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That is such a great plan! LOL I know what you mean, with your dog going crazy for the doorbell. My dogs are so bad, they hear the doorbell on TV commercials and go crazy. I think I would have to put the candy on the porch as well. The dogs will still probably hear kids out there and bark their heads off. I can picture myself laboring in the birth tub, and Dave stopping his hypnobirth guiding to yell at the dogs to be quiet every two minutes. Luckily, if they are too distracting I can order them to their kennels to tough it out until I'm done.

I've seen the "First Halloween" onesies and have almost bought one, too! But then I worry I'll be jinxing myself to go way over my EDD or something. I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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Our daughter is born!

Finally having time to post.
Kaia Morgan was born Sept.25,2004!

We planned a home water birth but ended up having her in the bed. Becasue of her postion I needed a more upright postion. I hung on to the head board and was on my knees.
I tore in the vagina and on the perineum. Labor was only 10-12 hours. The labor "pain" was very manageable. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
The only thing that really sucked was after the birth.
I kept bleeding and we couldn't get it to stop, it was hard to tell if it was coming from the uterus or what.
Come to find out it was coming from the tear in the vagina.

Kaia was born at 8lbs 10 ozs and is 19 and 3/4 inches long.
She's had trouble breast feeding but is doing better now.
Because of that she's got jaundice but its inproving everyday.
Overall I'm very pleased with her birth.
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Yeah Jodie!

Hi Jodie - I'm new to the string, but wanted to congratulate you! I also tore inside and out with my first (1998). That tearing hurt more than anything else the whole labor/delivery! It sure sounds like you had a wonderful experience

I'm growing a second one now (due Jan. 20th ). I only hope that having lost my stitches early (day 2), that this nice mellow vagina will be a pleasure for baby no. 2 to pass through. My mw says it should go a lot easier (22 hrs. labor, 2 1/2hrs. push : ).

So far I'm just starting to feel pregnant (24 wks now). Anyone else out there homebirthing Beta Strep pos? Also wondering if there are any with a nice big gap between babies who might have some advice for me. My daughter (6) had a total meltdown the other day because "I waited so long and now I have to have a brother!". Although we legit. do think it's a boy, we've told her so because she is SO wanting a sister that if it is a gril she'll be pleased as punch, and if it's a boy at least she'll be prepared. Any thoughts :-} ? Thanks! Mamabeca
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Heather!!! I am so excited to hear what happened!!!

DH and I just spent the weekend up in the White MTS of NH and the goal was that I stopped focusing on labor and just enjoyed the moment. Secretly I packed an emergency backpack full of baby and delivery things in case I had the baby up there!!! (He still doesn't know what was in that bag!)

Anyways, talk about emotional....I think I have cried a few times a day for the last 3 or 4 days and I am realizing I have all these irrational fears about going past 42 wks and being "forced" into the hosp. So I have been trying to calm down and just trust my body, the baby, the universe...very difficult.

I woke up this morning at 4am having contractions!!! About 6 minutes apart..strong enough to feel them but not very painful. I woke dh up at 630 and we went to the beach and took a long walk. Came home, took a nap and when I woke up no more contractions....

We took another walk and they have come back very irregular but I figure this is just the begining....RIGHT?????

I am so happy about everybody's babies and mom2baldie...I love the name and its meaning, beautiful!!!

soon soon soon

ps i just found out that rather than 40 wks gregorian calender time, a pregnancy is really 10 of your own moon (menstruel cycles) and most cultures think 11 cycles are normal. If I go by this I am only 9 1/2 lunar cycles pregnant which means I early not late!!!! Figures!!! I trust those numbers a lot more than the whole medical 40 weeks!
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I had my baby!

10 lbs, 2oz, 22 inches long, born vaginally on 10-2!

Eowyn Rose, my perfect little girl.

I have an intense birth story. There was a hospital transfer, which I am 100% okay with. Details to follow..

I am so happy not to be pregnant! I could sing from the rooftops!

I'll post more when I have time, and when the forms stop loading so slowly..

All the best,
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Congrats Heather!

That's a BIG baby for #1 !!! Glad to hear you're happy, healthy, and everything went well. Look forward to hearing the details when you have time.

I have a 10 year old step son, a 5 year old son, and am due in Nov with another boy. Don't have any advice for you, but I waited a while too. I've enjoyed getting to do all the baby & todler stuff with my son, and then sending him to school before I start over again. He's excited - but only because it ISN'T a girl. Same boat as your daughter I guess. She'll come around I'm sure. I just teased my son about all the poopy diapers he was going to have to change (obviously a joke) when he'd get down, then we'd talk about all the cool things big brothers get to do. Good Luck!
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Just stopping by while I have a second to say that my baby is here too!!

Lilah Elizabeth was born at home on Friday night, October 1st. She was 8 lbs 14 oz. It was a super-fast labor, only 2.5 hours, and it was wonderful- opposite my first labor/delivery in so so many ways. Lilah was perfect. I lost a lot of blood afterwards and it took my midwives several hours to get me back to normal but now we are all doing great. Busy busy, but great.

Hilary, been thinking about you. It will be soon!!

Love to everybody,
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Two new babies! Horray!!!!!!

Congrats, mamas!!
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Thanks AmandaBL - When are you due? I love that the first is really old enough to help, ask questions, be involved. I love that I have some 'free' time before this one comes to make the room up, write some, and get lots of time in at dd's school. Lots and lots to be happy and grateful for. LOL
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I'm due 11/8 but have this fantasy he'll show up on halloween...

Congrats Chrissy!!! Maybe I'll get lucky and have your fast labor!!! My last was an eternity. Glad to hear all is well.
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Congratulations Chrissy, Heather and Jodie! I cant wait to read the birth stories and see pictures...

Chrissy and Jodie,

I too lost a lot of blood after birth. My midwife said it was around 700 cc. I always bleed a lot though (with my 1st daughters birth and then again during a miscarriage), but at least this time I know that it wasnt caused by any interventions. With Paityns birth the placenta was delivered by very hard traction and I thought that that was what caused it with her....

A few hours after Naiyas birth when I was going to the bathroom for the 1st time I ended up passing out. I think it was all handled very well though. I never felt scared or worried about it and actually my MW never even let on that anything was really "wrong." I was treated so nice after the birth, which was so nice after last time.

Anyways, I havent written out the official birth story yet but I am going to try to do that today. In a little while I am going to find some more pics on Shutterfly to share with you all.


How are you doing? Id love to read an update from you!
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I love the pics, Lynsey! It gets me more excited for my upcoming arrival.

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Ok... who's still pregnant & when are you due?

Me - Nov 8

Did anyone order a sitz bath??? Any recomendations on buying or maiking one?
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Lindsey: I can't believe how much your new daughter looks like your other children!!! I usually think most newborns don't look like anyone... I would have deffinatley been able to tell that was your baby! She's beautiful.
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Originally Posted by AmandaBL
Ok... who's still pregnant & when are you due?

Me - Nov 8

Did anyone order a sitz bath??? Any recomendations on buying or maiking one?
I'm due beginning of February.

A sitz bath is on my mw's list of things to have, and they provided a nice recipe for an herbal one, which I'll share when I get home...
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any day this baby could come :

Chrissy (you *were* a Sept mama after all!) and Jodie, remember me from ttc? Praising God this baby made it safely.

I got a sitz bath. My mw made it with loose herbs and I think she asks for a $5 for $10 donation?
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I'm STILL pregnant. Just think i'm sick of it already and I have a minimum of 7 weeks to go... to get to 37 anyway. For some reason my MW thinks he'll come at 37.?

Can't complain. I'm blessed to be having a healthy baby this time. Most moms can't begin to fully appreciate their healthy babies but I'm so glad most mamas never have to understand that. It does change your perspective a bit and really makes you thankful for what is often assumed.

Not only that I feel great and have had a very easy pregnancy so far. Even keeping up with my other children hasn't been as hard as I expected.

Oh, btw, planning a home waterbirth and due December 25!!!
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Originally Posted by my~hearts~light
Can't complain. I'm blessed to be having a healthy baby this time. Most moms can't begin to fully appreciate their healthy babies but I'm so glad most mamas never have to understand that. It does change your perspective a bit and really makes you thankful for what is often assumed.
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Congrats to all the new mommas!

I'm due around 23 January.

Glad you all mentioned a sitz bath. I had some wonderful herbs for my last homebirth and I never used them! DUH. Gave them to my m/w to share with other mommas. Will have to look into ordering some for this time. Any recommendations?
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