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In what circumstances would you use sposies?

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Just wondering...
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Sometimes I like to have all the diaper laundry done at the same time too and i'll use a smelly pampers(thats what the store had at the time). Sometimes when I go out and I know i dont wanna lug dirty cloth around too i'll use sposies
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Seriously ill in the hospital hooked to a machine. Then I might consider it but probably not.
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I used them on the ride home from California. It was a 24 hour straight drive with no stops. I used cloth the way there, and in the desert heat it stunk up the car so bad that my friends said I was going to use disposables on the way back, or walk. Well, I went and got some Tushies. I needed to get home!
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I'm with Kathleen--in the hospital only. She was in the SCN for her first week and it wasn't a choice. I've never bought them and don't even know what size she'd wear. My sister jokes that when she babysits I'll have to buy a pack of sposies--she's not babysitting. I sometimes on the afternoons she seems to pee every 20 minutes, but I don't have to 100% love cloth every day to follow through with it.
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If I want all my diapers clean together I use my prefolds . We are using disposeables to fly to Australia, but that's only because there's no way I could possibly carry 24 hours worth of cloth (believe me, I considered it!)
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today is almost one of those days! Bekki has been up since 3:30 am w/only an hr nap and of course her siblings were awake during that time. : ALMOST put a sposie on her the last change but she hasn't pooped in 10 days, there is no way a sposie will hold it when she goes.

s hope your day is better from here
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I doubt I would ever consider it. I have enough cloth to last for over a week.
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Sometimes you do just need a break dont you? I've used cloth in the most difficult circumstances, like in hospital with gastro, and then bought sposies because on a particular day I couldnt be bothered.

Last time I bought them was about 3 months ago. Eliza goes to daycare 3 days per week (she is looked after in a lady's home, her carer does cloth for us). Two of those days are consecutive and her carer will not touch her diapers, just rolls it up in the cover so she uses 6 covers in a day. I have no problem with this, its fair enough but it leaves me short of covers next day. I couldnt get all the laundry done this particular day so bought sposies on the way there next morning. I used the whole pack over the next 4-5 days of daycare.

ATM I'm considering buying a pack just so she can wear some of the blasted clothes in her wardrobe. NOTHING fits!
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Only a hospital situation would make me consider using a sposie at this point. And even then, I would try my darndest to use cloth.
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I am considering using disposables on our trip to Utah & Nevada next summer, Braden will be 2 years old and we'll be driving. I'm not going to want to carry around cloth (diapers or trainers or whatever he'll be in then!) and try to find places along the way to wash them (we're in WA state). So we'll use disposables then. But other than that trip, there's no other time I'd use disposables. We haven't used one since Braden was 5mos. old. Dh does as much diapering/diaper laundry as me so if I were out of comission for awhile he'd keep it up.
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So far I've never been tempted to use a sposie. Early on when I had 24 cpf's and 3 bumkins covers as my entire stash she had maybe one sposie a day and one at night.

Now that I have fitteds and WIO's and wool covers and soakers I can't imagine ever wanting to use a sposie as a break from cloth.

In a hospital situation I'd use sposies if need be.
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I used them on our long car trip (13 hours) this past June. I also use them when we go to church. Thats it.
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well, : besides dd wearing sposies at work with dh, sometimes i use them just to get some stinking clothes to fit!!! as i go along in cd world, i'm trying to buy clothes with her dipes in mind, but sometimes the girl could just use a pair of pants on!

yesterday, i put sposies on her b/c she felt miserable & was really gassy & i was afraid of nasty poo. it didn't happen & she went back in the cloth.

i guess, in general, i'm a middle of the road girl!
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If we are travelling somewhere for more than about 4 or 5 days and have no access to a washer and dryer. If its for 5 days or less I will just use cloth and wash when we get home.

That is pretty much the only case for us.
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I do not have any sposies in the house and I have not had any since the month that I switched to cloth. We decided to use cloth and that is what we use. These are our beliefs and we don't waffle on our beliefs.
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Probably never. I just act like sposies were never invented and then I'm not tempted. Now I haven't taken a long car trip or anything so I might change my tune if the situation were different.
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I've used them here and there during weeks of stress or illness. I will probably use them if we ever travel anywhere for longer than a couple of days.
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I thought about it for a second this week, as Colin has been sick for 10 days now w/a yucky tummy and massive blowouts galore...just couldn't do it though.
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On a cross country vacation. I had no room for all the cloth I would need and I didn't think lugging home a bag of dirty diapers was exactly what I wanted to do.
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