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Pregnant mamas giving birth this weekend- excellent idea!

How I wish that were the case! I'm 41 weeks & 2 days pregnant with my first, planning a homebirth, and I've been ready- meaning house cleaned, baby's stuff washed and good to go, waterproofed the bed, etc., etc- for WEEKS now. It's SO frustrating! I think to make things worse, I've been not working much at all since the end of JULY , so I have truly been BORED for a long time now. I try to nap every day, but couldn't sleep yesterday or today so far. I had a NST yesterday and everything looks great still.. also had an internal a few days ago and was 2 cm and 80% effaced, which I know truly means nothing in terms of when I'll deliver. Anyway I'm really not complaining; as many of you have said, the baby will come when the time is right! A "this weekend" birth would be excellent!! How exciting it will be to hold our little babies and nurse and kiss them to pieces!!!! Oh, and to not be pregnant- I'm ready for that, too! Fall is my favorite time of year to pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and I'm certainly not fitting into any of my clothes at this point! Anyway it's good to see you all are feeling many of the same things and I'll be sending positive labor vibes to everyone who's patiently (or not!) waiting!
Mama to my : JJ and wife to my
EDD 9/15/04
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Wow. 2 or 3 fingers. I think I remember reading somewhere - maybe on the midwives and doulas board, that 2 fingers with a wiggle is 3 cms dilated and 3 fingers could be considered 4 cms dilated. Could be wrong though...

My midwives protocal is at 41 weeks she will offer to sweep your membranes, she will suggest b&b cohosh, nipple stim, lots of sex... At almost 42 weeks (like a couple days before) she will schedule you for a biophysical profile and suggest possibly castor oil, another membrane sweeping... If the BPP comes back showing a happy, healthy baby she can usually buy a few more days for you. Also if you arent sure of your dates she will move the EDD back a few. Unfortunately since I was bleeding so much in the 1st trimester, I had that sono at 10 weeks (which was consistent with my LMP) so we are sure of dates in my case. Anyways, all of the above is optional. I was just wondering if this was the norm or not.


I keep wondering if I am "holding something back" or havent planned something right and thats why I havent gone into labor yet, but I dont *think* thats the case. I have been telling myself and baby that I am open to the experience whenever its time...so thats all I can do. Thats all I am comfortable doing right now. Thats neat that your midwives offer so much emotional support though!

Anyways, if 40 weeks is only an average then it makes sense that there are going to be MANY women who go over that date even if they arent emotionally stressed. I think my baby just needs a little more time inside. Im sure s/he will come when ready.

Jodi (seeking truth),

I am bored too! I had a list of all the things that I wanted to do and clean before baby comes and I finished it over a week ago. I told my kids that if I am still pregnant in October I will let them paint a pumpkin on my belly. Just another fun pregnancy activity.

I am available for a weekend group birth! Good luck everyone!
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Haha -my kids would love to paint my belly!!

In France "full term" is considered 41 weeks. A whole country can't have failing placentas at 40 weeks then -so yes, 40 weeks is just an average. My mw says that most of her patients go over because they are well nourished, etc. Too comfy in there for them!!
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40 weeks 1 day

My friends have been doing a pretty good job of keeping me busy this far. One did a bellly cast for me and yesterday (on my due date!) a friend of mine really into photgraphy came over and we did a whole nude preggo photo shoot. I had originally agreed to this at 6 or7 months when I had a cute bump and my normal body (complete with a huge set of boobs!) but then we didn't reconnect until this week and I was a bit self-conscious being full term BUT it ended up being such a great experience and we did all these cool shots with candles and light and even used a silk sari I brought home from India to wrap me in for a few pics.

Since this is my first and my mom and grandmom always were late/induced my midwife gave me the option of taking this 6 herb blend about a week before my due date. I really feel it helps because I just feel ready and I get lots of cramping...more and more everyday. I am almost nostaligic thinking here I am at the end of this LONG journey...I have waited so long for Sept and all of the sudden poof I am days (or weeks away from new mama status. Crazy life...beautiful life!!!

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37w 4d

Hey everyone! Just found this thread too. I guess I just thought it was a role call list.

This is our first baby and we're planning a home waterbirth. We're using a hard rubbermaid feed trough (available at Home Depot I think) instead of a real birthing tub. All the ones we looked at renting were too expensive. So this one is on loan from one of our midwive's clients.

I am so excited to be having a homebirth instead of ahospital birth! I am actually quite excited about labor and birth. The only thing that made me nervous, well, flat out scared, was the hospital. As soon as dh agreed to a hb I felt so much better! Now my only worry is that I won't get off my lazy butt and make myself clean!

Good luck to all those due any time now.
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flowers ~ How did your belly casting go? I have been debating between buying a kit and just getting the supplies on my own at the crafts store. Did you do it from the shoulders down? I really want to do one and then let my kids put their handprints on it after it dries.
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40 weeks 5 days

I've been trying to work on the psychological part, especially letting go of expectation. For example, the first presidential debate is on sept. 30. I have to tell myself, "you'll see it, or you won't, it doesn't matter." Or, I have plans on Monday, so I have to have the same attitude. I feel like I need to be ready for anything.

Lots of B-H and cramping, a little more each day lately. Maybe 2 or 3 contrax, I'm not sure. I'm noticing that some of the kid's movements are causing me pain in the lower abdomen area for the first time. I guess things are starting to get tight in there.

Kid feels very low, mw says I'm effaced and fingertip dialated. Is that like .25 cm? Who knows. In general, changing position usually alleviates the pain/sensations, so I should call it all B-H for now, huh?

I'm still banking on all of us pooling our energy into this weekend. It's only Saturday - there's still time...

Oh, and back to walking. Lots of walking. Sometimes this causes abdomen pain, and sometimes it's fine, so who knows what's going on there.

I'm sending gentle labor vibes to you all.. this is gonna be challenging and beautiful, and I'll admit it, I can't wait.

Last thing: When I get the B-H, occasionally I say this mantra to myself: "Come on, powerful contractions, welcome powerful contractions." And yes, I'm 99% sure I mean it.

Good luck to everyone,
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40 weeks 4 days

mtn. mama,

I know that you werent asking me about the belly cast, but I wanted to say that I did one also and we just bought the supplies from Hobby Lobby. Way cheaper than a kit. Really, the only supplies you need are vaseline/petroleum jelly and the plaster gauze stuff. We did mine in the kitchen so didnt need to put anything over the floor, but a drop cloth would be a good idea if you will be doing it over carpet. Also, I read somewhere that if you can get the plaster gauze from a medical supply store it usually turns out better, but I wasnt able to find a store that carried it.

Heres a link to 2 pics of the one that we did: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAMWbli4bM2zvI

I really am glad that my hands are in it. I did one with my daughter also that was from shoulders down to thighs.


I like your midwife and her reasoning for going over the EDD. I might have to start mentioning that to people when they ask "why havent you had that baby yet?" :


Thas awesome that you had maternity pics taken. Hope this doesnt sound weird, but if you have any that you would be comfortable showing, I would love to see them (if you have a way to scan them or whatever). I had pics taken also, but I felt really uncomfortable when the photo shoot was taking place so I didnt have as many done as I wouldve liked and the ones that I did have done werent really what I wanted. I shouldve just had a friend do it for me also.

Hi Ashlee! Nice to "meet" you!


Glad you found your way over. I think that a fingertip is usually thought of as about 1 cm? Guess it depends on the size of your midwives fingers though... Its all pretty subjective.

Well, apparently I have decided not to take part in the group birth that we had planned for this weekend. I am hopeful about the full moon on the 28th though.
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Hey everyone, I came upon this thread the other day and wanted to introduce "us"! I'm Kathy, and we're expecting our second child in late January 2005. We enjoyed a wonderful homebirth with our daughter, and are planning another (though possibly a waterbirth this time around)

We have recently made a BIG move from Canada to Alabama... wow, what a difference in homebirth politics!! Luckily, we have connected with an absolutely fabulous DEM and could not be feeling better about how things are going. What else.... well, I'm 22 weeks along now and feeling really great. I've been feeling this little one moving for quite some time (since shortly before our 15 wk mark!), so I feel like I've got good company all of the time... LOVE that feeling!

Lynsey, I really am enjoying reading about your belly casting! It's something that I've been interested in, and you make it sound so unintimidating! Your cast is simply gorgeous.

Anyway, that's a bit about us ~ good luck to all the Mamas approaching the births of their babes!
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Hi Mom2Baldi,
You and me both apparently are not partaking in a weekend birth! I'm trying to convince myself to be patient for 2 more days for the full moon as well.

I'm going to get my DH up soon and get him to help me put in a vent-free fireplace today, something we've long talked about. It's getting cooler everyday and I relish the idea of rocking my baby in a glider by the warm glow of the fireplace!

What else has anyone waiting for their babies done this weekend to pass time?
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40 wks 2 days

FULL MOON on Tuesday!!!! If it doesn't happen on Tuesday I am at least hoping the full moon starts it off.

I think the pics was such a good experience because it was my friend plus we did it at my house in my bedroom so I was really comfy. I am waiting to see them and if I am comfortable with any of them I will definately post a link (hopefully along with some newborn photos!!!)

We just bought supllies at the craft store because it seemed much cheaper than the kit and we covered my friends couch with a sheet and I just sat and relaxed. We did boobs and belly and only went above my breasts (like it was a tube top or something). She worked really hard on making sure it was even and that the curvy areas had enough layers. It really did come out good although I think we took it off a bit soon. It was dry , a little sticky, but now is just a tad crooked. I can't tell if I was sitting crooked or if it is just the way it settled?

So my midwife has been asking my husband if I am cranky. He keeps saying no and it has been pissing me off that she insists I am not ready until I get good and cranky. So I have been trying extra hard to be happy and enjoyable. WELL, the last few nights when we are gong to bed I have just been IMPOSSIBLE! I know I am being a *@#!& but I can't help it and my husband tries not to laugh at me because I am so ridiculously pacing around the room and getting mad at him for any tiny little thing. He quietly said last night, "I think your having the baby soon." and of course this made me more angry! I am trying to have a sense of humor but these hormones!!! Anyone else getting hot flashes???

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33 W 6 D Here..

I've been having what I thought were BH off and on since about 28 W, but now I'm not so sure that is what it is. Everyone says that with BH your belly gets really tight, but I haven't noticed that. What I get is just cramping (feels like menstral cramps) very low in my belly. It lasts for about 10-15 seconds and then goes away. Is this normal? Is it not BH? If not, what is it?

TIA for any helpful comments. This is my first so I'm a bit clueless.
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slygrrl ~ Had to say "HI!" real quick, we're due around the same time. I'm at the 23 week mark. Glad you found a good m/w, I have had to go through that fire drill twice now (once for DD #2 and again planning for this baby's homebirth).

flowers ~ Sounds like your m/w might be on to something.

Monica ~ If the cramps don't stick around or stop when you change position, then they are probably BH. You should probably double-check with your m/w just to be sure.

Lots of labor vibes to all you ripe momma-to-be's.
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The eye of this one went right over my house. A HUGE tree at our business got lifted right out of the ground, and the mobile home we rent out had a bit of damage, but nothing too bad. At my house, more fence down, more leaking roof. This time the two big windows in the kids room leaked all night before we knew it, so their carpet is soaked. Yuck. I'm so glad I'm not as "due" as you guys! We at least had a generator this time, so the food in the fridge is all fine. It really sucks to loose your entire fridge full of food. You never realize how much replacing all those condiments alone costs!

My midwife is billing my insurance for my doulas services!!! How cool is that. She actually uses the lady as her assistant at births from time to time, so I'll get reimbursed about $600 that I paid her for classes & douls services. I feel so sorry for those of you who have a huge out of pocket expense for choosing midwifery care & homebirths. It's so worth it though - I'd deffinatley pay out of pocket if I had to. Everyone should move to Florida to have their babies (as long as it's not hurricane season!!!) haha.

You guys have me wanting to do a belly cast now. They look cool with the hands in there!

I'm assuming no babies yet??? Does anyone know what there having? If you don't know (boy/girl) what is your guess? Any names picked yet? Tell us if you're not superstitious about it! I'm having boy #3 - Lucas Brayden who will be called Luke.
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Wow, AmandaBL...I can't imagine living in Florida right now! I hope everything settles down for you guys soon, and you can get back to a new normal

As for your questions, this is our first surprise...we found out with the other three. If you would've asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said "the only way it would've been a surprise is if its a boy", that's how sure I was its a girl! Now I'm not so sure, lol! I read alot of birth stories lately where the mom was just utterly surprised at the sex of the baby, she thought she was so sure. And it is said God only gives you what you can handle, and I just know I can't handle another daughter (if she's like my Victoria!), so it just has to be a boy, lol! We have absolutely no idea for names, we never had our names picked out before we met the baby. But this time I just don't have any idea at all!

Oh, I am 34 weeks today, so we still have a few weeks to get some ideas
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41 weeks!

Okay, for my fellow overdue mamas out there, I pass along my mw's advice:

I've been having mild on again/off again contrax/lots of B-H, and so every night I go to bed thinking, is this it?

She said that I have to think about the baby being born on Friday, not any minute now. I like that idea, so what the hey? In other words, live your life like the baby coming is still a few days away. This seems to help with my constant "c'mon, labor, start NOW!" mantra that's been running in my head..

Anyway, just a thought..
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40 weeks 5 days

Hi Kathy! Thanks for the compliment on my belly cast! I want to see a pic of yours also, if you decide to do one when you get further along.


I had a fairly boring weekend. Saturday I went shopping with a friend and we saw the tiniest little baby who was a month old and about 8-9 lbs! I couldnt take my eyes off of him. Im sure my babe is about 8 lbs or so by now and its so weird to see a baby on the outside thats the same size as mine on the inside. Yesterday, we all went to the park and I had the plan of walking the trails until I went into labor. Well, my feet started hurting so we came home and here I am... My 41 week appt. is tomorrow so that should be interesting.


I am not having hot flashes, but I am having quite a bit of irritablility lately. I think being at home with my kids/husband ,never having any peace and quiet, still being pregnant and a little uncomfortable is making me feel very over stimulated. Right now my son is in school and dh is at work so I am in a fine mood. I hope I dont have to wait until Im a grouch at every moment to give birth! I dont want to ruin the last days of my pregnancy by having a bad attitude. This is a time to be enjoyed and cherished, since this will most likely be my last child.


Im so sorry you are having such a hard month!!!

So you are going to have a doula? Who else will be at your birth? At mine it will be: me, dh, midwife, midwife asst., 2 kids and babysitter. I had a doula with my daughters birth, but cant really even afford to have one this time.

We dont know if we are having a boy or girl, but I feel like Im having a BOY. His name will be Micah Alexander. I will be shocked if a little girl shows up - I dont even have a name picked out just in case!
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I'm not one of these moms who do good with a lot of people around. I started out planning a hospital birth and switched in the middle. I'd already hired the doula at that point, so I will have her there. She's also the hypnobirthing instructor, so that will be her main "job" - keeping me relaxed. My step-son will most likley not be with us, so he won't be an issue. If he is with us I will dispatch him swiftly to his mother or grandmother (11 is no fun for me) My son (5 yrs) would like to be there, but I'm not up for it, so he'll be at my mothers (who I will lie to - she doesn't know I'm homebirthing & I don't want her to even know I'm in labor... I'll call her when I'm ready! ha ha) It'll just be me, my husband, midwife & doula/assistant.

And our dog Presley. I'm not sure what to do about him. Anyone else have indoor dogs? Are you just letting them be or putting them somewhere? Our dog gets VERY excited when new people come over so I think he'll have to be outside.

I don't know where to put the tub either - I'm leaning towards the dining room. It has two walls of windows and looks out to the back yard/garden & the floor is tile, so splashes won't be an issue. I have some thinking left to do.

We really wanted a girl, so if it's not "Luke" it'll be Chloe & we'll be happy but shocked. Everything's blue. I always buy one neutral newborn outfit just in case!
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I felt the same way when I was pregnant with my daughter. I wanted a girl SO BAD because I didnt want another boy like my son. Sounds horrible I know, but he has alwas been SO high maintenance and frustrating. I feel as though I am constantly at my wits end with him. Like I said, I think I am having a boy this time and several times Ive wondered what his personality will be like. It really does make me a little nervous.


I have been following your midwives advice for the past few weeks and still am but its not getting me anywhere! I have plans for most of this week so really, if I dont have the baby til Friday it wont be a big deal. I always expect to go into labor at night and give birth in early morning, so every morning when I wake up to pee at around 2 AM, if Im not having contractions I know it wont be happening until the next morning at least. I dont even think about it too much during the day. I just know I wont labor during daylight hours.


Im not one of those moms who do good with a bunch of people around either! I really didnt even want to have an asst. at the birth (especially since Ive never met her at all) but I guess I have to anyway. My son is 6.5 and really wants to be there. Everyday he asks "when do you think the babys going to come out?" He is going to take pictures for me with his own little camera and is looking forward to that. I think that if I knew my kids were going to be elsewhere I could relax a little more, but I just really want them to be there and have the experience with me. I had a few contractions last night and felt kindof nervous thinking I hadnt planned something right. I was worried that one (or both) of them would wake up when I was in labor and bother me. I know that if I change my mind I can call my mom and have her come get them, but like you, I dont even want her to know when I am in labor. And if my kids werent there, then the babysitter wouldnt have to be either so there would be even more privacy.

About your dog question: we also have an indoor dog who gets VERY excited when she meets new people! When I was in labor with Paityn she was in the house and even in the room most of the time. She didnt really bother anyone, of course, it was only me, dh and my doula. This time I am hoping she is as calm. We cant put her outside because she will just sit there and bark until someone lets her back in. For a dog she is very "spoiled."
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Any OTHER weekend babies?!

I have a son!!!! TJH III was born last night at 7 pm at home after only 3.5 hours of labor, of which 1.5 of it was either pushing or trying not to! The dr. arrived about 40 minutes before the birth- we had gone to a lake assoc. meeting in our neighborhood just as contax were beginning, thinking we'd have a nice long labor. Not so!
Baby is waking up- I'll post more later!
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