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daekini, I have that exact hip hammock, I love it and the color is great
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Originally Posted by Glittergal
wowsers, that roll call list is rather extensive! I think I need to wait till Sophia is in bed to even start thinkngi about it. I can't wait to hear everyone' s responses!
should we edit some things out ?

i compiled /'s from other posts also.

feel free to suggest.
dont have to answer every ?.

i figured we could shorten up this list
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[QUOTE=daekini]hi everybody...
I finally got a website to share pix with you all... but sometimes not all of the pix will show up? So technically it is still under construction...

No luck...
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name - Desiree
what screen name means?- dance beat to a polka & I'm 1/2 Polish & 1/2 Slovak
age- 43
what state- now PA but was AZ for 32 yrs
your hair/eye color - blonde (helped out of course) & blue
DH,DP,SO 1st name- Shawn
kids & ages- Shelby Nicole 22 YRS & Colin Josef 1 yr
most recent birthing experience- Emerg. c-sect @ 35.5 wks (due to PIH)
reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- just liked Shelby & the mustang also & St Nicholas, Colin - dh is Scotch/Irish so we wanted something ethnic, Josef after St. Joseph & after my dad & paternal G-pa. We used my side ethnic spelling
who does you babe look like- DH all the way - a tad me
color of hair/eyes- dk blonde & very blue
baby walking or crawling- crawler
baby's personality thus far- stubborn (good), caring - loves all the pets
baby's likes/dislikes-hates diaper changes. likes everything else especially things he's not supposed to have
more kids?- sure
pets (kind & name)- 5 German Shepherds: Duke, Mitchell, Alexei (Alex), Sadie, Duffee. 5 rescue cats: Kibbie, Niki, Gypsy, Daisy & Blondie
fav foods/dessert-my ethnic foods (pierogi, etc), love pizza, ice cream & cheese cake
if you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go-
Ireland or Poland/Czech/Slovak Rep's
last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- Bourne Identity
fav movies- Auntie Mame, Goodfellas, Steel Magnolias, A Christmas Story to name a few
reading a book?- Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
last book read?- ?
fav stores- IKEA, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot, Thrift stores, I do like kmart & target
fav colors- black, pink, silver, purple
fav holidays- X-mas & Easter & birthdays
fav passion- long, hot baths & the ones closest to me
fav soapbox cause- I have many: NO CIRC, B/F'ing, Animal rights & Rescue, Global Warming, kids rights
when on mdc the most- whenever I can
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name -1st ok April Mae Taylor
what screen name means? hmmm... very original... it's my name!
age 28 as of May 25th
what state Currently in Savannah, GA. Canadian - born in Ottawa, grew up in Calgary Alberta, last place of residence in Canada was Gabriola Island, BC
your hair/eye color long blonde hair and blue eyes
DH,DP,SO 1st name James, but goes by Mitch (don't ask)
kids & ages Micah, gonna be 1 on Wednesday
most recent birthing experience Micah's Birth story
reason you picked kid(s) name(s) Dh's name is James Michael Taylor IV, so we had to name our son James Michael Taylor V, which I thought was tacky, so DH compromised and let me tack Micah on the front of that great big ol' name of royalty... LOL
who does you babe look like? spitten image of me when I was a baby
color of hair/eyes Blonde, like me, and hazel eyes like my mom and dad and brother
baby walking or crawling cruisin' and crawlin'
baby's personality thus far outgoing and happy go lucky and everybody's his buddy
baby's likes/dislikes hates eating, spits and gags and shakes his head "no" everytime we offer food... loves the color red and playing with other kids... loves remotes, buttons and cords
more kids? 1 maybe 2 more
pets (kind & name) none, but would love either a lab or border collie puppy when Micah's older
fav foods/dessert assuming this applies to me... creamy cheesy anything... icecream/sorbet/popsicles... favorite meal is probably a traditional turkey dinner
if you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go to canada to visit my family
last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs) Good Will Hunting... awesome movie!... more of a sitcom fan than movies... but give me a sappy romantic comedy and I'm happy
fav movies Anything with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks... they have such great chemistry
reading a book? Still working on the book I started when pregnant with Micah a year ago... Barbara Taylor Bradford "A Woman of Substance"
last book read? see above... can't remember what I read before that... was a LONG time ago!
fav stores Pier One, Ikea, Haverty's, BB and Beyond
fav colors Sage green, brown, neutrals, earthy, white
fav holidaysThanksgiving and birthdays
fav passion My faith, my son, my husband, writing, organization, family, homebirth, nursing
fav soapbox cause Natural gentle childbirth
when on mdc the most when Micah's sleeping
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Wow...lots of questions...but I LOVE these kind of questions and reading everyones replies so far!

Name - Joslyn

What screen name means- HUGE Beatles lover my whole life...also beatgirl is a little dancing mod cartoon on the English Beats first album.

Age- 37

What state- Oregon

Your hair/eye color Black hair, Brown eyes

DH,DP,SO 1st name- Tim

Kids & ages- Stella 14, Dorsey 10 and Scarlet who will be 1 in two weeks!

Most recent birthing experience- The best yet! I will probably post my birth experience as I relive it on Scarlets Bday.

Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- I love old/classic names, music, movies, decor, fashion...you name it!

Who does you babe look like-A good mix of both except everything lighter than us...I'm sure that will change

Color of hair/eyes- Light brown, still blue

Baby walking or crawling- Running!!!!!

Baby's personality thus far- Knows exactly what she wants! Becoming more self sufficient and independant everyday. Sweet and loveable

Baby's likes/dislikes- Loves to play with stuff she's not supposed to! Loves to be in bed with her mommy and daddy! Loves her bathtime! Hates to sleep anywhere I am not...Hates her carseat....

More kids?- I dont think so....

Pets (kind & name)-None ( I love animals though!!)

Fav foods/dessert- All things chocolate. All things spicy.

If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Europe...probably Ireland where my family is from.

Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars... Bowie

Fav movies All time fav...Its a Wonderful Life...always puts me in a good mood.

Reading a book? When? I wish I had time!

Last book read? Probably a pregnancy book...a year ago!!!!

Fav stores I love thrift shopping but also have a weakness for all candle, insense, and all things that smell good stores.

Fav colors Red, white, of course black

Fav holidays Anybodys birthday, christmas, halloween!

Fav passion Music!

Fav soapbox cause Pick one! Seriously...pro-breastfeeding, recycling, environment. Anti-circ., racism, sexism, republicans, people who spank....I could go on but I wont.

When on mdc the most- usually in the morning s when babe is in the high chair eating her toast!
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love the question list!

i haven't posted in a while, as usual. eva is almost walking and has her first tooth at 10.5 months. she's so much fun to be around. i just love her!!

i recently dyed my hair fiery red! there's a thread with photos about it on TAO. clicky so much fun!

ok, on to the questions...

Name - Ana Fernandez Lamothe
What screen name means- nothing, really, just a cute funny one
Age- 28, almost 29
What state- CA
Your hair/eye color- balck and red hair, and brown eyes
DH,DP,SO 1st name- Rob
Kids & ages- Eva, almost 11mos
Most recent birthing experience- the emergency c-section from hell.
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- my grandma's name
Who does you babe look like- her papa. i sometimes wonder if she really came out of me!
Color of hair/eyes- brown hair, blue eyes
Baby walking or crawling- crawling, funnily enough with one knee and one foot. almost walking unassisted.
Baby's personality thus far- hilarious!
Baby's likes/dislikes- loves the boobs. hates to have her hair rinsed.
More kids?- hell yeah. in a couple of years, at least, though.
Pets (kind & name)- simon, cat.
Fav foods/dessert- i'm loving my organic chicken lately. after being a veggie for 10 years. strawbwerries for dessert, or homemade bread pudding.
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- ireland.
Last movie seen- (theater or dvd/vhs)- hmm, what was it? oh, kill bill 2.
Fav movies- too many to mention. no, but really.
Reading a book?- many, lately all about discipline.
Last book read?- i never finish them, i just go to them whenever i feel like looking somthing up.
Fav stores- thrifstores, used music stores, and i'm guilty of loving target.
Fav colors- red, purple
Fav holidays- christmas
Fav passion- music, making jewelry
Fav soapbox cause- natural birth and BFing. hardly surprising, eh?
When on mdc the most- late at night.
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Name -1st ok Karen
What screen name means It's a long story, but lets just say in my single days... it was rather befitting :LOL
Age- 37 will be 38 in 8 days
What state- Alaska
Your hair/eye color- Dark blonde/blue, green, grey (they alternate)
DH,DP,SO 1st name- Jeff
Kids & ages- Emma Grace 10 months
Most recent birthing experience- It's a long ugly story and I'm still coming to terms with the whole thing. The important thing is that I have Emma and she was okay and healthy.
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- I liked timeless names and I thought the combination was so beautiful. Hubby liked more trendy names, and if I would have listened to him... our Emma Grace would have been Tabitha Shea.
Who does you babe look like- initially she looked just like Jeff, but as she gets older, people say she looks more and more like me.
Color of hair/eyes- Blonde (sometimes slightly red) & very blue
Baby walking or crawling- crawling, but desperately trying to walk.
[B]Baby's personality thus far-[?B] she's such a little Diva!
Baby's likes/dislikes- she's so easy going for the most part... she likes just about everything. The only thing I can think of that she dislikes is getting her nose suctioned out.
More kids?- no
Pets (kind & name)- Zemarah - Rottweiler, Hemi - Pitbull, Adolph - weiner dog, Haney - mutt cat, Geoffrian - Russian blue
Fav foods/dessert- Icecream and cheesecake (icecream being the food :LOL )
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- I'd love to go back to Tuscany or Belize.
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- oh geez... 8 mile I think
Fav movies don't laugh... but I think Super Troopers is hysterical!!!
Reading a book? in all my spare time???
Last book read? No cry sleep solution
Fav stores are we talking our FAVORITE stores, or the stores we can afford to shop at now??? I'll go with my favorite (even though I can't afford to step foot in the doors anymore) Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Dolce & Gabana... The stores I can afford to shop in now... Walmart
Fav colors Royal blue, fushia and black
Fav holidays Christmas, Thanksgiving
Fav passion My daughter, my husband, my family
Fav soapbox cause Breastfeeding
When on mdc the most When hubby is playing with Emma or when she is napping.
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My turn, My turn!

Name -Shelly Kang

What screen name means Uh, it's my name...and all of you who call me ShellyK, you can just put Shelly. ShellyK sounds so southern. Like "Hi, I'm Shelly Kay"

Age- 31

What state- Minnesota, but grew up in Missouri so I have my southern streak.

Your hair/eye color- Dark blonde with a bit of reddish brown mixed in, and hazel/green.

DH,DP,SO 1st name- Joe

Kids & ages- Julie Marlys Will be 1 on the 12th!

Most recent birthing experience- We took Bradley classes, and I was really excited about a natural birth. I just *knew* I could do it! Well, Julie was Breech, and the doctor convinced me to plan a c-section. I have no real regrets, but the occasional what-if thought strikes me, and I would love to have another chance at a natural birth. I stilll *know* I could do it. We still had an overall great birth experience.

Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- Julie after my best friend from college who is dying of ovarian cancer, and Marlys after my grandmother who passed a few years ago.)

Who does you babe look like- She looks like me, but with Joe's coloring. Her hair color is sort of a mix of the two of us.

Color of hair/eyes- Brown with reddish highlights and Dark Brown

Baby walking or crawling- Full-on walking!

Baby's personality thus far- Happy, independent, loves to get into everything!

Baby's likes/dislikes- Loves holding the spoon at meal time, loves feeding me bits of food, loves pictures of babies and real babies, loves hugs and tickles, peekaboo in all its forms. Doesn't like poopie diaper changes, bed time, being handed off to daddy.

More kids?- I sure hope so. I want at least one more, DH doesn't think he does.

Pets (kind & name)- two cats, Daisy and Harry. We had Patrick-dog put to sleep a few months ago.

Fav foods/dessert- This is the hardest question! I love so many different foods. Sushi, I guess. And for dessert, chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. But, not in the same meal, please.

If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Korea and Japan. Joe's brother, who lives in Seoul, still hasn't met Julie. He swears he's coming back for Christmas, but we don't really believe him. My uncle lives in Japan, and if we were on that side of the planet we'd have to stop by and see him.

Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- oh geez... I'm embarrassed to admit this, but Jersey Girl was the last movie I saw in the theater. They had it one week at the mommies matinee, the one time I took Julie to the movies.

Fav movies I don't know - I love romantic comedies and I watch tons of movies on cable. I like the Harry Potter movies a lot. Is that embarrassing?

Reading a book? Well, I'm reading a book about machine knitting off-and-on, and it seems like I'm always referring to the Super Baby Food book.

Last book read? Other than parenting books, I've read Neal Stephenson's last two books, Quicksilver and The Confusion since Julie was born.

Fav stores I do a lot of shopping at the local grocery co-op...and Target...I love Peapods, a local natural childrens store for toys and diapers. J Jill has some nice clothes, but I seem to buy more of my stuff at Old Navy lately. Oh! and the store where I work, the Yarnery in St. Paul.

Fav colors I don't know. Blue, as in jeans? Red? Everything but yellow.

Fav holidays I like them all. Especially birthdays.

Fav passion Knitting

Fav soapbox cause Attached parenting, breastfeeding, keeping the world nice for our kids.

When on mdc the most All the time - I stop by the computer for a minute or two here and there all day. Which is why I never post - because by the time I'm done reading, Julie has had enough play by herself and wants my attention!
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I will answer the q's later when I have a few more minutes .

daekini- it worked for me, you have a cute family!

mamaP- thanks, I'm feeling the .
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Originally Posted by ShellyK
...and all of you who call me ShellyK, you can just put Shelly. ShellyK sounds so southern. Like "Hi, I'm Shelly Kay"
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Subscribing....I am trying to make an effort to lurk less and post more!

Name -Jessica Lindsey Cain
What screen name means- My name & my son's name.
Age- 25
What state- NY
Your hair/eye color- Brown and brown.
DH 1st name- Marc
Kids & ages- Nikolai Alexander 10 months+
Most recent birthing experience- Vaginal hospital birth.
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- Dh is from a Romanian/Ukranian background so we went with an ethnic name. Alexander fits with Nikolai and is a family name on my side.
Who does you babe look like- He's a mix of us both, but much better looking!
Color of hair/eyes- You mean Nik? Dirty blonde hair and blue eyed.
Baby walking or crawling- Modified crawling. Has taken steps, but isn't full on walking.
Baby's personality thus far- Such a laid back easygoing boy, except when teething!
Baby's likes/dislikes- Loves his nummies and bathtime, snuggling and laughing. Dislikes green beans....just like his daddy!
More kids?- One more we hope (will be TTC in December).
Pets (kind & name)- 2 dogs, both rescued, Asia & India.
Fav foods/dessert- I don't know...but chocolate covered pretzels sound really good right now.
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Europe again.
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- Starsky & Hutch (Marc's pick )
Fav movies: Pretty Woman
Reading a book? Always.
Last book read? A romance....have to read the light fluffy stuff occassionally!
Fav stores: ???
Fav colors: Red, white, green, brown
Fav holidays: Christmas
Fav passion: Breastfeeding
Fav soapbox cause: Breastfeeding
When on mdc the most- Off and on throughout the day.
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Name -1st ok Jackie
What screen name means- It was what I was supposed to be doing at the time I signed up for mdc :LOL
Age- 22
What state- Texas
Your hair/eye color-brown eyes, brown hair with natural reddish highlights
DH,DP,SO 1st name-dh's name is Anthony
Kids & ages-3 kids- A will be 6 in novemnber (ds) . D is 2.5 (dd1), and E is 11 months (dd2) plus an 8 year old stepson
Most recent birthing experience-I can't type the long version right now, littlest one is in my lap but it was last September, unmedicated hospital vag. birth 17 days before her due date
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)-A- it was partially by meaning and also what dh and I could agree on, we are both picky when it comes to names! D it was something different and was the name of some one very nice that I knew and also the meaning and E it "came" to me (well all the kids names did but it was more like after I was almost going to change what i picked out that I had the vision not to with the other 2) but anyway with E I was around 4 months pregnant, we didn't know the gender but I was pretty sure it was another girl. I was just sitting on the couch and "something" told me to name the baby Eliza, I said to dh "so what do you think?" and that was it! Her middle name was chosen before I even conceived her, it was my great-gram's middle name.
Who does you babe look like-Just like her daddy!! She on occassion resembles my younger brother as a baby or my mom (whom bro looks like) but 99% of the time she is alll daddy
Color of hair/eyes-brown eyes, but for the first few months they were hazel and she has the tiniest rim of blue around her iris just like her grandpa. Her hair is a nice light brown color, not really dark like my other kids. She gets that from her uncle I guess!
Baby walking or crawling-not walking but crawling up the stairs, pulling up to stand on the furniture and army crawling
Baby's personality thus far-if she isn't teething she is a very pleasant and happy baby, she is always giggling and blowing kisses!
Baby's likes/dislikes-she doesn't like potatoes much , she loves meat and fruit
More kids?- nope, dh got fixed
Pets (kind & name)-none
Fav foods/dessert-mine? cookies or ice cream usually
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Ireland
Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- The Butterfly Effect on dvd
Fav movies I have too many to list right now but off the top of my head "As Good As it Gets"
Reading a book? Not right now
Last book read?a romance novel :
Fav stores Target, Marshalls, craft and fabric stores and bookstores
Fav colors Blue and green
Fav holidays Christmas and Halloween
Fav passion Sewing when I have time
Fav soapbox cause I'm really bad at that stuff, Idon't really fight for anything like I should. I might get somewhere with my strong opinions
When on mdc the most- I'm logged in almost all day since I have cable internet but when I'm actually sitting here at the desk posting the most is during naptime around 11:30am
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Will post with answers when I have more time, but just wanted to say, tonight is Dante's last day before he turns 1! It's his birthday eve! I caved and gave him his present early, because tomorrow is his party, and there will be plenty enough presents there, right? And, I will be at work from 6am-7pm, his party is at 7:30, so I had to give it to him tonight... heh heh. Anyway, he loved it! I'll try to post pics later (they're still on the camera). Sending random happy vibes out to all you equinox mamas! (1 year ago, exactly, I was in labor... wow!)
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: : :
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Name - Heidi

What screen name means-Um, Dante's our little boy, and we love him, so...

Age- 30

What state- North Carolina

Your hair/eye color Black hair, Brown eyes

DH,DP,SO 1st name- Aaron

Kids & ages- Dante - turns 1 tomorrow!

Most recent birthing experience- Induced with Pitocin at 39 weeks due to worry of pre-eclampsia. Had a natural birth, after 36 hours of labor - used a mirror to help me see what was going on. I tried to get him to be born during Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but he stayed until we put in Beethoven's 9th - yes, he was born during the Hallelujah chorus, the nut .

Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- I loved the sound of "Christopher Dante" and we call him Dante b/c we're alternative, but Christopher is also my hubby's middle name.

Who does you babe look like-A good mix of both - Aaron's cleft chin, blend of our eyes and noses.

Color of hair/eyes- Light brown, still blue with brown streaks

Baby walking or crawling- Walking

Baby's personality thus far- Silly adorable goofball - Just these past few weeks, in watching him progress in walking, we've realized that he's a really determined little guy, and doesn't let falling down 25 times in a row upset him or distract him from trying again. I admire his continued efforts! I would've just sat down after a few tumbles (or even the first)...

Baby's likes/dislikes- Loves to eat anything we're eating, loves nummies, loves playing under the sheets, loves when we make silly faces and sounds. Dislikes his carseat. When he's tired, he dislikes almost everything except the above listed "loves."

More kids?- ABSOLUTELY!

Pets (kind & name)-Cats - Johann, Sebastian, Anna, & Maggie. Bunny rabbits - Napoleon & Cleopatra

Fav foods/dessert- Lake Champlain Dark Chocolate. Fresh baked choc-chip cookies. Chicken Tikka Masala. Scones...

If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Some place tropical - an island... with a spa, yummy food, air-conditioning, big beds, balconies, white sandy beaches, clear blue water.

Last movie seen (theater or dvd/vhs)- Under the Tuscan Sun

Fav movies When Harry Met Sally. Princess Bride.

Reading a book? Internal Medicine Board Review - um, does studying count as reading?

Last book read? Essentials of Clinical Medicine... Do you mean FUN book? I adore the Nancy Atherton Aunt Dimity series - cozy mysteries involving a pink flannel bunny and always include a recipe. hee hee.

Fav stores Local Co-op organic food market.

Fav colors Red, just for a color. Black to wear.

Fav holidays Dante's birthday, Valentine's Day, New Year's.

Fav passion my family? being true to one's self. leaving the world a little better than how we found it.

Fav soapbox cause mental health issues. equal access to health care. respect for all diversity. addressing sexual and religious aspects in patient care.

When on mdc the most- at night, during his bathtime with Daddy!
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Happy Birthday Dante! : Can't wait to see the pics from the party.
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Happy 1st birthday Dante!!! :
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Happy birthday to Dante!

What'd he get? I don't think you've told us yet. Did he like it? Was he able to unwrap it himself?

Joe and I were trying to decide whether to get Julie a birthday present. I'm always buying her little books and toys and clothes...so we couldn't figure out what we would get to call a "birthday present". Other than the four cakes total I'll be baking and the other party preparations. I'm still tempted to get something and wrap it up, though.
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Name - Alison
What screen name means - well... a dakini is a consort to the gods? but I've been using it for email and stuff since I was 25 and I'm not sure its really my style anymore...
Age- 32
What state- TN
Your hair/eye color- blondish-reddish-brownish/blue
DH - Mark
Kids & ages- Abigail Isabella - almost 1 year old!
Birthing experience- a surprisingly wonderful C-section due to a very progressive doc who originally planned a natural birth with me
Reason you picked kid(s) name(s)- The name Abigail just sort of came to me one morning and "felt right", it means "my father's joy" and her daddy was so ecstatic about becoming a father that it sounded perfect... and daddy chose Isabella
Who does your babe look like- my eye shape and a color of blue exactly between mine and dh... but she looks more like dh
Color of her hair/eyes- Golden/blue
Baby walking or crawling- Crawling and dancing but no walking...
Baby's personality thus far- very very willfull
Baby's likes/dislikes- obsessed with dogs, music. Terrified of loud public toilets flushing and other loud noises
More kids - this time next year we'll start trying... I'm "in training" physically for my next pg so that I will hopefully not have all the probs I had last time, so that's why we're waiting... I want to try for a vbac
Pets (kind & name)- Toby the dog who is living with "grandma" at the moment
Fav foods/dessert- black beans, toast with cheese and braggs amino acids, avacados, ice cream
If you won a paid vacation anywhere, where would you go- Ireland or Scotland
Last movie seen (dvd) - I don't remember the name but it had Humphrey Bogart as an escaped convict and Lauren Bacall (sp?) helped him change his appearance....
Fav movies - Matrix, Harry Potter
Reading a book? Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover series book Zandru's Forge and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Last book read? MZB's Sharra Matrix (yes another Darkover series book)
Fav stores - JJill, Anthropologie (for myself), www.oliebollen.com and www.pokkadots.com for Abigail
Fav colors - Bluish Purple and pink and charcoal grey
Fav holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas
Fav passion - Being a mother, but after that comes reading
Fav soapbox cause - cds, bf'in, etc etc
When on mdc the most- in the early a.m. and late at night

Oh, happy bday Dante!
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