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What is the most you have of any one brand???

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I know a lot of mammas are very loyal to one brand that may work particularly well for them for one reason or another. I personally like to try out different brands and lots of different dipes work for Kesi. The most I have is 5 SOS's and I have 4 sugarbums. I also have 6 KP's, other than that it's 1-3 of each brand.

ETA oh yeah I also have 7 Celestial baby's

So what is the most you have of diapers or covers, not counting prefolds??
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I have....I think 7 Kiwi Pies.... and 16 el bees. Those are the highest numbers. Runnersup are 12 kiwi pie fitteds and contours, 11 Little Lovies (will drive me insane until I can get another), and 7 fuzbaby fitteds.
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Hmmm...I probably have 5 PWP and 5 EL Bees (with 2 on the way). Once I find a brand that works Im pretty loyal to it. So I dont have really 1 of anything anymore. I start buying more of the favored brands and than slowly sell off the non-favored until I have a fairly uniform stash in fitteds. Wool on the other hand is just one or 2 of everything.
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Just answered in the other thread--8 SOS's and I think 6 SP's and a mish mash of other fitteds. I'd gladly morph all my fitteds into SOS's if I could!

eta: a dozen wonderoos too.

Covers--probably a ton of bummis and 3 KP's and one of each of a bunch of different soakers/wool wraps.
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We have:

20 El Bee fitteds
20 SOS (though I am trying to sell some now)
10 Muttaqins one size
12 Wonderoos
13 bottombumpers (soon to have)
4 Luxe covers

Everything else is one or two or three of each. I love having nice round numbers like 10 or 20 of something.

I know Summie like to have things in threes -- I am an even number girl
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8 FCB fitteds and 10 Bumkins AIOs. Those are our big hits.
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For DD we have a total of 16 diapers from Crystal's Cloth. For DS we have 8+4 on the way SOS's. Once I find something that I love and works great I stock up on it! I like a uniform but colorful stash.
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If we're not counting PFs

6 FFs (2 are sleeptights)
6 Muttaqins (3 haven't arrived yet)
4 elbees (had 6, sold 2 to buy textbooks )
5 Cloud 9s
5 Tykies

I'd have to say those must be my 5 favorites b/c I seem to be collecting them Having 5 favorites must mean I don't really have a favorite. But I like all these for very different reasons and times of the day.
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This is all from size Newborn to Large.

AIOs: 23 Mudpiebabies
Diapers: 27 Mudpiebabies & IvyRose (now Mudpuddles)
Wool Covers: 13 Fuzbaby Fuzbombs
Wool Soakers: 4 Bridget soakers
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I only just discovered Cd'ing. I have all Happy Heiny's. 12 for DD and just ordered 3 more. I ordered 15 for DS as well. I am looking at all different types of CD;s but I am leary because the first kind I bought leaked and left red marks on DS.
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I have a mixture. I think I have equal amt's of HH's and FB's
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Too many SOS :LOL
14 HoneyBoys
over 20 Fuzzi Bunz
and a whole slew of FMBF AIOS
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Samantha, if you ever feel a little 'unlucky' with your 13 fuzbombs, you just PM me and I'll take your least favorite, ok? :LOL
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Hmmmmm let's see. I have 18 Cloud 9s, 17 FCBs, 8 Fireflys, 7 Elbees, 5 Fuzbombs and 6 KPs. And then a whole bunch of 1-5 of everything else.
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I have 13 Knickernappies.
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Originally Posted by mum2tori
Wool Covers: 13 Fuzbaby Fuzbombs
You are my hero!!
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Originally Posted by kindmomma
Too many SOS :LOL
I just don't think that YOU of all people could have TOO MANY SOSs.

Know the old Cmdr Cody song about Too Much Fun (Too much fun, too much fun, ain't no such thing as too much fun). I think that applies to you and SOS (Save our Snakes)

I mean, when you see a mouse scurry near the house, aren't you going to wonder where your big 'ole sopping SOS is? :

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My largest quantities are my wonderoos and my Bumkins AIOs (I probably have 12 or so of each). My runners up are 5 each of very baby AIOs and sugar plum baby fitteds...and there are always plenty of lonely single dipes that I bought to try out.
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I started out with 30 Kooshies (most readily available in Canada, still use them), then got 3 dozen ME OS (still make up most of my stash, luv them!) and now have a mishmash, at most 3-4, of any one "brand" of everything else (pockets, fitteds, AIOs) for DD. For DS (3wks old now), I have 1 dozen Kissaluv contours and am gradually accumulating other more boyish dipes. I like having the variety, but still rely on my MEs if I'm concerned about blowouts! In case anyone's wondering, no, I don't still have all the Kooshies and the ME that I started out with since I had to sell some of them to fund my diaper experimentation!
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Right now its beccabottoms

14 snap-in diapers to go with 2 WIO's an 2 windpro AIO's (both UT)

5 mutts
5 sugarplum baby
3 fireflies

All 4 of those work great for us with our various wool covers. I will definately be getting more. I really want to try ss sp's, and I have my 1st SOS coming as well as my first VB AIO.

I would love to have 10-20 of all my faves A mama can dream right?
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