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It is September now...

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Thougth I would start a new thread. I am having enough trouble keeping up with out thinking it is stil August!
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Baby Boy Dodo arrived late this morning after an unexpectedly gruelling labour and delivery. Dh and I are still trying to process whether the birth sucked because it had to or because of mismanagement. For much of the time, I was convinced that my baby was going to be born still because I was apparently too reticent to embrace the pain. I was threatened with hospital transfer, water breaking, exams I didn't want, the list goes on. I think I pushed for hours and hours and hours. My bottom is turned inside out.

As luck would have it, baby boy is in perfect health. He is very alert and ultra-interested in nursing. He also weighs (what for me, if not for others -- juju? -- on this thread, is a whopping) nine pounds twelve ounces. That was a shocker.

Needless to say, dh and I were out of the birthing centre as soon as legally possible. I'm now home alone with my new babe, learning how to do things one-handed, all over again.
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Congratulations! I'm so sorry it didn't go like you wanted though

Still, a beautiful baby boy! Yeah!

Please send labor vibes this way. I'm having good strong contractions, but only every 10 minutes or so. Today is dh's birthday, he doesn't really want to share, but I want this baby now! As of tomorrow I am four weeks past by LMP (though not nearly as late by my midwife's adjusted due date.)

Am I it? I know there were a couple more waiting at Birth and Beyond, but I think that otherwise this board is done!

Congratulations to all the new mommies!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 ?!?!!
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HA! I knew starting a new thread with out Dodo would bring her out of the woodwork! Good job mama. The big babies can hurt.
I am so happy for you and your family on your son! Rest up!! Tea bags, witch hazel and sleep helped my nether regions!
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Rochelle, I think that I will steal better labour vibes (LizaBear's?) to send your way. My downer of a story probably wasn't what you needed to hear. I hope that all of us graduate to Life with a Babe soon.
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YEah! Congratulations Dodo! That is a wopping baby.

I am going off to check out life with a babe...I have never been there. I'm scared of change...
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Congratulations Dodo! Sorry it wasn't a good experience though
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As a second-time mom, I feel borderline negligent.

I didn't care what the baby wore home. I didn't think to swaddle him until last night (he likes it). I have made him wait to nurse while I eat. I haven't had the energy to bathe him, not even a sponge bath. His cries don't disturb me. Instead I think, look at the little guy, he's turning red, he's so cute.

Both dh and I are having trouble with diapering boy parts. Any tips? And we can't snappi for s**t. What are we doing wrong? My plan was to switch from loose prefolds and bummis covers to snappied diapers in aristocrats. We're pretty far from this goal. I would be washing wool three times daily.

Also -- and this is very different from last time -- dh and I refuse to let the house go. With him back at work and school on Monday, we need the house running as smoothly as possible so that I will be able to feed and care for myself, ds and dd with as few obstacles as possible. We're doing a modified flybaby approach (keeping hot spots cleared, keeping up with the dishes and laundry, spot cleaning the bathroom after showers, etc.).

So far I have found a loaf, a lasagna and some cookies on my doorstep. Our friends and neighbours have been very thoughtful!

I forgot to say that dd is in love with her brother. The girl who ignored my pregnancy for six months is running around proclaiming that she is a sister, can she take her brother out for a walk?

And, after six bloody months, I'm sciatica-free. Hallelujah! My body feels awesome, even after that terrible labour (shudder).

Rochelle, I have my fingers crossed for you.
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Oh dodo, I feel the same way sort of, but opposite. With my first baby I had all these twisited ideas of not spoiling the baby and getting him on a schedule and all this crap. I have since learned a much more fun way to be a mom and I regret missing out on thenewborn snuggle time with the first...SO I am eating this up.

I am being negligent in other things. Like I don't care if he spits up all over himself. I'll change his diaper when I get to it. Oh, did his diaper leak and he is a bit wet? That's ok, he's not crying. I'll get to it. Clothes? Do newborns need clothes? That's ok, he has my body heat and a onesie. I too didn't think to swaddle him until he was 2 days old. He likes it too.woops.

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Dodo - Congrats - my largest was Brannon as 7 8oz. Any bigger and I would split in half. And FYI - Maillie has had 3 (4 may be stretching it) baths since she was born. I think the first sponge bath and she was at least 5 days old. Your not negligent just more calm and know what you are doing.

Onesies Christine - if Maillie gets anything dirty she spends the rest of the day in diaper and blanket. I forgot all about onesies!

Lots of labour vibes Rochelle.
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Originally Posted by christeenybeany
I am going off to check out life with a babe...I have never been there. I'm scared of change...
i made us a landing pad over there: August '04 Mamas

baby crying, gotta go!

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I did it!

Sara Aneliese arrived this morning at 4:45 am weighing about 8 lb 8oz-just like her older brother and sister did!

Labor was 12 hours of stop and go, with some amazingly yucky parts (sorry, I'm not one of those that finds natural childbirth orgasmic...) but with some nice breaks in between and a beautiful end result!

Only my mom and dh were in attendance, and I think we all acquitted ourselves well, though we may need to cut the cord again, it is still really long.

I labored in the jacuzzi, but couldn't get serious enough, and spent the last hour or so by the bed on my knees. When she was born (does even a short pushing phase feel like forever to anyone else?) she wasn't actually caught-but slid out onto the pillow I was kneeling on.

I will try to write a longer birth story later.

Right now I am trying to remember all of that fuzzy post partum stuff like, how often can I take that ibuprofen (they weren't lying about 3rd timers afterpains...)? and do I need to burp her if she's still just getting colostrum? and how long do they need to wear those little hats? etc. Guess I should trot over to life with a babe too

Dodo, thanks for the vibes, and, I hadn't even dreamed of giving Sara a bath! She still has blood in her hair...I'm still working on the concept of maybe giving me a bath. Though I have the "luxury" (curse?) of having my mom, dad, sis, mil and fil here...And there's not a chance in the world I could organize around them anyway. Sounds to me like you are doing a great job!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, Sara 9/04/04!
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Woohoo, Rochelle!

That's a beautiful name, Sara Aneliese.

I don't find it orgasmic either. The one part I like is when the baby's body finally slips out. I tried to enjoy that!

Is that the last of us? Should we permanently decamp? This could be the end of an era.
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congrats dodo and rochelle!!!!!!!! i am happy to hear your babies arrived. rest and take care
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Been checking in on you, Dodo....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! See, I knew that baby couldn't keep you preggers forever...
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yay, a baby dodobird!!! congrats! and also congrats to rochelle - i don't find birth especially orgasmic either, it's downright painful! but at least it's pain w/ a purpose unlike any other pain you endure in life!

i've been reading and trying to keep up with everyone, just still not able to post much - my two smaller ones keep me busy!
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Took DS3 in for staple removal and he is 34 pounds- would have sworn 40- and ds4 is 10 pounds and a few ounces dressed. good growing boys!
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