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I seriously doubt I would.
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I'll probably use spoisie's for the LONG car ride to Florida in Feb. I'll take our cloth for while we're there and I have access to laundry, but don't want to deal with it in the car!
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Never! I went on a 7-10 day trip to Buffalo with my mom, I used cloth. Even if I was horribly ill, my husband would use cloth. Im sure there may be RARE circumstances but i cant think of one right now since we dont get hurricanes or anything.
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hurricanes and ice storms when there's a loss of power. so, I need to make sure I get some in my supply after October. Seems like the consensus for nontoxic seems to be Tushies?
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I used them on his newborn self for meconium (I'm sorry Lu lu i didn't know better then) and once when my washing machine was broke, we were poor, and we had no car...one pack... i was so embarrased to buy them...this wasw beofre we started ecing...t he second time the wahser broke i was inspired to go ahead and try that crazy ec thing cause isure as heck wouldnt' put him in another sposie..thery're stinky and make him break out. eww
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DD just spent 8 days in the hospital with a fractured skull and brain bleed, and wore sposies during that time. I asked to use cloth, but was refused due to their need to measure her urine output on an extremely accurate basis.
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If I can help it~ never.... but if I don't have a choice (hospital, no power, situations beyond my control) I'll use them. We didn't start cding 'til 2 mo. and now I see the error of my ways
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Originally Posted by gemanda
DD just spent 8 days in the hospital with a fractured skull and brain bleed, and wore sposies during that time. I asked to use cloth, but was refused due to their need to measure her urine output on an extremely accurate basis.
Oh no!! I'm so sorry mama. 's I hope she heals quickly!
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I honestly do not know. We have done cross country trips in cloth. I have not bought a pack of sposies since my DS was 5 mos old and he is 2.5 now. My DD was CD since the minute she came home from the hospital.
I did not even consider cloth in the hospital since DH was deployed at the time.
However, DD may have to have heart surgery in PA (we live in VA) and sposies may be the only option. The whole situation makes me sad.

ETA we also CDed when we were without power for a week due to the hurricane.
And gemanda, I hope your DD is doing okay now.
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Maybe in the hospital, if they required it. But no other time--we even took our cloth on a car trip to Indiana. Gotta love pockets! :LOL
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ugh...i think we are going the 'sposie route this weekend. going up to a friends cabin and cannot imagine leaving BF poop in our dipes for 5 days. plus i don't have enough to go that long w/o washing. i am SO sad to leave my stash behind. i was packing and thinking...i'm leaving these HERE? besides, we have a pack given to us and i figured i'd re-donate it but realized it'll end up in a landfill someplace, sometime. HATE to put 'em on DD tho...
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I don't know. I thought I would when we went camping...but didn't. Maybe if she was hospitalized and I wasn't allowed. Dh would fight that though...he is ummmm militant about cloth
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
Seriously ill in the hospital hooked to a machine. Then I might consider it but probably not.
I love this Kathleen! My thoughts too ... ds hasn't been in a sposie since the hospital when he was born (we didn't realize we could put him in cloth in the hospital!). We gave away the sposies packs that were given to use when he was born and haven't looked back. So far we've flown across country for a 6 day vacation, gone camping once for 5 days, and are going camping tomorrow again ... all with cloth. So, I would think something unbelievable catastrophic would have to happen for us, but that's just us. Like a pp said, we made the switch to cloth and that's our only option in our opinion.
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DUDES! You're making me feel bad I now wish that I HAD four days worth of dipes cause I would say screw it and take them and not disposables!
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1. My DH refuses to use cloth, so he only uses 'sposies when I'm at work

2. When Trapper has nasty diarrhea...I use a dry pail and don't want that crap sitting in my pail LOL!

3. On vacation
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yikes! gemanda, i hope dd's ok!!!
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Long day trips, traveling home, and for dh because he doesn't like prefolds.
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flying across the pacific. That's it.
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I used disposables at daycare until ds was about 16 months old because I had went misinformed that it was against state daycare licensing requirements.

I often combo disposables and cloth on trips to my folks and in laws. I wash daily when I am there and use disposables en route and if stuff is still in the dryer. I think the combo system takes up less space if you are going to be gone than either five days of cloth or five days of disposables.
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It would have to be harsh circumstances, there just isn't another option for us, this is what we do. This baby has never had a sposie on his bum, ever. It's not something I've ever felt I needed a break from, it's just part of having a baby.

We're about to take a drive across Utah and most of Nevada (to Carson City from Colorado), the thought of putting him in a sposie has never crossed my mind. My first thought was I hope we have enough fluff to last without having to have my kids running like banshees all over a laundromat. :LOL
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