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I'm up lots with heartburn too - does anyone do anything interesting for heartburn (other than milk, water or tums)?
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Originally Posted by AmandaBL
I'm up lots with heartburn too - does anyone do anything interesting for heartburn (other than milk, water or tums)?

Try taking papaya, either just the enzyme in pill form or fresh or dried papaya. Much better than tums, since it doesn't have aluminum!
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My MW suggested Mylanta...not my first choice; but, I was desperate. It works tho....

eta: btdt with dried papaya...didn't work for me;but, give it a try.
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I take maalox quick disolve chewables. If you get the bottle that just has red rasberry flavor they are almost tasty and they don't get into your teeth to much. Not to chalky at all. They got me through the horrible heartburn with my last pregnancy and this one too. With my first I was told I could ONLY have mylanta chewables. Those suck! They remind me of imodium. Yuk!

being very careful about my diet helps alot. I try to avoid things like Pizza and chocolate chip cookies (give me HB BAD) and mexican food... and I haven't had to use the maalox much.
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Just wanted to add one more thing about the birthing ball... When I was in labor, I had my dh sit on the ball and hold me up under the arms while I leaned back (in a squatting position) against him and the ball. It put nice pressure on my lower back and was comfortable for him as well. It was a nice way to be in a deep squat position but still be able to relax and lean back.

If I knew how, I would post some photos. I have some great ones that my mother took of our homebirth. If anyone is interested and knows how to post photos, let me know!
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Hello to all the ladies joining the conversation within the past few days!

Today is my due date so I am anxious to see when I will have this baby! I "predicted" that I would give birth today because I thought it would be neat to tell the baby s/he was born on the 1st day of fall/equinox, but no such luck! I cant complain though since I still feel pretty good. Sometimes after sitting or lying down for awhile I have a little bit of pubic bone pain when I get up, but in general I feel fine.

I am also very excited to hear from Stacy who was due about a week ago. Has anyone heard anything from her?

My Hearts Light, did you end up ordering a birth kit and stool from that website? I bought all my supplies seperately because there was so few things that were on my list and it seemed like the kits had a ton of stuff that would be wasted.

mtn. mama, My daughter was 2 weeks early (my only vaginal birth) so I was thinking I would have this one early as well. As much as I would like to go ahead and have the baby, I am interested to see how long I can stay pregnant.

I hope everyone is doing well and will continue to post. The Sept. due date thread here has been over run with baby talk. Apparently us that are still pregnant arent so interesting anymore...
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Not yet, I'm waiting. I have t get my birth kit from www.inhishands.com and the stool from birthwithsol.com is I get it at all. I'm still thinking of a nice gift for my MW but I want to get her something that will be useful and nice for her, not jsut her clients.
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Lynsey, I am so jealous that you are still feeling so comfortable! I have 6 days until my due date (not that I'm counting or anything ) and I officially feel like crap. And I hate that I feel that way. I hate being a whiner and I want to enjoy every bit of this special time with my baby, but I'm really not anymore. For the past week or so I've been having lots of contractions and cramping and pressure in my cervix, pelvis, butt. Several times I've thought and hoped that it was labor starting only for it to peter out. Then it stinks to not only not have a baby in my arms but to be so darn uncomfortable.

Okay, major whine OVER. I can't even stand to listen to it myself.

I too, I am excited to hear from StacyL!

Sunni, Have you tried www.shutterfly.com? It's really really easy and walks you through the whole thing. And it's free. Once you get to the end of adding photo's to the album click on "share photos" and it will give you a link that you can post here. I'd love to see your pictures!

I don't have anything to offer on heartburn because I, luckily, don't get it too much. I hope you all can find something to help alleviate it though.

I am really looking forward to labor and I am wondering if that is setting me up for a hard one. Do you know what I mean? With my son I was induced and labored in the hospital on pitocin and other horrible things for 40 hours or so before he was born. It was such a terror and I am so grateful that I'm not doing it again. I am so looking forward to doing it so differently this time. I guess in these last few days or weeks I need to focus on that instead of how uncomfortable I am feeling, huh?
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Hello fellow homebirth mamas.
Thought I'd finally join you all.

Due today!
I've lost peices of my mucus plug, get BH and feel crampy sometimes, but no contractions yet.
We have our fishy pool inflated and ready to go.
Diapers are washed and ready. Birth supplies are here.
The full moon is on the 28th so maybe the baby will come then. DH thinks it will be Oct.
Feeling pretty good for 40wks pregnant.
Patiently waiting for our little baby.

Hope everyone stays well, and those of us that are due have our babies when they are ready to be born.
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Lots of ELV for all you 40wkers!
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Hi and UGH!

Hi everyone!

Just found this thread - I was due last Saturday, although the ultrasound picked today as my due date (hence my UGH!). I'm having crazy mood swings -no problem, babe will come when he wants OR WHY HASN'T he come yet. Oh well. He's still kicking around in there so he must be happy.

This birth will be my second homebirth. The first was in a hospital -no big problems, but we felt as if we were fighting to keep interventions down every step of the way. I took a tour of a different hospital before my second was born and literally started shaking when I saw the belly fetal monitor. It was so wonderful to have a baby at home instead.

Just wanted to say hi and wish everyone well!

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Due TODAY!!!

I just found you all!!!

I am due today but am really trying to focus on the when its time its time philosophy!!!

I just saw my midwife yesterday and she did an internal because I have been having tons of BH along with cramping in the cervix and between my legs and I am 70% efaced and 2 cm....I know this could mean another week or two but it was still exciting to know things are a'movin and a'grovin.

I am actually having a lot of fun in this last waiting period because I feel like pregnancy was so long and I know I am here now, about to meet the little bumpkin and be initiated into the birthing mamas world!!!

My midwife used the word RIPE and now this is my favorite word, idea, mantra!!!! I AM RIPE!

Hillary due 9/24 1st baby...1st homebirth
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chrissy, i'd been looking forward to my birth, and it ended up being better than i could have dreamed of! you're not setting yourself up in a bad way, anyway.
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still pregnant???

I'm jealous of all you guys due now! I've got 6 wks to go. Waiting to hear all the great birth stories..... please post links here when you get around to them.

Good luck to everyone!

More on the birth ball....
I sit at one at my desk all day. Everyone thought I was crazy at first, now every time I walk away, somebody takes it and I have to go reposess it. It's so comfy.
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6 weeks 3 days left to go here, too!

I can't wait to read all the new birth stories we'll have soon! I'm sending peaceful labor vibes to all of you!
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40 weeks 2 days


Yep, still pregnant! Thanks for asking. I will def. post my birth story on this thread or at least a link to it and pictures of my baby.


I hadnt really been looking forward to laboring and birthing that much until the past week or so, so I cant answer your question about being worried about having a hard labor. However, with Paityn I feel that I had a very nice and easy LABOR and that worries me. I wonder if this time will be long and hard. I guess either way, it wont matter as long as I feel supported and am able to have my baby at home, but of course, I dont want it to be harder/more painful than it has to be. So, thats my worry for the week.


I love that! I AM RIPE!
Congrats on being 2cm and 70%. Im sure it makes you feel great that things are going on!

I actually had a cervical check at my 40 week appt. also and am 2cm and 60-70% also. The baby is at -1 station. I didnt think I would ask for any exams, but I still cant reach my own cervix to figure things out for myself and I was very curious. I will keep trying though.

my hearts light,

When you figure out what you are getting your midwife, lmk! I am still needing ideas and I figure whatever I decide on can be given to her at the 8 week pp appt.

Glad you could join us, Chris and Jodie! Keep us updated!

Well, I am planning on doing lots of walking this weekend. I havent really been having any contractions at all so I would like to feel some (even if temporary) BH and/or crampiness!
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Oh, one more question, what is your midwives protocal if you go to 42 weeks without giving birth? Just wondering!
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I think (but I'm not sure) that I can finally feel my cervix. I have been trying for weeks and just now feel something that could be it. It feels a lot different than it did when I was feeling it for fertility signs though so I'm not totally sure if I'm feeling the right thing. If it's what I'm feeling it is very soft and stretchy. It isn't wide open like a hole but I could probably get 2-3 fingers in there if I tried.

I have been having lots of contractions for the past week and it does make me feel good, like something is happening, but on the other hand it is pretty exhausting, mentally more than physically.

About my midwife's protocol for going past 42 weeks. I'm really not sure. She will want me to go for a NST and u/s at 41 weeks and then again at 42 weeks. I am planning to make an appointment (actually I should go do that right now) for accupuncture at 40.5 weeks (late next week). I loved having accupuncture when I was ttc and I feel confident that it will help things along if need be.

What is your m/w's protocol Lynsey?

Hillary, Ripe does sound wonderful! I can't wait to read about your baby's birth!

Chris, Are you still hanging in there?

Jodie, how bout you?

Hey, all of us who are due now, how about if we ALL go into labor this weekend? Okay, it's a plan! See you on Monday with birth stories and pictures.

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40 w 6 days

Still hanging in -like Lynsey having no contractions. Funny how I'm wishing for some false contractions to lift my spirits!! Chrissy, I envy you right now

Not sure of my mw protocal for going over. She says 80% of her babes come within 10 days past due date. I guess I'll have to ask her soon -ALTHOUGH I love Chrissy's plan of a group birth this weekend. Let's do it!!
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I was in the HB mama's 2005 thread and noticed this one, too!

My mw's protocol is they come to your house or talk to you on the phone and encourage you to talk about and try to address anything that may be psychologically holding back labor. IE, talk about fears, issues about relationships with dp or other people, they'll help you clean your house if that's the issue. Or just encourage a good cry.

They also request that you get a NST or U/S just to make sure everything looks okay physically. But they believe that many times babies are overdue because mom is holding something back in her mind.
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