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Male factor, anyone?

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Is anyone dealing with male factor infertility? What did you do to up his sperm count and did he take any vitamins or do anything special?
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My Dh turned up fine, but I did do some research on this while we were looking for answers.

Nutrition is the first place I would start. He should be taking a multi-vitamin and getting lots of zinc. Borderline vitamin and mineral deficiencies will effect the quality of his sperm.

You've probably heard already that he needs to keep his testicles cool, including not hot tubs, hot baths (warm are okay) tight underwear, bike shorts, etc. The briefs to boxers or even to nothing has been know to result in pregnancy.

He'll want to avoid recreational drugs, smoking, and the more holistic folk would say alcohol as well.

There was some controversy over caffeine in my reading, the holistic folk wanting you to stay away, and others saying it can boost sperm motility if taken near GIO time. (same day- he doesn't have to chug an expresso just before you get in the sack).

I'm hoping someone with more knowledge will drop by and let you know about other rememdies and herbs, etc. IF DH is open to it, and you can afford it accupuncture is often a good route because they view fertility as a spectrum instead of as you're are fertile or you're not.
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I got some fertility blend vitamins/minerals at GNC today for dh. And while I was running an errand for him, stopped bu his job site to give him his first dose. I used to go to an accupuncturist once a week and quit to do clomid but not I am going to try to talk dh into going to see him. Thanks for the tip!
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My dh has infertility. Specifically, low morphology (4%) and low volume (0.5cc).

We were able to conceive our first after 9 months TTC, and the RE was very impressed that we were able to do it without further help.

Our second though, was more challenging. DH began taking several vitamins a day (E, C, B-Complex, Calcium, and a multi) and still no luck. The RE ran some blood tests, and found that DH has low testosterone and low FSH. So, she prescribed him 25 mg Clomid daily. He took the Clomid for 3 months, which boosted his FSH, which boosted his testosterone, which increased his morphology, but didn't really do much for the volume. (But even with the increased morph, it was still below the "normal" level. But hey, it was better than it was!)

However, DH is also on two medications (depakote and effexor) for a chronic condition, and the RE found a study that linked effexor with low ejaculatory response in women, so she said it's conceivable that the effexor was affecting his semenal volume. (His remained at 0.5cc, while normal levels are 2-6cc) To combat this, she prescribed him Viagra to take for BD'ing, in case the increased stimulation would increase semenal output.

Poor DH had to go in every 6 weeks for a semen analysis. But, after several months of his drug therapy (and 18 mos TTC) we finally got pregnant. The RE advised DH to remain on the Clomid until I was out of the "danger zone" in this pg, ie, out of the first tri.

Has your dh had a formal SA? What were his results?
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new SA results that count and motility are normal but morphology is less than 3%.....we go to see the urologist on August 22nd. We've seen him before and he did an exam on dh and said he looked normal. Who knows what they will say this time...
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I read about a study that said low levels of folate in men may contribute to a low sperm count. Apparantly folate helps DNA development.
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We've gone thru a few SA and found DH has low everything! I'm really feeling like it won't be possible to conceive..... Mahogny - thanks for the little glimmer of hope!
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We have male factor infertility - Antisperm antibodies. IVF with ICS is our only chance. I'm pretty busy today, but could provide more info later if needed.
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OK, here is my new new update...I guess it is better than I thought (but who knows, I could be back here in 3 months crying again...)
We went to see the urologist and he said that dh probably had been around some toxins/chemicals and that affected his morphology. They did a dna test on his sperms and some kind of fragmentation test or something...
anyways, he told us to keep trying and for dh to take a male fertility multi vitamin/herbal combination and some antibiotics(just in case)....I had him on some vitamins and he balked but now that an actual doctor has said to take it, he is taking them without complaint....especially since his "guys" are funny shaped! LOL
So, our plan for now is to try for 3 months while he takes his vitamins and if that doesn't work, we'll move to IUI.
My other good news is that I know for sure that I am ovulating...it had been of some question lately...I got a fertility monitor and YUP...I'm ovulating!
At least something works right! LOL
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Wrong forum

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Thanks for the info Marlee, I'd love the info.. PM me! we're in the middle of our first IVF now, but for future reference, I'd love to know.
Congrats on your baby girl.
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my husband also has anitbodies and so far we've done 3 unsuccessful IUI's (two before we knew about the antibodies and used the wrong kind of prep and 1 recently where my opk messed us up...I'm still hopeful that it can happen).
I'd love to hear more info on this IVM. Please pm me too! thanks a million.

Becca's mama: pycnogenol is supposed to help with morphology. Maybe it's worth a try for you guys?

good luck to all

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I think we had about 50% of both types of antibodies. We were given a pretty low chance with IUI, but did several anyway. $300 is way less than $12k. However, we were told that IVF with ICSI was pretty much our best bet.. and we're doing it!
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I think it's only bad if more than 50% are affected, assuming a normal total count. With 100 % I dont know what your chances would be. Do you know what's causing the antibodies in your case? If you can treat the cause maybe that's what you could try first?

good luck

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Hey there, we have male factor. DH has azoospermia, which in his case means he has lots of sperm, but it isn't getting out. We did IVF w/ ICSI and dh had a biopsy to retrieve sperm. His sperm was excellent, but I think my eggs were harvested a little too early because most of them collapsed in the process. We got one excellent fertilization, but alas, no implantation. We decided to call it a day with one try for the moment. As you can see from my sig., we adopted 2 beautiful children. Now we are starting to turn our thoughts back to the potential of ICSI again in a couple of years. My biggest concern is that more years of sperm being stuck in the testicles will have made it unhealthy.

When we first went for testing, dh's test came back as ZERO sperm count, that's how we knew something wasn't right.

Is it OK for me to post here if we have kids and aren't currently undergoing ICSI, but have in the past and may in the future? Please let me know if my posts bother anyone. I won't be hurt, I promise.

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April, Of course it's ok for you to post here! Congrats on your two babes.

Just wanted to report back.. IVF.. successful! We go for US on Oct 13th to see if one or both embies stuck
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Oh Chiromama CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :

Can I ask how you feel about the possibility of multiples? Now that we have 2 at home, the idea of twins scares me to death :LOL (my husband of course finds the thought charming ). When we first tried IVF, I loved the thought of twins. In a way, I still do but now I guess the thought of going from 2-4 in one fell swoop seems scary.......and wonderful. Can you tell I'm conflicted. We can't do anything for a year or two anyway.

Please, please keep us up to date as you find out if both took.

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Hmmm how do I feel about the possiblity of multiples... well we(hubby and I) discussed this at length before we even started seeing the RE, and honestly, we'll take what we can get. I wouldn't allow transfer of more than two embryos because I don't think a triplet pregnancy would be healthy, and it would really make the style of parenting we want to have very difficult.
My intution tells me there are two in there... although I don't claim to always be right, So i'm trying to get completely comfortable with the idea of twins, so that if we go for the US next week and it shows one, I'll be fine, and if it shows two, I won't be surprised.
I think twins would be really fun in some ways, and really difficult in others. but... I'd much rather have twins, than none.
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Chiromama-congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great gift after such a long haul for you guys. I remember reading and posting with you 2 years ago on the ttc forum....we're still ttc. But here is another update from our journey...

Once again, another RE visit to try to stick a catheter into my cervix. RE couldn't do it for an HSG test and I really didn't think that it was the right time of the month to do the HSG. Anyways, he agreed to do a "trial run" for a future IUI and it worked! The next step was getting dh to do another SA.
Results are the same and he's been taking those darn vitamins for 3 months now. The RE told us that we could use donor sperm and do IVF....pretty much that is what we are left with IF dh cannot get his count and morph up.
They did some more bloodwork on dh to see if he has a low testosterone/estrogen ratio. If he does they are going to give him some drug that breast cancer patients get. If not he will take clomid...
Imagine my dh taking clomid....the same stuff that made me superovulate and become the world's greatest bitch! LOL
I sure hope he doesn't act like a bitch...I just don't know if I can handle it! JK
After taking either medication for a month they will do some more bloodwork on him to see if his blood numbers have gone up. If so then he will have to take that medication until his count is up and it show in a SA.

The RE was supposed to call yesterday with results and didn't. The nurse called today but didn't leave me any info and we've been playing phone tag...too bad it's FRIDAY and now we have to wait until Monday to see which medication he will be taking....Sheesh. All this waiting is really getting to me.
I looked at the calender and it's already been over 2 1/2 years...
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