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Where's MamaP? She has been atypically quiet lately... How's the house coming along?
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i think i missed something. what are we doing tomorrow?
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Having a get to know you roll call. Polka is coming up with a list of questions but is taking suggestions....
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mamap -
I tried to send you a PM, but it says your box is full
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mamap -
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Question suggestions

Question suggestions - How about our favorite foods? movies? biggest regret, biggest dream. happiest moment. how we met our partners. how we hope to be different/same as our parents? Favorite smiley? (I like : )

Are those too nosy? Too many questions...? whoops, Dante's emptying the trash can... gotta go!


PS Did I already say that Dante's started walking? Very suddenly, two weeks ago, he started being able to stand for long periods of time on his own, and then he started walking. Wacky fella. Now he is also climbing the bookcase. Argh!
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Congrats, polka!

MamaP, sending you healing vibes...
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oh, beatgirl, congratulations! i'm so happy for you and your dp! what a relief, huh?

penelope, i'm sorry . i hope you are feeling better soon. i think you are so wonderful.

scout's getting big people poos. they're more solid now. until this week, they were still runny soft baby poos.

shelly, oh no!
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Originally Posted by plum
scout's getting big people poos. they're more solid now. until this week, they were still runny soft baby poos.

shelly, oh no!
I wish I could say that. Emma's have been Naaaassssstttttyyyyyy for months now.

Shelly... I can't imagine waking up to that :Puke
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Penelope, BTDT many times with the depression. No Fun! Hang in there and know that it will get better. Take care of yourself if you can. It sure is good to have you around in whatever state of mind you're in!

Julie went through a firm poop stage, now has been back to the squishy stuff for some time. Monday's incident was beyond disgusting. So much so that I had to just laugh at it and hope for the best. I'm a little worried about pinworms or other parasites and ickies you can get from eating poo, but I figure you have to eat someone else's poo who is infected to get it, right? Eating your own once - and just a little of it - well, nasty but not the end of the world? Blech!

Glittergal - I loved your introduction! I wish you hadn't erased it.

eagerly awaiting this roll-call fun.
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MamaP - hugs to you... we are hear to listen... And remember, you have a beautiful life and have been blessed with all those wonderful children... : be happy!!!
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I'm shuddering over the pooh incident... and laughing... that's just gross... did I share Micah's bug eating incident? I think I did... the pooh one definitely tops it... but barely.... LOL!

I'm looking forward to the questions/roll call... this will be fun! My suggestions are to include a website, pic links if you have them, as well as a link to birth stories if you have them online. I get a real kick out of reading those... I know we all swapped them ages ago, but my brain is like a sieve, and I would love to read them again... Oh, and include all the usual stat stuff... age, marital, location, # of kids, how many kids you want, etc...

My friend Autumn just had an unassisted VBAC homebirth!! She has a 9 lb, 9 oz baby boy, and named him Truth Salvation. He wasn't breathing on his own when he was born so they ended up calling an ambulance, but because he was still attached to the cord, he was fine, and they got him breathing right away... thank God! Autumn is my HERO! To do this in this anti-homebirth state of Georgia really takes some guts! The cool thing about meeting her too is that she has found all kinds of midwives, and is going to give me their contact info so I can have a homebirth with my next!! YEAH!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO THRILLED about this!!!!!!!

Yesterday was insane for me... It was non-stop go and at one point I had Autumn's two other kids, girls, who are 8 and 1.5 years old, that I was babysitting for her, plus the woman I tutor and her 8 year old son, plus Mitch and Micah here in my tiny little apartment! DH was SUCH a huge help and supervised the kid mania in the livingroom while I tutored in the dining room. I was actually glad at the point that he had been let go from his job last Friday... I can't remember if I mentioned that little detail... anyways, he has a new job lined up to start Tuesday, and although it's $3.09/hour less in pay, they have full benefits and lots of overtime plus a company truck. He'll be servicing restaurant equipment, and they are even sending him for some courses to make sure he knows how to service gas equipment. He got the job through an employment agency and they had him sign a 1 year contract. I'm hoping and praying that this becomes a steady job... I'm SO sick of going through 6 different jobs every year... I can't handle the stress!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mad at weight watchers right now. I had an online membership and was attending meetings. They just came out with a new weight loss program called the Core, so I emailed them to find out how to do it while nursing. They canceled my online membership on me cause I'm nursing!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so PO'd at them right now... They told me I'm not "allowed" to have an online membership cause I'm nursing and they don't approve of me doing it online while nursing. I've been going to meetings too for an entire year, for crying out loud, and haven't had any problems... ARGGGGGGGGGGG... So now I've lost everything I had, my weight tracker, my recipes, my online journal... I feel discriminated against...

Anyone else here affected by Hurricane Frances? We may have to evacuate, so my SIL has booked a hotel for everyone in Forsyth, GA, just in case... I'm NOT looking forward to evacuating should it come to that. Last time Savannah evacuated, my SIL said it took 16 hours to drive to a place that normally takes 3 hours to get to. Can you IMAGINE doing that with a 1 year old?!!!!!!!! PLUS, I'm having a birthday party for him this weekend!!!!!!!! Please help us pray that something miraculous happens and that storm just turns around and goes back where it came from...

Hugs to all!

PS I missed about 10 pages of posts, and don't have time to go back and read... sorry if I missed anything important!
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beatgirl- congrats on dp getting the job!!

GriffinsMom- he is so stinking cute

sorry I'm not on this thread much, I tend to hang in TAO, I need mucho fluff posts right now, my brain is fried from lack of sleep!

ShellyK- yuck but funny :LOL (well not to you I'm sure!)

Organique Gal- that is awesome, congrats to your friend!!! About WW, it does sound like discrimination, try complaining to corprate. Although they will probably say it's a liablity to them incase you lose your supply blah blah . I hope you are ok with the hurricane and don't have to evacuate. s

plum you are so darn lucky on the solid poops! As soon as I started Eliza on solids her semi solid easy to get rid of poops now are so nasty and not even solid urgh and we use cloth without a mini shower, *shudder*.

Welovedante- congrats on the walking mama, get your running shoes ready :LOL.

mamaP- ya know I love you mama s I hope you get out of your funk soon hon. I am so there right now and btdt so many times, if you ever need anything pm me ok? s
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Mamma P I know all about so much happening right now. We are remodeling too, life just seems way to complicated. My mom comes to visit the week after next, so I really hope to get a small break.
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I guess we can use this now - feel free to add anything you want

Name -1st ok
What screen name means-
What state-
Your hair/eye color-
DH,DP,SO 1st name-
Kids & ages-
Most recent birthing experience-
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)-
Who does you babe look like-
Color of hair/eyes-
Baby walking or crawling-
Baby's personality thus far-
Baby's likes/dislikes-
More kids?-
Pets (kind & name)-
Fav foods/dessert-
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go-
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)-
Fav movies
Reading a book?
Last book read?
Fav stores
Fav colors
Fav holidays
Fav passion
Fav soapbox cause
When on mdc the most-

whaddya all think? any addition or deletions
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope

going through a personal depression, thanks for asking where i am.

awwwwww mamap- i'm with ya
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope
CTMOM, I asked about you in the other thread. i'm glad you're back, i was worried the hyenas in the diapering forums gotcha!
i did see that, and thanks for thinking of me!! I was lurking about at times, but for some reason the past two weeks or so have been crazy busy... doing stuff w/the kids to finish up the summer... I'm sooooo looking forward to the fall and back to reality!! I don't know why it will be so different for me since i don't leave the house much then, but i think it is kind of romantic when the nights come earlier and the kids go down and the regular tv line up is on and i can just curl up and watch my favorite NBC shows!!

Hope you are feeling better...
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hi everybody...
I finally got a website to share pix with you all... but sometimes not all of the pix will show up? So technically it is still under construction...

here it is! (I hope it works! )
The three of us...

MamaP, hope you'll be feeling better soon.
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wowsers, that roll call list is rather extensive! I think I need to wait till Sophia is in bed to even start thinkngi about it. I can't wait to hear everyone' s responses!
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name - Tracey Frey Cleri
what screen name means? Connecticut Mom of 2 Kids
age 31
what state Stamford, Connecticut
your hair/eye color blonde (boxed) and brown eyes
kids & ages Austin James - 4 on Sept 9th and Chloe Izabella - 1 on Sept 15th
most recent birthing experience - http://mothering.com/discussions/sho...threadid=87381
reason you picked kid(s) name(s) I always liked Dallas, Gene liked Austin, so i comprimised. I always liked Chloe, but was leaning twards Claudia... Gene liked Chloe better.
who does you babe look like? They both look like me, except they both have very dark skin and hair, and i'm very, very fair.color of hair/eyes AJ has brown eyes & hair. Chloe has hazel green eyes and brown hair.
baby walking or crawling Chloe's crawling and cruising the furniture... not walking at all yet.
baby's personality thus far - Excellent, never cries, very easy and even-tempered. Funny, and laughs all the time.
baby's likes/dislikes She LOVES food, of all sorts, you'd think every meal was her last the way she eats!
more kids? Definately!!
pets (kind & name) Heidi is an 8 year old German Shepard Dog
fav foods/dessert I LOVE Mexican food, not much of a dessert person, but love Cheesecake
if you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go: tough question... but somewhere in the United States... the best country in the world!!
last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs) Theater - The Terminal (it sucked!), DVD - 50 First Dates (Hysterical!!)
fav movies - Good Will Hunting, Gone with the Wind, too many to think of but those are my two all time favorites Oh wait, what about Terms of Endearment,
reading a book? Not really... Bought some, but havent' read them yet.
last book read? I forget right now.
fav stores - Lord & Taylor, Target
fav colors - Redfav holidays - Christmas & Halloween
fav passion - Children/Babies/Mothering/Birthing/Nursing
fav soapbox cause - Nursing
when on mdc the most - Daytime/Evenings... pop on and off all dayFavorite Children's stories or books - Love You Forever and There's a Monster at the End of this Book.
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