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no... she is an american. i think she just thought somehow i looked..i dunno...different (thats a world ppl here use to indicate bad.)
although alot of ppl ask where i am from and they dont mean the states they mean what eastern block or western european country i am from. so maybe that was it. but i dont have an accent. it was really strange, and kinda weirded me out for a few minutes.
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OT-Alliwenk, I love your sig.

I would like to see sign's on people that warned, "I'm mean".
Covers alot of bases and usually applies to judgemental, close-minded folks.

Dh says I need a sign that says, "I'm kidding".

I think I need a sign that says, " I am way smart." (Flash previous sign).
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Guess so...

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"Yes I'm looking at your boobs"

"Nice minivan sweetheart, try the accelerator pedal"

"crunchy wife, crunchy cereal, crunchy peanut butter"

and the best for last - for all future born sons...
"bigger, longer, and uncut"
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i am LMAO at these posts..and i really needed to, geez it's gotten so big these days!! my kids are thinking aliens switched their mama!!

here is the hummer one to beat all...this is what my hubby says about hummer drivers and so here is their sign:

i have a really really small penis
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Originally Posted by ian'smommaya
a woman irl actually said that too me. she asked me while i was doing laundry if i new of any apterments arounf (this is a college neighborhood and places fill up fast) then looked at me and said oh nevermind our politics are different. i could not believe that. i wsa doing laundry i do not write liberal/anarchist on my undies i swear i dont. how does she know what i think. arghhhh, so ita racheePoo.
maybe you do have a sign over your head and just don't know it!! okay here's why that is meant as a joke! when i was much much younger and went to church with my family, i always imagined that i had sort of like a cartoon bubble over my head that would show what i was thinking. i was so nervous and i would try to think only good thoughts, it made me crazy. i would start to drift off on some thought and catch myself so no one would see it in my bubble. okay, it's not like i was a whack job or anything...i didn't REALLY believe it was there...i just thought..."hey, it could happen, SOMEONE might be able to see it, maybe not everyone...but surely SOMEONE!!" okay, i'm done...i think this is why this whole sign over the head thing makes me LMAO and make my children very scared...mommy never laughs like that!!!
okay, now i'm really done
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"I have no respect for your child's personhood and will maul them if you let me get near."
Amen sister. I hate this!!!!!

I would like to see:

"I will talk about you behind your back and make fun of your clothes/hair/whatever."

"I am an emotional vampire and will suck you dry if you befriend me."
(sadly, this one annoys me but also probably fits me.)
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..."hey, it could happen, SOMEONE might be able to see it, maybe not everyone...but surely SOMEONE!!"
Maybe it was God you were afraid of. That's who I was afraid of in church when I was little.
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Originally Posted by mamapenelope
Just thought of another one,

"I will refer to everyone in your former profession as FIREMEN even though I am fully aware that you were of that profession. Your male partner will always be more of a FIREMAN than you could ever hope to be. I am committed to my chauvinism, Thank You Very Much."

oh, and, "When I see you driving a huge truck full of chainsaws and logs, I will undoubtedly ask if your husband is going to help you unload them." HE DIDN'T HAVE TO HELP ME SAW THEM, OR TO HAUL THE 9-FOOT PIECES TO THE TRUCK , WHY WOULD HE HAVE TO HELP ME THROW THEM *OFF* THE DAMNED THING???@!?!?!?!?!"
sorry for so many posts, i'm just having so much fun.
i am the tool person in the family and i hate when people ask "can i borrow scotty's hammer, etc." so here is a sign for over my head:
"these are my damn tools, not my husbands...go get your own"
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Originally Posted by CollegeMama
Maybe it was God you were afraid of. That's who I was afraid of in church when I was little.
i would have to agree with that, being raised catholic makes one quite guilty about everything...my husband likes to blame a lot of my weird nuances on having been raised that way. i'm glad i'm not putting my kids through that!
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How about "I already know you are a Christian/Republican so I won't bother wasting my time getting to know you, as you could not possibly be someone I'm remotely interested in talking to"?
Rachel! You're a Republican Christian?!? Well, that does it, I just can't talk to you anymore!

Kidding! 2 It's funny to me (not funny ha, ha - funny weird) how people who are supposed to be all about "not judging" and "open mindedness" can get all hung up and do that to people. Sorry if you've experienced that, especially here.
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okay here is a sign for me:
"no, i do not shave, stop staring at my legs! would you like me to lift up my arm so you can have something REALLY juicy to talk about later with your friends!"

this is for the times when i feel judged by other so-called crunchy mamas:
"yes, i shop at wal-mart because i am trying to feed 5 people on one income!!"

this is for when i can't pay attention anymore:
"i was trying to listen, but i forgot"

this is for my almost 7 yo boy:
"i will ask for food all day long without stopping because i am so hungry i am about to die, but when you put a meal on the table i am certainly no longer hungry."
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i went to visit my gramma in a small town yesterday and the sign over my head said
yes i am from "the cities" yet i am visiting my gramma and driving her around to everywhere, therefore not all city dwellers worship SATAN.

over my son's head not yesterday but most day's
i yell all the time. because i live part time with my dad who teaches me to.
but yesterday his sign was
yes i am being good for my great gramma. see how good i am being. see. see. i am being polite, calm, sweet. see. see. etc. etc.
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