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Homebirthin' Mamas Thread

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Since the old thread was 8 pages and it had kind of died I figured it was time to start a new one.

So who's "due" soon? I know there are several of us. My edd is September 28th, but I'm thinking I'll probably have an October baby.

I received my birth kit from www.inhishands.com last week and collected the other stuff I needed, like the white hose and some flannel backed vinyl tablecloths for under and around the pool.

We got all of Noah's baby clothes down from the attic and put all the diapers, covers, and wipes in the changing table last weekend. This weekend I'm going to do tons of baby laundry.

What are you all planning or have you done regarding GBS. I was positive with Noah and delivered in a hospital with an IV. My midwife is fine going along with whatever I want to do. I decided to go ahead and be tested, which I had done today. If I'm + I'm thinking I'll try some alternative treatments. Then I *think* we'll also have IV antibiotics on hand but only have her administer them if I develop any of the risk factors. I'm finding this to be the most difficult decision I've had to make this pregnancy, and I'm not sure why.

How is everybody else?
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Well, we're pretty sure this will be a homebirth baby, so here I am.....

Not due until December 22nd, but I'm pretty sure I'll go over so no biggie.

How exciting about getting your birth kit!!!!!! It has to be SO much fun to go through it all!
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I'm due 11/8 but thinking October too... we'll see.
I'm skipping the GBS test all together - I'll worry about that if I have any actual symptoms/risks. I was neg with my first son, and am not convinced the testing & treatment are accurate or necessarry. I'm buying my kit from a lady my midwife reccomended. I havn't gotten anything else ready! Other than the baby room that I'll never use - it's beautifully decorated (haha). I didn't plan on getting anything for under/around the pool... nevet rhought of it. It's an aquadoula... I'll gladly take reccomendations!

This will be my first cloth diapering baby so I registered at clothdiapersnmore.com for what I want.... Hopefully friends & family will help me out with that. I'm so excited! I've always wanted a homebirth, but my first husband was unmovable on the issue, and for some reason I expected this one to be as well. BUT he wasn't so I'm getting to do everything exactly how I've always wanted to. That sounds silly, but it's such a relief - I can't get over how relaxed and UNstressed I feel about everything. I've just started getting more & more excited.

I have family that would stroke out if they knew I was having the baby at home, so I'm blatantly lying at this point. I'm just not up for the arguments even though I'm confident of my choice.... I just don't want to deal with it.

Is this anyone elses 1st homebirth? How did you sway your husband/partner? What are you telling friends & family?
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I'm due in February. This will be my first homebirth. I had a cesarean with dd. I'm starting to feel like I should start lying! My mil (who I see every single day since we live next door to each other) hasn't been asking me anything regarding the baby and I'm sure it's because she doesn't want to get any more answers. She'll probably stroke out when I actually go into labor and don't call for an ambulance. She's like that.

I'm excited! I can't wait to do it. I mean I don't want the pregnancy to fly by too quickly, I want to enjoy it. But I am so anxious to have the baby and birth naturally.
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32 weeks 4 days!

Hi. We're planning our first homebirth, too. My parents are OK with it, DH's mom is respectful of our decision, and DH's dad is an MD, and you can just guess what he thinks. My sister is slooowly coming around. She just offered this week to pay for a housekeeper to come and give our house a thorough cleaning before the birth, "to make it sterile like a hospital". : Yeah, with two dogs and two cats it'll stay nice and sterile alright.

We got our pool in the mail this week, and the birth kit is on order. I'm wondering what to do about towels.... All of our towels are new and white (wedding gifts), so maybe I should hit the Goodwill and get some "lesser" towels...

I'm open to any and all suggestions for what I need to do/get to prepare. It's getting close! We're so excited!!
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Thanks for starting this thread Chrissy!

My due date is Sept. 22, today I am 37 weeks 1 day and things are going way too fast for me, although I do have all of my birth supplies ready, baby clothes washed...

What I need to do now is just little stuff: like I want to get shirts for the other kids that the babys footprints can be put on, I want to help them make a Welcome Baby sign, I'd like to do a belly mask (which I will be doing Labor Day weekend with a friend)....

This will be my 1st homebirth also. I had a cesarean with my son for persistant breech presentation and then a VBAC with my daughter. She was born 12 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, we stayed home for so long so I could avoid another CS. Im looking forward to being able to stay in one place while pushing instead of barreling down the highway!

My parents know and arent exactly supportive, but they arent negative about it either. My husbands family doesnt know where Im giving birth so the only person who has had a problem with it is my grandpa and he is just worried for me, but not making a pest of himself.

I had my 37 week appt. today and it went much better than my last one did. I am only measuring 33.5 weeks, but my midwife said its just because baby is very low. She also said that s/he feels very long and about 7.5 lbs now. I cant wait to see what the birth weight and gender is! We went over in extreme detail what the normal procedures are at the homebirths that she attends which was nice since I need a lot of detail and information.

Here is a link to some very recent pics of me (at 36.5 weeks pregnant) and the children if anyone would like to see them: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAMWbli4bM2zno and I guess thats all from me for now...
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OMG, Lynsey! Your pictures and you and your kids are BEAUTIFUL!! I really hope I can get some maternity pictures that great. Are your other children going to be present during the birth? Do they want to be? I don't know about Kinzi yet. I think we'll just take it a moment at a time.
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Great pics!!! I love the one in front of the window! I have an apt. for the 20th at a photographer who costs a fortune...I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This will most likley be my last baby, so I wanted something really special. Those of you who pray, My house is in the direct path of Francis. We're probably going to head out if it's a strong 4 or up to a 5 when it hits the other coast... We'll see.
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Hello, Mommas

I am about 30 weeks or so, but I'm thinking the baby will come mid-November. This is our first homebirth, our other three were born in the hospital. My family knows we'll be having the baby at home, doesn't quite understand why, but aren't expressing their negative thoughts...to me, anyway!

My dh is taking off next week to do some house repairs and painting before the baby comes. The kids go back to school on Tuesday, and my part time work at night is winding down. So within 2 weeks I will be able to readjust my focus to preparing for the birth and getting the baby's stuff ready Besides the birth kit, I just need the hose, some more towels and a few tablecloth/tarps for under the pool. Then I can go through all the clothes and set up a place for them and the diapers.

Some "fun" things I want to do are belly pictures, belly cast, t-shirts for all the kids, and last time we went to Build-a-Bear and made a bear for the new baby, so the kids want to do that again. I figure we'll start doing all that stuff in October sometime.

Other than that, I am really looking forward to the change in season...I love the warm colors and "harvesty" decorations everywhere, weekend trips to the farm, hayrides, laying on the couch under a cozy blanket with the windows open feeling that nice, cool fall breeze, drinking hot apple cider. Fall is definately my favorite time of year, I'm so glad this baby will be coming then
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38 weeks 3 days

Hi all,

I'm getting down to the wire here. I lost part of my mucous plug yesterday, and I have tons of BH, but no sign of labor yet. I am ready though! I have nested and cleaned and frozen meals... and I am sick of being pg. But the loss of part of my plug yesterday made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am planning a UC, just me and my dh, no midwife or doula. I ordered some supplies from InHisHands also, but not a whole kit. I haven't seen an OB since our only ultrasound at 24 weeks. My fundus is 39 cm, and my BP is excellent, and I've gained 35 pounds. I didn't have any tests (GBS, GD, etc.) nor any doppler. Our baby boy is very active - can't wait till he can kick on the OUTSIDE!!

Here's my belly from yesterday:
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37 weeks 2 days


Thanks for the compliment about my pictures! I am planning for my 6.5 year old son to be at the birth if he wants to. Right now he says he does, but he's not that interested in the whole situation... I am really hoping that I will labor at night again and birth in the morning so that my 2.5 year old will just sleep through the whole thing. Im going to have a friend here to help with her just in case, but she is really a mamas girl and I think that if she is awake when Im laboring we will have a problem.

How old is Kinzi? Does she want to be involved at all? I bought Riley a couple of disposable cameras for him to take photos with if he wants to do that.


Let us know how the photography appt. goes! My husband took the pics that were on the link, but I did have professional ones taken also. It just wasnt a very good experience because standing still in the heat for so long made me feel very sick and I didnt really "recover" until after I had gotten home and rested for awhile. I get to go on Sunday to see how the ones that were taken turned out and Im really nervous and embarressed!


We went to build a bear last month! It was pretty fun, 1st time I had been. My son just picked out a plain white bear with just a cloth dipe and booties since we dont know the sex. He did record a message for the baby though. I told him we will go back after the baby is born and get gender appropriate clothes for the bear.

Also, how are you doing the shirts for your kids? Im thinking about working on ours this weekend...


Those pictures are wonderful! You look beautiful! So Im assuming that your sons name will be Alex? If we have a boy his name will be Micah Alexander.
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Thank you for the compliment Yes, his name is Alexander William. My dh just came home and he brought me roses! Earlier today, we were talking about where to set up the fishy pool, and he looked at me and said, "I can't wait! This is going to be so fun!" I was like, "Uh, maybe for you...fun is not quite the word that comes to mind." :LOL
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Stacy, LOL!

Actually, I had a few fun moments in my labor, two days ago. Our hb ended up UC. Perfect in every way. I hope you all get hb's as glorious!

I've just posted my birth story over on the forum. Here's a quick pic:

gotta change my siggie.
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Your husband sounds like a real sweetie! I cant remember the last time I recieved flowers! : Its also great that he has such a positive attitude toward your upcoming birth. My DH does not. He does not want to be involved at all (with emotional/physical support or catching the baby...) He said if he HAS to do something he maybe can cut the cord, but I dont want to give that up to him if he doesnt even really want to do it. Im hoping that he will at least take a few good pictures...
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My homebirth dream came true 3 days ago. My little boy was waterbirthed at home on Sept 2nd. I was 38weeks 4 days. It was an amazing experience. I can't wait to write out my birth story to share with everyone.
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congrats to all the mamas who've already had their babes! i'll head over and read stories later!

i am 35.5 weeks, with our second baby. dd was born in hospital with what i felt at the time were minimal interventions (episiotomy and vacuum)-due to my pushing ineffectively for 3.5 hours. i was exhausted. but my body never had the urge to push, so i suspect in hindsight, that although my cervix was 'ready' my body and baby were not.

this time around, we will have the same doula, who was great, and a midwife. i am renting a labour pool (i have cats, and an inflatable would last maybe 5 minutes-they're fast!)

dh is very supportive. our families are anxious. they will not be at the birth-my choice. i do not want a start and stop labour at home (at least not for that reason).

my dd will be 32 months old. i am really hoping she is interested and copes well. she, too, is a mama's girl, so i guess we'll see what happens. i dont really have any good friends nearby to be with her, so we've asked her parttime sitter to come if it's at night, and i'm still not sure what to do if it's during the day.

i am just having faith that these things will work out.

peace to all!
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Wow, so there are a lot of us who have just had babies or are due SOON!!

Congratulations mamatoannabelle! I look forward to reading your birth story.

Plantmommy, I really enjoyed your birth story and Reid is beautiful! Mucho congratulations to you too!

Proudly AP, I am wondering how my son will do with me laboring too. He'll be 34-ish months when baby is born. We've been watching birth videos and talking about it a lot. He asked me the other day, "Mommy, when the baby is born will you be yelling loudly?" I said, "I don't know Noah. I might be." He said, "Please try very hard not to Mommy." So we'll see. Our plan is for my MIL to come over and be with him if he is awake.

Lynsey, to your dh. I asked mine if he would like to catch the baby and he looked really scared and freaked out and emphatically said "No." I'm kind of glad though because I'm really looking forward to doing it myself!

Stacy and Lynsey, both of your pictures are so gorgeous!! Beautiful beautiful bellies and mamas (and kiddo's Lynsey!)

MonkeyPrincess, I could not agree with you more about the fall!!! I LOVE it! It is my favorite season by far. I cannot wait to do all the fun, cozy fall things you described.

AmandaBL, how are you doing with Frances?

Looking forward to reading more birth stories soon!
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Francis update - We lost power yesterday at noon and are still without (We're at my parents who have power still & a generator) I'm trying not to strangle the kids (boys, 10 & 5) or the dogs (my parents 2 schnauzers ?sp? and my Jack russell) Part of our fence blew down & we have a decent leak in our roof - but nothing too interesting. We got to watch big bulldozers move 2 good sized trees out of our road yesterday, but pretty uneventfull as far as hurricanes can go. I'm glad to have satelite & internet & most importantly (in Florida), air conditioning!!! The mall I work in is closed & I doubt there will be school tomorrow, so I've been inside for over 50 hours right now, and I expect to be here for quite a few moore. AND there's another one that could be comming our way NEXT weekend (Ivan).

Congrats to all the new moms! I just keep getting more excited- I'm going to read your stories next!

I havn't yet asked Scott about catching the baby. I kind of want to do it too!

I'll post again when I can get to my own home.... really looking forward to that.
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Yea!!! We have power! Everything is back to normal. The kids are out of school again today... they're really enjoying this!
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I'm 33 weeks along with baby #3, but this will be our first homebirth. I can't believe it's already time to order the birth kit and gather all the other supplies. I keep thinking I have plenty of time, when actually, time is running out! I'm getting really excited about giving birth again, and this time in my own house. Everytime I watch one of my mw's birth vid's, I get more and more comfortable knowing that I have chosen the best person to be my labor attendant. She's so nurturing during the labors and she has such a calm demeanor.
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