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Just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of your posts. It is nice to hear people talk about homebirth. Nobody I know personally has done it. Some friends of a friend have but nobody I really talk to alot.

I am planning a home waterbirth. It is still a ways away. I am already so impatient for it to get here.
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I know what you mean, sarajane -- and I wish I could have seen my mil's face (we were on the phone) when I mentioned the kiddie pool to labor in & possibly birth in! :LOL She thought I was joking at first, then did an admiral (sp?) job of hiding how distasteful she obviously found the idea!

That poor woman...she just keeps getting this "wierd stuff" thrown at her...extended bfing, non-vaxing, no circing ds2 (too late for ds1 ), delayed solids, no spanking, co-sleeping... I guess it helps that she lives 1200 miles away... :LOL
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Mom2baldie - My waterbirthed babe is named Naiya also! Her middle name is Moana which means deep blue sea.
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It can be a difficult thing to explain to people especially since I haven't done it yet. I can't talk from experience. That would make a difference. The thing that got me was that one person (my sister-in-law) who seemed skeptical knows some ladies herself who have done it. I was really suprised by how little she knew about it. The first thing she asked me is after I met with my mid-wife for the first time was "What does she do for pain?" I was like, "She doesn't do anything. She can do her best to help me relax and teach me ways to cope and get through and she loves water for birth." She was a little shocked by that.

I don't think it bothers her that I am doing it. She told me once she just isn't there yet when I asked her if she would ever consider it. She has five children of her own. All born in the hospital with some type of pain relief. Two with epidural, one c section. She seems to be scared of labor. I don't know if she had problems or not but I just hate to see anyone scared to try it. I have heard nothing but good things about home birth with water or not.

My parents were happy but worried....I think just cuz their baby is having a baby. =) Dad just wanted to know what would happen in an emergency. My mother felt better after getting to meet with the mid-wife. So, we had a little bit of grief with family but not tons. They are over all supportive.

My husband didn't take any convincing, he read one home birth story where the lady who wrote it compared the experience to her hospital birth. After finished he said "Well, that settles it."

The problem I have is I feel like I have nobody to talk to about how I am feeling now. I can talk to them but they just can't relate like a pregnant woman can. These boards are a blessing. I don't even have to talk to you all to benefit. Just reading what you all say has been a blessing.
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Welcome SaraJane! I saw that you are in TX? Whereabouts if you dont mind my asking? I am near the DFW area...

Re: comments about waterbirth/homebirth - when I tell people that I had a waterbirth with Naiya they all seem to think it was an accident. Like I meant to go to the hospital but didnt have a chance or something and the baby came out in the water!

When I was still pregnant I didnt really tell anyone about my plans or talk about it at all because no one really understood and I didnt want to have to deal with any negativity at all.


Thats so neat that you have a Naiya also! Ive never heard anyone else with that name... Did you pick that becuse of the meaning as well? We did, we were looking for a name that had a "moon" or "water" meaning.

BTW, I posted Naiyas birth story in the Birth Stories forum. Its called Naiyas Birth - My 2nd VBAC and 1st homebirth (or something like that).
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I haven't visited this thread as much as I would have liked during my pg. Baby #3 was due 5 days ago, and I'm starting to get that anxious and frustrated feeling that this baby will never come out. And I know from my past labors just how strong my mind is over my body and I fear I might be stalling things in my head. I'm trying really hard to just let go and relax but it's really hard with 2 other toddlers to parent. It was great over the weekend when I had DH around to help. He did everything and I just sat and relaxed and napped when I needed to. But today he's back at work and it's like an ordinary day here.

I'm trying really hard to be patient...
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Mom2baldie: I'm in Kenedy, TX. That is over an hour South of San Antonio.
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Jumping in!

Hi I'm Jess, due with our second in late January. We had a natural birth in a hospital (45 minutes after arriving at the hostpital). I'va had a really hard time with this pregnancy - depression mostly, but also heartburn and general aches and pains I don't remember from my first. So I'm really looking forward to having this baby at home, in a nice calm, supportive place. My dh has been really supportive of it, after some initial convincing.

I do have a question though...those who are having a midwife, are you also hiring a doula? If no, who else will be at the birth? I'm kind of the black sheep of friends and family (mostly vegentarian, cloth diapers, no pain meds during birth, etc...and now homebirth) So there's really no one I would want there that could be supportive...

Anyway looking forward to getting to know everyone...I love the birth stories.
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i'll jump in here too, since, at 37weeks and 5 days, it's starting to seem as though i'm actually going to have a baby sometime soon.

to answer your question, jess, we're not having anyone here but the midwife and her assistant, mostly because that's what i feel like i'm going to want--just my partner and me and a tub full of water. my midwife has even agreed to stay mostly out of the way except for periodic checks of the baby's heartbeat and the like. i'm really looking forward to doing it this way--i was dreaming of an unassisted birth at one point, but part of having the birth go well, for me, is having d. feel comfortable with it, and he just didn't. we feel really lucky to have a midwife who is excited to be, as she puts it, the guardian angel at an unassisted birth.

anyway. hi homebirthers!

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My husband will of course be at the birth along with the mid-wife and her assistant. My mother may come as well. I don't think I will call her over until I have been in labor for awhile though. I might get hubby to call her and warn her that she will need to come soon but we will call when we want her to leave.
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Sarajane - Hey, I'm your neighbor just a bit further south from you. I'm in Corpus Christ, TX, on Padre Island. Good luck with your first pg.

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Hey that's cool. Good luck to you too.
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Baby Luke Is Here!!!

Still havn't gotten my belly pic scanned, probably will never happen now (haha) This is me on Halloween with my big guy Asher in his ninja costume. I was 38 wks 6 days.
And here is my new little guy about 10 sec after being born. Lucas Brayden, 11-3-04, 8lb 4oz, 20 in, born at 3:25am, obviously, in the hospital.
This is him this morning at home taking a nap after his ten thousandth meal (haha). He's a champion eater and also quite good at sleeping and pooping. The pee thing he's having trouble with. He doesn't seem to understand that the diapers catch it. He much prefers to put it all over the bed & mom & dad, but we're working on it.

Monday was my first day off work. I got up and started putting together my sons Imaginext village. We bought him about every peice to the mideval city, and it had been plundered by war and needed rebuilding. This of course requires an engineering degree, so I was prepared for a long morning. About half way through, my side started hurting so I went to bed with the hot water bottle. (you may have seen my posts earlier in the pregnancy about this. My midwives found a large cyst on my left ovary at 18 weeks. After seeing numerous specialists, I opted to do nothing to it and insure the safety of the baby. All along I knew this was the one thing that could instantly change all my plans, and wouldn't you know it...) I got worse throughout the day, and by the time I picked up my son from school & took him to spanish, I was pretty sure something was wrong. At 4:00pm I called my husband and asked him to come home & take me to the ER. I called my midwife with a heads up & she said she'd be waiting for a call to check up on whatever they wanted to prescribe me. (The OB's had offered pain meds before for "flare ups" & I was expecting a non stress test, a RX, and to be sent home. Silly me - pain makes you stupid!)

I went to the hospital with nothing. The pain escalated to the point I was crying & my husband yelled at this poor nurse to "do something!" (I am not wimpy... Nothing has ever hurt me this bad) I was stressed about arguing with the OB to avoid a CS.... I knew at 39 wks, they were gonna want to take him. Luckily, I got a super nice woman OB who had a birthing center baby herself. They did an US and suspected torsion. She offered me the CS and surgery for the cyst at the same time, or to try and induce. She strongly reccomended against the CS - she explained how difficult VBAC's are to get in FL & how a CS isn't a minor thing to choose lightly... she was fantastic, obviously no argument from me! I'm alergic to demerol, so I am not a candidate for most meds. I tried one that didn't even put a dent in the pain, so the dreaded epidural was my only option. My husband was so upset that I had to change all my plans so dramatically - he took more reassuring than I did. I called my midwife & doula. That was hard & sad. I really didn't feel like I had a choice (still don't) but this is (most likley) my last baby, so it was hard to let go, even though I knew I had to & needed to. They were great. My midwife offered to come to the hospital to be with me... so nice. I told her we were in for a long time as I was not dialated or effaced at all. To cut to the chase, the induction was very successfull... I stayed on the "test dose" of the epidural and an extreemley mild pitocin drip. I stayed at 3cm for about 12 hours at one point and the OB never said anything about "stalling" - she was so nice to me - she kept saying "I know this isn't what you wanted, so were gonna do everything we can to help you have a good experience this time" I figured I wouldn't have a baby untill lunch time the next day.

At 1am I woke up my husband and told him "I feel really bad all the sudden" I got instantly depressed, I started shaking... then I threw up & thought "Yea!!! the baby's comming! This must be transition!" Sure enough - I went from 3cm to pushing in under 4 hours. I never had time to even get the doula there. My husbad said "We should call Dee!" I said "It's 3 am and she'll never make it - let her sleep." I sat up with my legs on the lowered part of the bed, and after 4 contractions of pushing, we had our little Luke. I had a small tear, but felt instantly fantastic. I ripped off the hospital gown and the OB put one beautiful, gooey baby right on me. She said "Awww... we like it when mom wants that skin to skin" That's kind of sad to me now... most moms must not do that. He nursed about 15 min later & has only briefly stoped since.

The cyst is still there, but not painfull... it either was just pinched or kind of "folded" and has righted it's self now that there is some room in there. I'll have it removed in a month if it hasn't shrunk by then. They let us leave after 24 hours, which is unusual. The birth pool is still in my dining room. I'm sad I missed out on all of that, but I'm happy with the situation & outcome. I realy hope everyone elses births go as planned. I'm going to ice my hand now. One handed typing is tough.
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Amanda! Congratulations on your Lucas! He is georgeous - I LOVE that 2nd picture of him.

Im sorry that you didnt get to have a homebirth but it does sound like you had a great hospital experience. Thats wonderful that you had such supportive hospital staff.

I hope that the cyst shrinks on its own so you dont have to have it removed! At least its not causing you any pain anymore so it wont interfere with your babymooning.

Congrats again!
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Congrats Amanda! He is just beautiful!!
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Congrats, Amanda! The pix wouldn't come up, but I'm sure he's adorable.
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i have to say that i'm so excited to have found this online community. i'm planning a home birth and all the other sites i've been, thought i was crazy!

well finally i've found my crazy sisters over here! yay!
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Welcome Flyjawn!

How is everyone else doing? Any other updates? Babies? Births?
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No birth here yet, but I had my homevisit with my midwife today. I had her check me & I am starting to soften a bit & have a "dimple." That's really exciting for me as with ds1 I never softened or dialated or anything until well into labor.

I can't believe I'm getting this close!
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