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Do you Tat?

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I just took up tatting around beg of summer. I love it! Trouble is, I don't know anyone else who does it. I would love to talk to other tatters to learn your "tricks and tips" and find out if there are some easier ways of doing things, better brands etc...
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Hi, again RasJane! I am a wanna-be tatter (some day I'll learn), but since I can barely give time to the smocking project I've been working on since June, well . . . eventually. Anyhow, enjoy!! Not so many people do that. From what I could see of heirloom crafts, more do it in UT and in the South. So only my MIL (from Australia) knew how to tat and gave me her kit.

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Okay, I thought you were asking a question about tattoing

How did you learn? My MIL remembers her mother and GM all doing tatting. She would love to have people to Tat with our take a class. How did you go about it, school, family or other?

Keep up the great work. I don't do much tatting as my MIL does all my button repairs
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Hi Bekka! good luck on that smocking. Amazing, I will pick up a tatting shuttle, but smocking freaks me out. Tell me more about that project!
TripkeHughes--I actually saw a tatting display at my old college's historic costume display. I was fascinated. About 2 years later, I was at a store dedicated to fiber arts like knitting, crochet, needlepoint, etc and they had tatting shuttles and books. I was surprised because I thought no one did it anymore. I bought a shuttle, a book and thread. I spent the next 2 months teaching myself because I could find no one who even knew what I was talking about. So here I am now, tatting. Who knew?!
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I'm so surprised to here anyone else even KNOWS about tatting! I've been tatting for over 10 yrs. and I LOVE it. It's the most relaxing thing.

Several years ago my uncle hand carved 8 shuttles for me (one out of ebony) and they're the most precious gifts I've ever received. It feels amazing to tat with them.

My favorite stuttles are the metal and wood ones I've found at antique stores. It feels wonderful to tatt with them and try to imagine the previous owner.

My favorite thread is DMC mercerized tatting thread. Some of the others I've found break while your pulling the circle shut.

Nothing is prettier than tatted snow flake ornamants on the christmas tree. I startch them, the roll them in glitter.

Well, I could go on and on - great to meet a fellow tater!
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wah wah

I first got interested in tatting when I was about ten...I kept trying to teach myself but I have dyslexia and the directions made me all screwey.....

I have a shuttle and everything but it is beyond me....

Ms Mom I am totally jealous of you and your snowflakes!!! That sounds wonderful and will make a really neat heirloom as well!!!
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Do you shuttle tat or needle tat? I actually bought a shuttle (very cheaply) at WalMart, but then I had no idea what to do next. MIL gave me her tatting kit, and it is "needle tatting." I bought a bunch of DMC #10 cotton for crocheting squares for altar cloth, but after that I don't crochet with that tiny size any more! The smallest I'll go is tablecloth weight. Talk about cramped hands . . .

Re: smocking, RasJane--they taught a smocking class at Enrichment, and I was hooked. It's actually not hard, and it's just embroidery across the pleats. I'm very slow at handcrafts--I'm only just realizing this, but I really love to do them. I haven't done much embroidery though. But it's counting like cross-stitch, and I did cross-stitch in jr. high a lot. Anyhow, it's really late and I gotta go.
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I shuttle tat. I looked at some needle tatting and it just doesn't get as tight at shuttle tatting. Plus there is something nostalgic about using a shuttle. I also have a cheap metal shuttle from JoAnn's (our fabric store). I like it okay, but I don't know anything different! I have used several kinds of threads. I even wrapped regular RedHart yarn around a spool because ds wanted to tat too. So we basically finger tatted a ring for him. He was so precious!
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I have been tatting for 6 years. I also teach tatting classes at the local Micheal's craft store. If you have one nearby, you should check it out. I shuttle tat, and I have collected about 50 shuttles so far. My favorite "working" shuttle is the old metal Susan Bates model with a removeable bobbin. My favorite thread is any tatting thread (size 80) but for my students I recommend Cordelia which is available at Micheal's (about a size 30).

What you should look for in a thread is smoothness. If it is Mercerized, it means it was treated chemically to remove the "fuzziness" of the thread so that it will slide better. Also, when you wind the thread on the bobbin or shuttle, run it thru your pinched fingertips. You should be able to feel the "nap", which means it will move more smoothly one way than the other. Wind it so the smoothness runs away from you, that will help also.

Take Care!

Mimi Lu
SAHM to Iris (9 mo.)
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