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Heidi, I can't get to the pics

Shelly, I bet she is going to be adorable in her dress

Did anyone else get the e-mails??? The crabby baby alert e-mails?? Emma has been HORRENDOUS The only thing that makes her happy is nursing... nursing... nursing. I'm not kidding when I say that she has probably nursed 50 times today. Mama is raw!! Please send toothy pop through those gums already vibes
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Icequeen, that sounds like our last few days. Poor Deshi is off all solids except a few fruits until I can get these allergies figured out. Plus he is teething. Plus I think my supply is a little low due to this pregnancy. Tandem nursing and endless, frequent nursing sessions on painfully sensitive pregnant nipples is a new kind of torture! Plus D was so cranky (poor hungry boy is so tired of fruit already, he loves his solid food!) and ds1 was whining and SCREAMING all day. Gotta love that 3 year old attitude. I cried more times than I care to admit today Ah, at least they are all asleep finally (for now). At least dh is off tomorrow, maybe I can sleep in (hope hope hope).
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oh wow...love the pictures!!!! Josie has been pretty happy today....but hasn't nursed much...I am rather full....she has been too distracted...she will probably make up for it tonight....
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OMG- I haven't been on since about page 5 of last months thread- I know I've missed so much. ShellyK- that is gorgeous and I'm sure Julie will just be absolutely adorable in hers!
Dante is so cute in his little teepee!
Icequeen- lots of vibes out to you!!!!!! I was there just a couple of weeks ago. Marisol now has two teeth (it seems like there should be more)
She sure does know how to use those two though!!!!
OK- here goes the roll call

Name -Chelsea Lovato
What screen name means- I'm so not creative- and I've never had a nickname, so just first and middle initial, last name
Age- 27 (just on the 29th of August- so we have 2 Virgos in the house!)
What state- NM, but the Carribbean in my dreams!
Your hair/eye color- light brown w/blond highlights (yep, they're natural) and green eyes- most of the time LOL
DH,DP,SO 1st name- Chris
Kids & ages-Koby- 8 on 11/9/04, and Marisol 1 on 9/14/04
Most recent birthing experience- DD- excellent natural birth at a great hospital with an awesome midwife.
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- Heard Marisol once and just loved it- I've been hanging on to that one since before I even met my dh. Koby came from a very distant cousin- different spelling though
Who does your babe look like-She looked just like dh when she was born, but now she looks like me when I was her age
Color of hair/eyes-Baby walking or crawling- crawling some, but mostly cruising on everything, not walking yet though
Baby's personality thus far-- all kinds of attitude, but really so sweet and a big time entertainer
Baby's likes/dislikes-likes to play with my yarn and knitting stuff- doesn't like me to pick her up away from what she wants to be doing. She flails her arms and legs and starts wailing
More kids?-Yeah- when we have more room
Pets (kind & name)-Blue heeler/australian shepard named Abby, Border Collie named Megan, Siamese mix named Spartacus, and four fish
Fav foods/dessert-Oysters on the half shell- not a dessert eater
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- it would have to be a grand tour of Scotland, Ireland, England,Germany, Italy, France and then a quick trip to Australia and New Zealand- I soooo want to see them all
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- Under the Tuscan Sun
Fav movies Indiana Jones
Reading a book? no time
Last book read? The teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy
Fav storesWal-Mart, Target, and the Baby Gap clearance section
Fav colors It changes daily
Fav holidaysChristmas
Fav passion Softball and watching Koby play his sports
Fav soapbox cause BFing and CDing
When on mdc the mostnot enough

I sure am enjoying reading everyone else's info!
Have great night and day mamas!
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OK, now I have to do photos. The first one is Molly in her new Hanna playdress I got from eBay. The second is just a profile of Jessie.


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Originally Posted by GriffinsMom
I figured G and T would just go with me but this time it just hasn't worked out... 2 days away from my baby may just do me in. The only good part is that I will only have to work those 2 days and then I'll be off for almost a week. Not worth it though... I am dreading this trip and going to need a lot of distraction while I'm gone.
Awwww, I'll send good thoughts your way that it all goes smoothly.
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Happy birthday, Dante! What a great picture of him.

And Josie bumping on her auntie's belly is so cute.
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Happy birthday, Dante!
from your mdc friend Colin

I love the photos ! Josie & Dante are so cute
ShellyK -you're all beautiful
How cute they all are !!

Colin has been a total velcro kid - very fussy - hope its teeth.
He's just hangs on me & cries.

My 1 female German Shep is in heat
she's the only unfixed dog. my 3 fixed males do NOT know they are fixed & keep hoping on her. :

how are you posting them?
i post pics on other boards all the time but cannot here.

I use the image button but it just works as a link.
then when i go to my user page there's a little area says
[img] off
is that the problem?
I don't get it
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whoops, try this link...

Originally Posted by Icequeen_in_ak
Heidi, I can't get to the pics
Dante's birthday photos

I hope that worked...

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polka I host my pics at photobucket.com...then I just use the image button, which posts the links then when you view gives you the pics...does that make any sense???
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Heidi, Dante is the cutest! It looks like you had a great time on his birthday.

I love the picture where he's doing gymnastics while nursing. Does he hang out naked like that a lot? If so, how do you keep him from peeing everywhere?
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I love the picture of Dante nursing while standing on his head. Griffin is a total gymnast while nursing lately. If I so much as put him in the "baby" nursing position he throws a fit. His favorite position right now is to lie on his belly down my lap and one leg and let his legs dangle. I don't mind once he gets comfortable - it while he's doing the warm ups that isn't so much fun!

He loves to be naked too but it drives dh crazy b/c he's always convinced he's going to pee on something. My dh is very uptight about him peeing on things. My opinion is "what's a little pee pee amoung family?" I think he's only pee-ed on his sheets while being naked and even then it is maybe only twice. G pee-ed in the bath one time when he was about 4 months old and dh thought we should change the water. : We have discovered that G gets very quiet and then makes this funny noise when he pees. I think he's going to be very easy to potty train. Esp. since he hates to have his diaper changed.
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Oh yeah...

Does anyone's baby shake when they first wake up? Sometimes when G wakes up his arms and legs tremble and he has to stretch them to get them to stop. I've never seen a baby do this before so it worries me just a little.
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I love everyone's pics, you all have the cutest kids!!

That teepee looks awesome!

Karen- s I hope Emma's tooth comes in soon.

Jen- s I'm sorry your dh and G can't come with you, I hope the 2 days passes quickly and all goes well.

Penelope- s I'm sorry mama, I know my af is coming soon, I can feel my inner grouch rising to the surface! I hope you feel better soon.

What is everyone with bdays coming up doing?

We haven't really decided but probably just a homemade cake with the 5 of us, we have no family nearby and no real friends around here. We are giving Eliza her very first little people set and then some new books. I am telling any family members that ask us what we want for her to give us books or gift cards to any store that sells books (even if it's target!) because she has enough toys and alot of our baby and toddler books are really beat up from the older kids when they were babies.
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WE will be out of town for Josie's birthday so not sure what we are going to do....my sis' baby is due anyday too...

Penelope..have you tried any herbs or homeopathy to help with your pms?? I just can't imagine..I would think that hp would work for your sleep issues either...that can't help you pms symptoms.... s
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ShellyK, yeah, he hangs out naked a lot, when others aren't around, anyway. We've ec'd him since 10 weeks (elimination communication) - he tells us when he has to go the bathroom, and so he doesn't pee/poo when naked, unless on the potty. We put in diapers when we travel, though, b/c we don't always get him to the potty fast enough. It's kind of a lot of work, but it's fun to be able to pat his naked butt.
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I think mama needs a break.... I was asked what I wanted for my birthday (it's coming up next week) and I immediately blurted out, without even hesitating "a week away from my daughter!" What a terrible thing to say!!! But god help me.... it's a very tempting thought. She has been soooo crabby, all she wants to do is nurse, pinch, slap, hit and bite me. I'm all touched out.... I just crave nothing being near me or touching me.

I feel like the worlds worst mommy right now

Nobody told me I'd have times like this when I signed on for this career.
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Originally Posted by GriffinsMom
Oh yeah...

Does anyone's baby shake when they first wake up? Sometimes when G wakes up his arms and legs tremble and he has to stretch them to get them to stop. I've never seen a baby do this before so it worries me just a little.
I know this seems elementary, but is it possible that he's cold? Not cold like a cold room... sometimes if you sleep very deeply your blood pumps more slowly and makes you have the chills when you wake up. Or is it possible that he has low blood sugar? A baby can get low blood sugar more rapidly than an adult, and often manifests as shakiness.
I hope that's all it is! and I'm feelin' you on being away from him for 2 days... somehow you'll survive

Abigail has done that a couple of times, and she just needed to warm up a bit or nurse.
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That is so normal. We all have days or weeks where we feel like that. I am feeling like that today .....just want to run away....but josie isn't the problem....it is the older too...hehe...and they don't nurse...


As far as the shaking thing goes..do you think that maybe his limbs fall asleep and he shakes them to wake them up? does he do this all the time or just occassionally??
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