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I've been all over MDC, but never ever thought I'd be here at the Multiples section! DH and I just found out we're adopting twins that are due in about 8-12 weeks. We're very excited but also feeling a bit overwhelmed! Please pour on all your mama-wisdom about AP-ing twins! We've got a 2 year old very attached little boy, too, so suggestions for helping him with the transition would be SO welcome!

One specific question I have is about co-sleeping. We're currently in a queen size bed with a crib as a sidecar. DS started out between us, then moved next to us as he got older and more wiggly. Is it safe to have 2 newborns between us? Or would it be better to have one on either side of me? So one between DH and I and one on the side of me? I'd like to keep them together if possible, since they will "know" and be familiar with each other, and I'd like to preserve that relationship as they adjust to the new heartbeat, voice and smell of a different mama. But if it is overwhelmingly unsafe to have them sleep side by side between us, I'm confident we'll be alright putting them on either side of me.

Anyway, I'll quit rambling. Thanks in advance!
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Wow!!! I just wanted to say congratulations and how wonderful it is that you are adopting twins!!!

As far as your ? on sleeping arrangements. I don't think it is unsafe to have them sleeping next to each other as opposed to on each side of you. I sometimes do that and I just use same safety precautions as if sleeping on either side (no space btwn bed and wall, removing harmful blankets & pillows, etc.) I more often have one on each side for bf'ing convenience. I also have 1 crib that they sleep/nap together in. They snuggle up pretty close to each other so I think it's GREAT you are keeping your 2 bundles together as well. My girls are 2 months old now so that has been my experience so far.

We have a 20 mos boy also. He is pretty good with his sissys but he has his moments. The best general advice I can give in that area is that there is going to be someone crying in order to attend to everyone's needs. Of course I didn't let my ds cry 1 second when he was born and every nap/night he got nursed, rocked, held to sleep no matter how many times he woke up. Well it's a little diff now. I only wish I had enough of me to go around to do that with all 3 of them now. But I just accept that in order to give 1 or 2 full attention that the other has to wait their turn. You can only hold 2 babies at once. Well I do hold all 3 when sitting down but then it becomes more of a party rather than rocking to sleep. :

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!! And welcome to the multiples section!! It's great!
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A darn! I typed a big reply and lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :


CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as the co-sleeping goes, I would have babies in th eside car sidexside, and then you then older child, and then dh.

I wish you all a lifetime of nothing but happiness, peace and love.
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i also wanted to add quickly that we have a king size and a twin matress sidexside on the floor to co sleep with.its very ROOOOOOOOMY
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congratulations! i'm so excited for you. we co-sleep with our boys and what worked best for us was using a co-sleeper bed which is sort of like a pack 'n' play that attaches to our bed. the bottom is raised up to the height of the bed, so basically it's just an extension of your bed... we found that having both babies in bed with us got really crowded really fast (we have a queen size bed) due to the fact that our boys like to sleep sprawled out in all directions and dh hates having his sleeping space "invaded." i did not like having them on either side of me because i like to sleep on my side and i didn't like having my back turned to one of them. so basically either both babies were snuggled together in the cosleeper next to me, or one baby was nursing and the other was in the cosleeper or in the very beginning, both babes were side by side between us.

ITA with gotmilkmama too... there's going to be some crying sometimes. even with just my two, sometimes there's not enough mama for everyone and i always felt bad that i couldn't sling them all the time and stuff like that... but you just find ways to make it work, and for us that meant sometimes putting a baby in the swing for a while in order to give needed attention to the other or using the bouncy chairs more often than i wanted to. so, good luck and i hope everything goes well! i know you won't have much time to, but keep us updated on how things are going when you get the chance!
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Thanks everyone for your helpful advice! I really appreciate it! I think at this point we're going to try to get DS to start the night in his bed -- we've been doing naps there for a week now and he's getting used to it pretty quickly. Even if he wakes and crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night, I think I'd rather that set-up, than risk him waking every time the babies do. Then we can have both babies in the co-sleeper next to me, and DS can join us in between DH and I if he needs to. That way, we may not have to get a king size bed right away, although I'm sure eventually we'll really want one. We've wanted one with just DS! :LOL I wish our room were big enough to do a king and twin, that would be SO nice! But, I do like the idea of having the babies sleep next to each other, so I don't have to turn my back to one -- that's not something I had thought of.

We're having fun looking for stuff at yard sales, especially girl clothes. We found another swing, and as much as I don't want to need it, we decided to get it anyway, since I'm sure it'll get used. I don't want to get to a point where I wish we had bought it, but didn't. I just don't know where we're going to put all this stuff! :LOL We'll make do, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to a sleep-deprived, but happy ride!
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