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What is the most you have of any one brand??? - Page 5

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My stash is mainly MEOS and Sandy's diapers. I currently have:

28 MEOS diapers with liners
15 Large Sandy's diapers
10 Large Cloud 9 softies
16 Small Sandy's diapers
20 newborn fitteds made by me

I confess, I am not a hyena Can I still play here? :LOL
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besides my own, we don't really have a significant number of anything except prefolds... but I do have 3 chumbas super trim, 2 FB for nights, 2 luke's drawers, and three med. bummis SIWW and 3 bjm soakers
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At one point I had between 75 and 80 RB FLAGs. Most are gone now

Now the thing I have most of would be Cloud 9 Softies.I haven't counted them and I still have more on the way.
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Um, well we do mostly PFs here. 12 of them were tie-dyed by Carrie at Crunchy Baby, so I guess that would be a brand.

After that, it is 4 Muttaqins, 3 FLAGs (though the size one barely fits my little guy) and 2 KP covers. I have a pretty modest stash for two kids.
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Including covers, fitteds, and AIOs, I have:

about 2 dozen SugarPeas
around 1.5 dozen Righteous Babies
a little more than 1.5 dozen First Class Babies

We use the SugarPeas and FCBs most. I'm waiting for her to put on another couple of pounds so the RBs fit better. Considering that she's only put on about 3 pounds in the past year, I wonder how much longer I'm going to have to wait!
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I don't fit in here...

We've got 7 ME AF, 6 FB (2 small, 4 medium) and 5 Sugarpeas (3 size 1's and 2 size 2's).

But we've got 32 dyed prefolds.
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The most I have of one brand is FMBG:

four fitteds and three covers PLUS I snagged a custom order so I plan on owning a lot more

I used mostly prefolds as dipes and have over 6 dozen.
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I have mostly Fuzzi Bunz. They work so well for us that I keep going back to them. Finally decided to just stick with them since I know they will work.
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Counting only diapers we currently use,

11 Patchwork Pixie elfin unders and 2 covers
10 Fireflies (5 med, 4 lg, 1 ST)
4 BBH fitteds
5 ME AF's (2 med and 3 m/l)
The rest of the stash is FMBG, BP, RB, and Tykies for fitteds and hand knit soakers using a variety of patterns

I've also got 12 outgrown Tykies (and 2 that fit), 7 Kissaluvs 0's, 5 SPB fitteds, and 5 SugarPeas sz 1's
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the most I have of any diaper would be my work horse dipes..the tried and true cpfs (bleached and unbleached) have about 40 or so. Of the fitteds the most I have of one brand is sugar plum baby I have about 14 or 16 of those.
Of the other things I own, I have about 2 or 3 of each...sugarpeas, DD, doddlebottoms, ME, becca bottoms..
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I have 16 Large Angelwraps QD AIOS (and I think about 16 mediums that are stored away now as Eliza outgrew them). I also have 9 Harleyz Fittedz. The rest of my stash are 4s, 3s, 2s and singles. I do have 10 Righteous Baby products but some are FLAGS (in various sizes) and some are wool jersey covers.

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I only use Little Lambs now. About 13 larges with 6 XL on the way and 30+ soakers. I used to think FuzziBunz were the greatest things until I got sick of stuffing and pulling out stinky soakers. I can change out the soakers and use the shells many times and I just toss them with soakers snapped in into the washer. Plus I am a sucker for adorable prints.
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I'm up to 12 simply cloth aio's
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Fluffy Mail definitely. Haven't counted recently, but I think it's 10 AIOs, 2 dozen fitteds, 1 WIO and 1 wool cover.

I'm, trying to get rid of our "random" stuff. What we have more than 2 of and love - LHC fitteds, Baby Bloomrs fitteds, Celestial Baby fitteds, FMBG fiteds and Muttaqins. I would like more Lullaby Diapers.

For covers, PWP takes the cake - we have 5 Woodland Wool Wraps.
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The most I have of any single type would be my FCBs - I have 11 of those (3 nightlights, 3 envelopes, 4 fitteds and an aio). Well, I have a lot of Holden's Landing diapers too, lol, but not as many as you'd think. We currently have 10 (2 aios, 6 fitteds and 2 wool covers)
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I am drooling as i am reading your lists of your great stashes. I have 30 wonderoos and that's it. That is alot of one diaper but no other fluff yet.
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well the most I have of one type is 15 kushie's aio's that I bought for my first dd. Not my favourite but they got the job done. I don't use them anymore, they just fill up space in my drawer.
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It's a tie between LHC and Angel Wraps AIOs - have about 10 of each. Right now I'm reaching for the LHCs first b/c DD has figured out how to work the velcro on the AWs.
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How are you people getting so much from Fluffymail?? I have 1 fitted Argh!!
Irelynn has about 5 Cuddlebuns, 5 FB and a mixed lot of other fitteds. We use a ton o prefolds here.
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