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So I guess I shouldn't admit that I went to two Godsmack concerts two nights in a row while 20 weeks pregnant??? We were convinced we had caused serious brain damage from the percussion.... and lord knows how much pot smoke we ingested second hand. My DH was actually pissed on the second night and we left early because we couldn't escape it and he had a drug test the following day LOL
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Here is a great confession, yesterday we had no food that Akira would eat left in the house. I didn't have time to get to the grocery store. For breakfast he got a peice of old bread (toasted) with peanut butter, a little cereal with some watered down rice milk (to make it stretch), and a glass of water. He was still hungry and I felt horrible saying "no, we don't have that, no, we are out of that, no, we need to go to the store for that......" to all of his requests. He was in tears so I brought him a big peice of Deshi's left over birthday cake :LOL He was happy and full after that, but I felt negligent :LOL He has also eaten ice cream or fries for supper more than I would care to admit, but when a child doesn't eat for DAYS you get kind of desperate YK? Bad mama!
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Laurie, I feel better now :LOL. you are not a bad mama! My ds won't eat at all sometimes, there are times if I don't put the plate in front of him and sit him down and make him eat at least 2 bites he wouldn't eat. It's like until the food is infront of him he forgets he gets hungry! And then there are times when only one food will do and it has been ice cream for dinner before here also!

And Karen :, if that was bad, then I'm worse... I have played Godsmack cds infront of my kids. I forget about the cursing until they hear it and point it out ooops . Not that they don't hear it out of my potty mouth some days also....
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Happy 1st Birthday Scarlet from your mcd friend, Colin 2

: :
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happy birthday, scarlet!

and to all the other babes that have had their big day so far.

i'm thinking about griffin, GriffinsMom. i hope he's getting better and better. 2

mamapenelope told us to let you know your little guy is in her thoughts as well.
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: : : : : : : :

Happy Birthday Scarlet!!!!!!
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Mom is leaving tomorrow, it's so nice having someone to give ds attention. With dd being so demanding (yes demanding, I know that isn't very pc, but she screams like she is in physical pain if you aren't holding her, she has for months she's been to the ped several times, nothing is medically wrong, she just can't be away from my touch). Anyway it's nice that he is getting the attention he needs and deserves. I've felt really bad lately that he isn't getting any time, but she will only sleep in my arms.

Ok Riley turned one on Wednesday wouldn't even touch the cupcake, oh well.

Am I the only one not doing the yahoo thing? I did subscribe but haven't even been there? From the sounds of it it's pretty busy, I can barely keep up over here. I'm often "on" MDC all day, (logged in) because it takes me that long to even read anything with all that is happening here at home.
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oh I am not getting the emails again...I am having to catch up...

Happy Birthday Scarlett & Riley!!! (late)

Beatgirl...don't go...I always look for yours posts....
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Originally Posted by anabean
mamapenelope told us to let you know your little guy is in her thoughts as well.
Send my thanks to mamap. His one ear is still leaking blood and he is CRANKY but otherwise ok. ENT said it could last all weekend.

As far as my family goes, I got an e-mail from my brother saying, "I'm sorry you are mad" and then basically blamed our father for providing him a bad emotional example. Doesn't cut it... not by a long shot. I told him to leave me alone for a while. I haven't heard from the rest of the family which is probably fine. I'm really pretty depressed about it all though - I keep spontaneously bursting into tears today. Think I"m under a little too much stress lately? :LOL
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Jen. I hope things get better for you very soon. You've got so many things going on right now
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Oh Jen......... 2
I can relate.
My DH immediate family are idiots.
give that baby a kiss from all of us.
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Jen, it all comes down at once doesn't it? Lots of s, I'm sorry thing are crappy with your family, especially now when you are worried about Griffen also. Give him a kiss for me!
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Originally Posted by polka123
I had offers from people to WALK up to the store in the HOT Phoenix - 110deg heat to get me smokes to shut me up!
I know the pain.
My mom was like this. She tried to quit so many times when we growing up and would have heart palpitations and feel sick. She was so grouchy and she'd always end up smoking again. She finally quit for good in her late 60s. My Dad quit when he was in his early 60s. I wonder if it is easier to quit when you are older? My MIL and her gentlemen friend were heavy smokers. DH had to ask them to smoke outside when they came to visit because they seemed to smoke even more when they were around each other. They both quit about a year or two ago. My MIL was saying that she didn't smoke that much, she could smoke a pack in the course of a party, but how often do you go to parties? I think there was definitely a social component for her because my dh says she started smoking more once she became involved with a man who smoked.

FRM, I have been sick and last night after dh finally got home, I gave him Jessie and went to bed. I was going to tell him to give her some avocado, but I figured he wouldn't want to touch it. There were sliced up homegrown peaches in a bowl, but I didn't think of those. So when I finally came down last night I found out that she had eaten: mini marshmallows, some air popped popcorn that I popped for the gerbils that morning, american cheese, deli turkey. OKaaaaaay! I told him about the avocados and he said, "I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole." He said he gave her a lot of water and a lot of it came out, so he stopped. She ended up drinking a lot of water when I had her, so I guess that turkey was too salty.
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Wow I can't believe we fell to page two.

Riley has been sick, and it's making me miserable, I haven't slept in days, she just screams and screams, more than normal. I'm really drained. I know I should feel bad for her (and I do, but I'm human and can only take so much yelling, even justified). Am I the only one who questions whether or not I was cut out to be a parent>?

Mom left yesterday, her visit went well, she helped organize the house, something with 2 high needs kids I haven't been able to do.
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom
Am I the only one who questions whether or not I was cut out to be a parent>?

Heavens NO!!! I question myself it seems on a daily basis. My fuse runs so short some times, I crave sleep so badly sometimes, I crave not to be touched even if for a brief moment so many times.

No one ever told us just how hard this job is, and all we can do is make the best of it that we can y/k? As long as your kids are loved and cared for, then you know you're doing the right thing
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someone once said, no matter how hard someone told you parenting would be, you end up wishing it was only that easy!!

We've all had those days/weeks/times when we are soooo burnt out!! This too shall pass!!
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Originally Posted by Eman'smom
Am I the only one who questions whether or not I was cut out to be a parent>?
No you are not! s it's very hard sometimes to do this job happily and without complaint. I often question why I wanted kids or am I cut out for this when I'm having a particularly trying day/week/month. I love them but I don't always like what we are going through does that make sense? And many times I have come to a new understanding of those people who choose to remain childless by choice, before I always thought they were heartless! And now that I sound like horrible....: it's worth the hugs and the laughter and making cookies with them, it's just hard to remember that when I'm on the verge of insanity and I want to just yell at them all to go away. :
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hey! hi everyone! scout turned 1 on saturday! her party was fun and her pictures are so funny. we put her in her high chair and gave her her little cake. she just stared at it. i don't think she liked being the center of attention; everyone was standing around her with their cameras. she ended up mushing her hands in it and running it through her hair :LOL.

more later. we got home and i'm feeling icky.
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Welcome back Plum and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOUT!!!! How was your trip? Sorry your feeling yucky! You'll have to share pics when you have a chance!
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Awww, happy birthday, Scout! Can you believe it's been a year already?
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