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Originally Posted by seekingtruth
I have a son!!!! TJH III was born last night at 7 pm at home after only 3.5 hours of labor, of which 1.5 of it was either pushing or trying not to! The dr. arrived about 40 minutes before the birth- we had gone to a lake assoc. meeting in our neighborhood just as contax were beginning, thinking we'd have a nice long labor. Not so!
Baby is waking up- I'll post more later!

Gotta love those short labors. Glad it went well!
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Congratulations Jodi!! Sounds like a great birth. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing pictures.

Re: the baby's sex. We don't know. I feel like it is a girl, BUT I have had two dreams that it's a boy so who knows. If it's a girl she will be Elizabeth Ann and we're thinking of calling her either Libby or Lilah. If it's a boy he'll probably be Gabriel Miller and we'd probably call him Gabe.

Re: extreme grouchiness. This is me. I am horrible and mean and crabby and feeling extremely guilty about it.

Heather, I will try to follow your midwife's advice but then what happens when I get to Friday???
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40 wks 3 days

Heather, I have been trying to go that route, like when I have cramping or a contraction I think well it could be another week BUT SECRETELY I am really thinking "OH my gosh...am I in labor..how can I tell!!??" and then nothing happens and I go do a load of laundry or something.

Sex: We don't know but a little old lady came up to me in the store today and said that I am definately having a boy. Boy or no boy I love it when old ladies come up and talk to me about all the things they know from over the years.
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Sorry to butt in! I'm a homebirth mama too and I was walking my kids tonight and saw this amazing just about full moon... my thoughts turned to you all (and especially my friend Chrissy ) Just know that there are many many mamas who have you in their thoughts. To be ripe and ready is an intense thing. Wishing you each the patience to perservere, the heart to be strong and the willingness to experience the power of labor.

Welcome to the world, TJH, I'm sure you have many more homebirth babes to join you soon!
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CONGRATS SeekingTruth!!!!!

Can't wait to hear more, but I'm sure you have better things to do than type
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41 weeks 1 day

Congrats Jodi!

Love the feeling of the full moon, but we have a huge marine layer here, so I actually haven't seen it, ha ha...

My mw's Friday thing works for me because I want to be able to live my life normally. If I get to Friday and there's no labor, I'll just plan for the following Wednesday or something. I'm trying to imagine that Friday is really far away. Taking things one minute at a time.

Sex: we don't know if it's a boy or a girl, I think it's a boy, but that's more preference than psychic feeling. At this point, no one knows the baby's gender. I have to get afi today, I'm hoping the u/s person doesn't find out either. I really like the idea of being surprised by the gender after the baby's born. Dh, who also has no psychic feeling, wants a girl.

The walks are really helping me, every day the B-H gets stronger, which my mw says is a good thing. Also, I'm still sleeping pretty good, although I did have noticeable night time contrax last night, although nothing strong enough to keep me awake..

Off to do my morning walk, talk to you ladies soon!
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Hi there, homebirthin' mamas!

My DH and I decided on homebirth this week, so I thought I'd check out this board! I ordered my birth kit from birthsupplies.com on Monday, it should be here Friday or Monday.

I have gestational diabetes, and I got tired of my OB trying to micromanage everything, so I interviewed a homebirth midwife. The plan is to go homebirth, but I'm leaving my options open.

I had my first baby in a hospital, chose an epidural, got a C-section, bottle-fed, circed, and used disposable diapers. I had my second in the hospital, chose Stadol, had a VBAC, breastfed 50/50, no circ, and used disposables. Now with our third, it's a homebirth, drug-free, baby will be worn and 100% breastfed, don't know the gender but no circ, and will be using cloth diapers! I just get more and more crunchy with each kid.
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As I mentioned in the other thread, tomorrow is castor oil time.

I'll keep you all posted re: developments.

Take care,
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Wish me luck! We are heading to hospital this morning for the dreaded pit drip. I've spent the last 48 hours in a walking, castor oil, cohosh, nipple/cervix stimulation frenzy but nothing is progressing. We could wait two more days, but then I would lose my MIL who is here as a sitter and we'd have to go to a hospital a half-hour further away. I was distraught yesterday, but now I just want to see the baby. At least I had one beautiful homebirth to remember.

We're very frustrated because it is just a due date based thing, nothing to do with my or the baby's health. I have to keep my eyes on the prize though and think about holding my new guy soon.

Good luck to all of you who are waiting and I hope you get to experience how wonderful homebirth is.

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Oh Chris, to you! You will be in my thoughts all day. May you still have a beautiful, gentle birth! Looking forward to your announcement.

Heather, thinking of you today too with the castor oil. I've heard it's not pleasant but that it does the trick.
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Chris and Heather, all the luck and good energy to you!!!

Keep us updated!

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I am very pleased to announce...

the home waterbirth of my new baby daughter this morning under the full moon. She weighs 9 lbs 10 oz !!! and is 21 inches long.

This was my 2nd VBAC and 1st homebirth and I am happy to say that my labor was fairly quick and easy (unlike the 1st vbac) but I still hated pushing!!!

Anyways, I will try to post pictures and more info a little later.
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Congratulations to all you new momma's! I am so happy for you! Still TTC #1, but planning on a homebirth when the time comes. It is wonderful to hear all you stories! All Blessings!
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loosing the mucous plug as I type this. Contractions are getting stronger, but not regular. B-H cramps going away. Castor oil postponed until tomorrow. Mw will check me tomorrow, and from there make final call on castor oil. Currently doing the two cohash remedies for the day.

My new thing - when I feel a contraction, I thank the Goddess and ask for more, stronger ones. Be careful what you wish for...

I can't wait to meet my baby!

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Wow, so many babies!! Gotta love the full moon Congratulations to everyone!
Heather, I wish you a wonderful labor & birth... can't wait to hear all about it!
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Yay Lynsey!!! I was just thinking of you this afternoon. I can't wait to hear all the details!

And Heather, wonderful news from you too. I can't wait to hear your announcement!

More crampy here today but nothing else exciting. I'm 40 weeks 1 day.
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I am getting real nervous. I am going for my 41 week checkup with mw tomorrow and she says we have to make a "plan".

I wish I wish Iwish things would start rolling. She said she can try and agitate my cervix during the internal and I am already on a black cohosh blend. I am so scared .... I don't even know of what...mostly that I won't be left alone to jsut birth how I would birth. I hate these time stipulations.

Lynsey, I am so excited for you!!! I knew the full moon would bring someone about!

Heather, that is so crazy your plug came right before you were about to do the castor oil....how far along are you again.

Please send some strong birthing vibes my way.
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Thinking of you and hoping you go into labor on your own tonight! Could accupuncture be a part of your "plan"? I have heard it is quite successful, and I'm trying it myself tomorrow.

Thinking of you too and wondering if you are in active labor- or holding your wee one- right now.

And of course still thinking of Lynsey and your new baby girl LOTS!
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I have never had acupuncture before and I didn't know it could be used to stimulate labor. Thanks for the support Chrissy, I just feel like crying right now. How far along are you???
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I'm just over 40 weeks.

I think it is one of those things that will work only if your body is ready. I had accupuncture a lot to help me get pregnant and it is so relaxing.

More for you.
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