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Sunshine at www.flutterbybaby.com......great customer service, speedy delivery and she is a sweetheart to work with!
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I definitely recommend Sunshine at FlutterbyBaby! She's got a fantastic turn around time (I haven't seen anyone yet with them in stock, as such) of something less than a week under normal circumstances. She's been absolutely fabulous to work with, and is working hard to make sure I get my order before our little one is here (due in 10 days!). The other contractors I'd looked at had significantly longer (though not unsual, I'd guess) output times or weren't up and running yet.
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Another vote for Sunshine at FlutterbyBaby
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i say sunshine also - she just did a custom embroidered vb for my cousin and had it done in 2 days
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I ordered 2 VB AIO's from Sunshine at FlutterbyBaby. One was a large (for my DS) the other was a small (for a friend).

Sunshine emailed me right away about my orders and gave me an estimated turn around time. I emailed her and asked if it would be too much trouble to send the other AIO directly to my friend. She didn't even charge me shipping for it! She then emailed me a few days later and said it had taken longer than she thought and that for my troubles (of which I had none) she invented my own code to use to get 10% off my next order.

I got my diaper just a couple days ago and it has become my new, favorite AIO! My friend (who I ordered the other AIO for) has just ordered 4 more from her as she loved hers also!

I plan on using my special code very soon. Sunshine is a sweetheart and I won't hesitate to buy from her again!
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I have ordered from Sunshine a couple of times and am 100% happy with my VB AIOs and her CS. Very good response to my emails and questions, updates on my orders, and wonderful workmomship. I'll definately order from her again.
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I ordered a custom Very Baby AIO with embroidary from Sunshine at Flutterbybaby. She was very nice to work with and e-mailed me back within a matter of hours when I had additions to make and had questions.

The diaper arrived within the time frame she told me and is perfectly made. I will be ordering more very soon
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sunshine is a great hard workig wahm. she is wonderful to work w/
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Awesome Awesome Awesome! I ordered from Sunshine and was totally pleased with the 2 VB AIO's I recieved. Unfortunately 1 developed a hole...a tear or something in the PUL. Even though it was clearly NOT her fault she offered to send me another one! Now THAT'S customer service!!!!!!
I will most definately order from Sunshine again! What a GREAT WAHM!
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I just got 6 more VB AIO's from Sunshine. and of course they are wonderful! 5 of mine were a custom order, and one I ordered from her instock. She must have shipped the instock one the same day because it got here lightening fast!

I have always been 100% with Sunshines customer service as well as her products.
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Another for Sunshine! Great communication and customer service! Her embroidery is wonderful, too! I will be ordering through her again!
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I ordered a custom embroidered Very Baby AIO from Sunshine and she was great to work with. She communicated with me every step of the way and I received the dipe really quickly. Her craftsmomship is impeccable and our VB is now my favorite dipe. I am going to have to get more soon.
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Another happy customer!

I love my VB AIO's from Sunshine! They are sewn perfectly and they work so well! I upgraded to the hemp/fleece doubler and it really does the trick for my super soaker!

She is such a dear and they came right when she said they would...great CS!

Amy (mama to a sweet DD)
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I love, love, love my custom embroidered VB AIO from Flutterby Baby! Awesome work! I also ordered Little Silkies - very cute and Baby Bits. My mailbox smelled awesome!
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for Sunshine! I just recieved my order of 13 VB basic AIO's w/ extra hemp boosters! It was like Christmas opening all the little bags of diapers! Emma looks super in her diapers as well! It was nice not to have to wait months to get them! Very fast turn around!
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We recieved our first VB AIO from Sunshine just recently. It is very well made and super trim. I have a feeling we will be buying many more of these because Daddy really likes them. Sunshine's customer service is wonderful. She is a super WAHM.
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Sunshine is wonderful. I have bought many items from her:

Cuddlebuns: The sewing is impeccable and the fabrics are so cute. The only hard part was trying to decide which of her adorable fabrics to pick.
Poochies: Again, sewing is perfect. This cover was really good for us when we were still using prefolds.
Very Baby: I was lucky enough to recieve a tester from Sunshine and let me tell you, this diaper is as trim as a sposie. We use it anytime we put DD in sometime fancy and we want to minimize bulk. It is also extremely absorbant. I purchased a few of these as fiary gifts as well and Sunshine was sweet enough to send the mamas some of her cool freebies to make is a realy gift!

Sunshine's customer service is beyond compare- she keeps in contact with you from the time you order until she ships it. And the shipping is fast. You will be happy with anything you purchase from Flutterby Baby!
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I just received 6 Very Baby AIO's from Sunshine at Flutterby Baby. They are absolutely beautiful and very well made. Sunshine kept in good contact with me, even though our transaction occurred during the busy Christmas holidays.

I would definitely recommend Sunshine at Flutterby Baby & I will definitely purchase from her again!
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My VB from Sunshine is awesome. I have not ordered more b/c I am not a fan of birdseye weave for the inside of a diaper...but is beautifully made and fits well. With the booster doubler it outlasts other trim AIOs that I have, and it looks real cute on too.
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Awesome Mama to work with!! Her workMOMship is outstanding too!
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