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Anyone using the Sutemi carrier? (www.sutemigear.com)
I saw an ad in Mothering and I'm looking for something like this becasue my 9 mos. old is now rejecting my other slings but likes to ride on my hip and back.

Hoping to get some advice/feedback!

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Hey Mary-Beth> I just saw a Sutemi for sale on the TP so I trying to find info about it too which led me to your post
Sorry I have no answers but thought I should let you know there is one for sale for $65 I think.
Where in NC are you--I'm in SOuthport
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Hi! Thanks for your reply. When nobody responded I started wondering if I just imagined posting! Anyway, I just got this carrier and I've used it the last couple of days and I really like it! My baby seems very comfortable and happy in it. And it feels good on me too. I took a 2.5 mile walk this morning with her on my back and felt great the whole time. The only thing I don't like is that when I carry the baby this way (on my back) the straps cross in the front...it makes my bust really stick out and I don't feel really comdortable walking around like that. So I think I'll use the front and hip positions while I'm on and about and just use the back position for around the house or on quiet walks.

I'm in Pittsboro- not too far from Chapel Hill.
It's nice to meet you!
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