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Public Peeing

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I have recently had DS pee in the parking lot at Costco. BTW he hit the door of our car. He peed in Costco later too. I tried to see if he could go in another parking lot at a Nursing Home where I work. Of course, I don't have problem with this but I might have freaked a few onlookers out. Especially at the NH.
I would love to hear about anybody else's experiences having their baby pee outside. I hope I not taking this to the extreme.

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Wow, we've never peed in public outside. I did catch a poop in the bathroom at the library, which was our "public NIH debut" which I thought was cause for celebration. DS is 6mos. and we've only been doing this for 3mos. The only public places he's really been are the Dr., the store a few times, and the library (for LLL meetings). I just put a diaper on him and try not to stress about it. He did great the day he let me know about the poop, though! It could have been a real disaster, as I had walked out of the house without his diaper bag!

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So far DS has been too distracted to pee outside, he checks out the trees or cars or whatever, so I tend to pee him into a prefold in his car seat or my amrs and toss it in the dipe bag. I do try to find a bathroom first, though, cause it's more comfortable and DS is getting a little too heavy to hold in position for long without worrying about dropping him onto his nakey bum
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we,ver peed ds all over the place...parking lots, on the side of streets, in grocery stores, colleges, other peoples houses. if he needs to go we take him
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DS has done some public outdoor peeing, too. We've tried to be pretty discrete about it, behind a bush in some grass, etc. Sometimes he just won't go, but a couple of times it has worked. Pretty cool.
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We've done a fair amount of outdoor peeing, but usually only in out of the way spots where no one is likely to see us. I usually have the potty in the car, so I can just use that if there's no private spot.
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This really gives me something to think about. My family is taking a trip in the middle of October and DH and I will be driving 8 hours each way with Caleb. I hadn't thought about how he was going to use the bathroom. Humm...I guess we'll need to start practicing now if we're going to use the BBLP. How have others dealt with car travel? Obviously I can't stop the car every time he has to pee so he'll wear a diaper. And someone please tell me they pee less as they get older! I feel like I spend my day in the bathroom watching him pee..or cleaning it up off the floor

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We didn't do EC but DC pees outside all the time. We try for grass but don't always make it. Watch out for when they get really comfortable pooping outside...what a pain to clean up when they're out of diapers.
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Originally Posted by Hemiola
How have others dealt with car travel? Obviously I can't stop the car every time he has to pee so he'll wear a diaper. And someone please tell me they pee less as they get older! I feel like I spend my day in the bathroom watching him pee..or cleaning it up off the floor
They definitely pee less as they get older. My dd started going a lot longer between pees by the time she was about 6 months, and then gradually it got even longer after that.

Lindy is unlikely to pee while she's in the carseat - and that was true even when she was a lot younger. (I'm sure a big part of that is that she tends to fall asleep in the car.) So it works well to put her on the potty whenever we stop. We've never driven 8 hours in one day, though. I think 6 is about the maximum we've ever found practical - and that was when she was a lot younger and napped more.
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I second what DAffodil said and want to add that if she does cue for a pee and you just cant' stop talk to her about it. explain why you can't stop and that you will as soon as possible...maybe apologize..i always did anyway lol. the ec'd baby learns fairly quickly usually the places that they are not going to get taken to pee and will hold it...or the places that you prefer them not pee (like on you) and again, they will hold it. AT home my 19 onth old ds holds his pee for between 50 and 75 minutes (around an hour) but when we are out he'll easily go two-5 hours without peeing. (which is lucky since he won't actually pee on a public potty right now.lol)
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I think we're going to split the driving into 2 days, 4 hrs. each. I do hope he'll sleep a good bit. I guess we need to make some practice trips because the longest he's ever been in the car is 30 minutes! It's time to become friends with the car seat Thanks for all the advice!

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are you talking about peeing au naturel or using the little potty in public? i dont see why you couldnt use the little potty in a public restroom wherever you go? for that matter putting it down by a tree or even in the car?
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We have peed in public a whole lot! Mostly people just marvel. I do stop the car if I can, and hold her out the door. I don't have a potty seat yet (she's 4 mos.). I prefer the outdoors to the bathroom mostly because we use sinks and I fear people's reaction...although starting to hold her over the toilet more lately.
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Thanks for some public peeing support. Elliott doesn't need to go in public often, but sometimes I feed him and then leave the house so he needs to pee pretty soon.
He gets soooo upset when he's tired and can't even think about peeing. Poor guy got too tired tonight.
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The way I figure it, some people are just starers. I have been peeing my baby now in public for the past 17 months. Some stare, some smile and ask about it. It's a great way to educate. I get stared at for breastfeeding in public sometimes, and in no way am I going to be discreet about that. So I don't try to be discrete while peeing him. I do feel funny about peeing him in public restroom sinks though. So I try to only do that when no one is in the restroom with us. If someone thinks it's gross, ask them if they think it's gross when someone takes their dog to pee outside. As long as any poop is cleaned up, it's no different.
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She prefers the outdoors!

DD has always prefered peeing outdoors, but my mother spoiled her. They live in the woods. When we were visiting them, she was refusing the potty, so I took her outside. She went without a problem for the 2 weeks we were there. But halfway through the visit, Mom babysat her. Mom knew dd had to go, but was refusing the potty and her spot outside repeatedly and seemed uncomfortable. So Mom took her to the lake (a short walk). She went instantly. From then on she prefered the lapping of the waves as she peed. My quads got a workout b/c the lake is at the bottom of some stairs. I had no idea what we would do when we returned to the city. Not much we could do but disappoint her. Sorry, no lapping waves.

We've peed her often in parking lots. I squat and hold her (now 13mos) while facing the open car door. I figure if anyone sees me, they will think that I am squatting to get something off the floor of the car. The drawback of this method is that if they actually see the pee falling, they may think that I am going! Oh well.

I take her daily in the stroller, and I think she is beginning to associate peeing before and after the stroller, versus in it. But if I stand still and talk to someone while she is in the stroller, she thinks she is going to be peed soon. When I start to go again, she usually goes. It is tough to stop the pee when she got herself all geared up to go.

I pee her often at the park. We live in the inner-city and the park is often empty, so I don't have to worry about people. I am flustered when I take her to a busy park and she won't go before playing. I hate misses! But I suppose if she is happy, I should relax.
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We pee outside all the time...

DD is 20 months old, has been out of diapers through the day since 14 months old. If we go out, I make a habit of pottying her outside the car on the way into the store, or after we're done shopping. If we're at a park, I'll take her somewhere discrete (ie -- a cluster of trees), and I'll potty her after about 20-30 minutes. I think as long as you're discrete about it, and not pottying her where kids play, etc., it should be OK. I figure if dogs can pee on trees, what's the harm of me pottying Hannah behind a tree?

I could probably be more vigilant about taking her to public bathrooms, but honestly, she tries to touch everything, and I'm just not comfortable with that...

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