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My baby is here also!!!

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Hi all, been a while since i've been able to get online! LOL baby keeps thing busy busy busy!
I'll write the full birth story when i know i will have lots of time time! But here's a run down !
I was induced on 8/25 IV patocin was started at 9:00 when i was 2 cm and 80%
at 1:00 i was checked and 4 cm 85% after the dr's ok i got my epidural... yeah i know no natrual stuff for me i'm a big baby...
3:00 my nurse checked me to update the dr i was 5 cm and 100% still comfy and very itchy.
5:30 my dr checked me and i was 7 cm 100% and baby was at a 0 station... so my mom went to the lobby to call here husband and tell him how things were... my sister had just left for work at 5:00, and dh's partents were in rote to the hosital and about 30 min away (1 hour drive).... as soon as my left i started breathing heavy and dh called in a nurse... i told her i was just checked and was only 7 cm but she checked me again and i was 10 and the baby was at a +2 she had the dr paged and had me breathing through my pushing wants... after they got things set i pushed about 5 times (2 contractions) and out came allie!!! Allison cathleen 9lbs 1 oz. 21 1/4 inches long at 5:54 everyone missed it but me and dh! LOL she's a great baby andhardly cries, sleeps well, and with mommy, is cloth diaper part time (increasing slowly to full time)!!! I'll update later!
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Congratulations on your little baby Allie! I look forward to reading your whole birth story. 9 lbs. 1 oz! WOW! You must be very proud!

Take care and enjoy your baby moon!

Peace & love,
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