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Garrison Keeler

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Anyone else madly in love with him??

We went on a car trip of doom and I checked out about 6 "News from Lake Wobegon" tapes..

he is too funny..
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We love him-listen to Prairie Home Companion every Saturday night. Even the kids appreciate him!
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check out his kids book- Cat, You Better Come Home, it's one of our favorites!
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We took a wonderful video out of the library, "Johnny Appleseed," narrated by GK.

I think I'll put that on the "kids video" thread

- Amy
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He is wonderful - a brilliant storyteller. I heard that he does his long story in Prairie Home Companion each week (the Lake Wobegon story) without notes. Is that true? Has anyone seen the show live? If its true he is just more impressive. Yomorrow is the joke show!!! Yahooo!
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I've been to about 5 or 6 of his live Prairie Home Companion shows in St. Paul. it's really fun to see what goes on onstage, especially how Tom Keith does all those sound effects! I don't recall Garrison ever using notes during News from Lake Wobegon...amazing. Which brings me to my question. I'm a native Minnesotan so I identify with so much of what he says about Lutherans feeling guilty , Norwegian bachelor farmers, and the people he describes, so I just wonder what people in other parts of the country think of all this, or are they just scratching their heads? I think it's a tribute to Garrison's talent as a storyteller, that he can make anyone anywhere feel intimate with the characters he is creating and the stories he is telling, no matter where they come from.

The music is awesome too...Guys All Star Shoe Band rocks!
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I am from Oklahoma so the bit about the Norweigan bacholor farmers went over my ehad at first but I went to school with some Lutherans..

Besides, a lot of his descriptions really apply to a lot of small churches..
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I am excited to seek out and find G.K.'s kids book. He is such a gifted storyteller. I have been listening to his voice since I was much younger on my parent's stereo. And now I am sharing him with my children! I never get tired of the humor on his program. And aren't we all fortunate that there is now live streaming video! Not to mention the musicians! Did anyone hear the program not too long ago with guest Al Franken, hilarious!!!!!
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I am a biased Minnesotan in love with Garrison forever. His quiet voice. Ahhh.

I, too, wonder about his popularity among people who couldn't possibly "relate" like us Minnesotans - e.g., for a while N.Y.C. couldn't get enough of him. And of course his show travels all over the place.

Any favorite quotes? I like how he reminds us Minnesotans, when the weather is pristine, that it was "a day like today that the settlors came across the St. Croix and decided they'd found paradise and had to stay. Otherwise there would be no humans in Minnesota."
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I never get tired of humming/ singing along to the opening tune! And of course the closing. mtn.mama
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We LOVE PHC and listen to the show every week--dh sets the radio to record it if we are going to be out. We have seen the show live twice--once in NYC and once in Portland, Me---it was incredible and I dont remember him having notes for the news. My favorites 'bits' are the Cafe Beouf and the Ketchup Advisory Board commercials. Oh and the annual joke show

edited to fix my emoticon
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Oh yeah I wanted to add----Doesnt he kinda look like Oscar the Grouch??? They couldve been seperated at birth!
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My husband introduced me to Prairie Home Companion when we were dating.

We try not to miss a single weekly show. We usually listen to it on NPR on Sunday mornings. We start the day off right listening to Garrison. He cracks me up.

I loved the story about the man who sabataged the neighbors prize tomatos. It was too funny. And the sound effects too much. My husband tells me I need to get the ketchup out if I'm in a bad mood. That cracks me up. The ketchup advisory board.

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I recently found two childrens' books of his (the cat one and another one) at bookcloseouts.com - great prices! They haven't arrived yet, but I'm glad to read such positive comments.
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I, too, am a lover of the Powder Milk Biscuit and Ketchup Advisory Board "ads." I usually catch the replay on Sundays.

I'm not a big fan of his singing, but I love the story telling. I think my all-time favorite was his remarks on deer hunting, and how it really was a really humane thing, since the deer is felled so suddenly, with its mind full of thoughts of potential sex with lady deer, and the smell of deer urine, and all that! I worked briefly in a tiny town in North Central WI, and edited books for a company owned by a 65+-yr-old Norwegian bachelor. The town has a holiday lutefisk dinner...and most of the non-townies who worked there often quipped from A Prairie Home Companion.

And, as nice as it all sounds in the stories, I only lasted 6 mos in that particular small-town culture! :
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another fan of radio culture

Count me in. My sweetie and I have been listening to PHC for, well, ever since we moved in together way back in, uh, 1984. In our TVless household, the radio is a primary source of entertainment and we've enjoyed introducing friends and family to PHC over the years...admittedly a bunch of the Minnesota/Lutheran stuff went over my Latino/So Cal head but the years have tuned me into the culture (plus my sweetie was raised Lutheran) and now I laugh along with everyone.

I LOVE the music --and his wide-ranging guests...plus the occasional English Majors of America and, of course, Bertha's Kitty Boutique.

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How could I forget about the English Majors? I was an English major!
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Don't forget the Duct Tape ads!:LOL mtn.mama
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and Guy Noir...
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Guy Noir is just too funny.

I had heard last year that Garrison was retireing. I really hope not. He is the only show of it's kind now.
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