes, the important thing is that you and baby come out of this healthy- but it is MAJOR SURGERY- don't forget that after the fact, you will need lots of help and rest, take it!

momtoo- I suggest asking that question in the VBAC forum, I am sure many there have dealt with insurance situations like that, I haven't personally, so I can't be of help in that regard. I would say, wether to VBAC or schedule a repeat has to be based on your feelings about, not the Dr.s or the insurance co, or your dh. I believe your intuition will lead you the right, so long as you keep checking how your plan feels with your own gut. You can plan a VBAC b/c you think you need to to be crunchy, or b/c you feel in your gut it is safer for you, the latter is of course, the best reason. If you choose a repeat c-birth- let it be b/c YOUR gut is telling you that that is safest, not b/c you are being bullied. Some prayer or meditation would probably be very helpful, and remaining flexible with your plan, as ItsOurFamily can attest to (she planned a VBAC and changed to scheduled c-birth at the 11th hour, and I think she is happy with that choice).

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with these threads, I haven't had any "issues" except my hernia is still there (umbilical), and I am reluctant to get too much into abdominal exercise b/c I am afraid I will aggrivate it (right now it is painless), and with Sean (now almost 8 months) unwilling to take a bottle or any food other than BM, I can't really risk having surgery.
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Stacey: I have only had one emergency ceserian (double footling, prolapsed cord, no fluid left), but here is my advice to you. Ask for sutures & glue instead of staples, I think the reason my recovery was so much easier than some is that I didn't have staples. Buy yourself some old lady underwear which will come up to your navel; I didn't have any and my bikinis rested right on my incision which was very very painful. Make sure that you have either some stretchy pants like sweats or leggings or that you have full panel maternity pants, because low rise maternity pants, again, will rest right against your incision. And don't do much the first weeks, regardless of how good you feel!! I felt fabulous after my c/s, and ended up doing way too much and getting an infection as a result. Be lazy, and be unapologetic about it. Milk it for all it's worth! Stay on top of the pain, and as soon as you are able to get up make sure to empty your bladder every half hour or so (I had much much more pain when my bladder got full).

Have a birth plan, have plans for the baby... I didn't have a c/s birth plan and I really wish that I had made one, even though it was very unlikely that I would have one. Oh, and relax! You'll still be able to breastfeed and do all the other things that make you a great parent; having a drug free vaginal delivery is not essential to attachment parenting. 2 Good luck!
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