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mamap how do you keep potatoes witout them going bad??? that sounds like loads of fun!!! I haven't seen a moose in years....

sorry you are so scared of the chiro. It isn't fun being scared of something like that. I have complete confidence in homoepathy when done correctly but do realize that it isn't for everyone. I studied it a little before #2 was born and found it completely fascinating.
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love it polka!!!
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I love seeing all the pics of everyone's kids .

I will get my lazy butt to try and get some up soon so you can all see my princess. She has started getting modest when I take diaper butt pics, she covered her butt with her arm yesterday and rolled over so I couldn't take the pic :LOL.
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I love the friendship list, polka!
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I haven;t had time to read through this thread but I wanted to get pix up from Sage's birthday party yesterdaym which was so much fun and a little bittersweet *sniff*

they are here, if all goes well (this is the first time I have ever posted pix here):


please someone tell me if this works!

happy birthdays to all the Sept. babies!
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Karma, the link worked just fine for me. Pretty Mama and pretty Sage! I totally understand what you mean by bittersweet! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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Awww, I love the pics of Sage! She's hugging another baby! Awwww... *hee hee* Thanks for posting the pics!

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karma, your pictures are great . sage is too cute!
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Very cute Karma!!
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MamaP it sounds like great day!!

Karma, cute pics

Its my birthday today! I am now officially 28 My wonderful day began with a 3am cry of "Mama I need to throw up" from my ds1. He was so sick all day, and only got worse as the day went on. We had plans to spend the day at Waterton National Park (its so beautiful, mountains all around, amazing lakes and mountain streams, great little townsite), but obviously that didn't happen. Hopefully we can do it next week instead. I hope Deshi doesn't catch whatever it is, I would hate to have him sick for his birthday

One that note.......on this day one year ago I was in early labour I didn't know that labour would last so long, but I sure was excited that things were happening!!
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: : :

Sorry to hear about the puke, though. I was going to put one of those vomit smilies in with all the celebration ones, but I couldn't find it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!
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Happy Birthday -
: :

(jeez - I'm more that 10 yrs older that you - my, where time goes)
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Sage is adorable and pretty mama!

FRM : Sorry about the puke, my ds woke up at about the same time puking too. Something must be going around!
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FRM, Happy birthday!

Karma, I love the photos. Sage is a beautiful child and I love the outfit she is wearing in the first pic.
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FRM - : Mine is in 4 days and I'll be TEN years older than you (and feeling each and every one of them lately).

All of the baby pics are soooo adorable. I'm excited for Emma's birthday, and dreading it as well. Part of me wants to keep her a baby forever, so I can understand how you say it's a bittersweet moment in time.

I have a question..... are there any babies here that are primarily still breastfeeding??? But eating some solids?? I don't know if Emma has something wrong, or if it's because she's nursing so much more. Her stools have been really loose for over a week now. Imagine BF poo... but a little thicker and WAY nastier smelling!!! She's only eating a little bit at breakfast and maybe a couple of bites at dinner, which is so uncharacteristic of her... but she has been miserable with teething pain for almost 2 weeks now, so I'm not surprised she doesn't want food. I'm just wondering if that type of stool is normal or not.
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Josie still primarily bf. She eats a few bites here and there but not a whole lot. Her stool flux's too. I think part of it is teething. Not to worry. If it gets worse make sure to keep her hydrated and that it isn't rotovirus. The biggest scare there is the hydration. But if poop is the only sign you have..then probably just diet changes or teeth.

Happy Birthday FRM (sorry was an icky..my last two were..not fun) & Icequeen (early)

We will be out of town on Sunday (which is Josie's birthday!!) Will have to have a party when we get back or something...am feeling kind of guilty for the first two kids we had parties and made a big deal about it...I am not at all wanting to do that this year..not sure why..just don't wanna..maybe part of it is because most of our family is not here (we moved in Dec last year)...not sure..will have to do something...she just doesn't seem that old yet..waaa...

Oh yeah..tonight..she walked back and forth...for the first time..she has been taking like 3-4 steps then dropping to to crawl stance and then crawling...tonight, in the middle of a croud no less..she decided to just walk as far as she could....was way cool!! hehe...
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Micah turns ONE tomorrow!

Hi Ladies,

Well, Micah's restless nights had a good reason, turns out. A new tooth broke through on the bottom for a grand total of seven teeth now.

I LOVED all the pics! Our Saturday birthday party was a huge success.

cobluegirl... congrats on the walking! No walking here yet... just cruising still. I really hoped Micah would take off walking by now, but he's still plopping down and speed crawling.

Happy Birthday, freerangemama! : : You're the same age as me now! Thirty is feeling a lot closer now, huh? LOL It's funny, I can remember thinking I'd NEVER be 16 years old... and here I am now, almost to 30! Where does the time GO?!

icequeen... Micah's almost exclusively breastfed now. Depending on how many cheerios or crackers he eats in a day, his poops change in consistency. We still have some days that are mostly BM non-stinky type, but other days it's real sticky and thick (sorry if TMI!) and STINKY!!!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how to get him eating more, but he just has NO interest... He DID dig right into his birthday cake though... Ornery little fellow!

Penelope, I don't do chiros either. I had a bad experience with one when I was a teenager, and ended up having a pinched nerve that made me throw up all the way home. I tried it again when I was pregnant cause the s-joint in my right hip was hurting SO bad all the time, but it actually aggravated it and made it MUCH worse. I found the thing that helped the most for my problem was physio-therapy. They found the source of my pain in the very first visit and the treatment started helping almost from the first visit. I was really amazed at how good they were. I still have to be careful not to do anything like vacuuming or activities that involve bending over or lifting (like packing boxes or stooping to pick things up for a long time) or it gets inflammed again and I get terribly painful muscle spasms.
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Wow it's all I can do to keep up.

Riley is all but breastfed, she eats maybe a tablespoon of solids all day. Her poop is still yellow and runny (oh was that tmi : )

The poor things naps are all messed up, she can't decide if she wants one or two, or 20 minutes or an hour.

I can't believe she is almost one it is just unreal.
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Micah is so cute, he looks like he enjoyed the cake and woohoo on the tooth .

Karen- Eliza started getting really yucky loose poops as soon as we went to solids and she started teething. I'm guessing it's the extra drool plus all the fruit and big people food contributing to the excess and the stink. I need to get a mini shower because it's starting to get old dunking when I never had to before. She is formula fed though so not sure if that makes a difference.

cobluegirl- yay on the walking! I hear you on the party, we have no family or real friends here, so I don't want to do a big party either. I'm going to bake her a cake and take pictures but I'm not going to really dress up the house or anything.
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Cobluegirl, we aren't doing anything either, we did for ds so I feel kind of bad but lots is going on, my mom is flying in though so she will be here, we'll make a cake and maybe have our close friends over but I'm just not up for anything big.

I'm sharing pics I hardly ever get around to it, but here are a few of Riley birth to a few weeks ago.

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