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I have 15 very baby pockets from Flutterbybaby. The craftsman is perfect and I love every one of them.
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Every one of our VB's from Sunshine are perfect. Her embroidery is amazing!! She is wonderful to work with and we have ordered from her many times.
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Sunshine is the nicest, sweetest, most thoughtful mamma I know. I love her sungwrpas, I just wish i found them sooner.
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I want to add another great review for sunshine. Excellent customer communication and speedy turn-around. My first order was shipped to me in record time. She even made my second order during Christmas/New Years holiday season - not many WAHM's would do that (which I understand). I honestly expected to wait a long time for the order that I placed just before New Years, and I really didn't have to!

Wonderfully friendly, excellent sewing (I ordered VB AIO's from her ) and an all around good experience. Highly recommended!
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Awesome mama to work with!! Excellent communication and custom service on top of top quality embroidery and sewing.
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