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So Sick of Stuff!!

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I really don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I am so sick of people giving us stuff, mainly clothing!! I swear if I see another pink outfit, I am going to scream!!! Everything is pink and frilly; I want something normal looking, lol!! I have nothing against it but enough is enough.

I haven't even had my baby showers yet but the stuff people have given us could fill several large rubbermaid totes : . People we hardly know, like DH's grocery customers, people the IL's work with and long distant relatives are giving us gifts, usually pink frilly outfits : .

I would love to bring some of it back, but most is from stores not around here. I'm not driving 3 hours away to bring stuff back and the rest I have no clue where it's from as the tags are ripped off.

I thought I made it clear we didn't want or need anything and now we have all this stuff we have no room for and most probably won't even get worn. I feel I can't even buy the things I would want as what we've been given is wasted.

So much for simplifying, lol!!

Whew, I needed to get that out!
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It's inevitable to receive things you may not need or like but it is more the thought that counts. If you don't need it or like it perhaps you can donate it to your local women's shelter or food bank etc. There are mothers out there that have nothing for their dear babies.
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nak.. thats where it will end up anyway; it bothers me no one respects our wishes.
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I know the feeling in general, non baby related. I try to give myself permission to just be myself. Just because someone else WOULD like it, doesn't mean I have to.
I try to see it as a present or a feeling, instead of a specific object. And I get rid of what I don't like or can't keep(ebay for you?).

One caveat, my friend said no girly stuff for her baby girl. But after about 4 people called her daugher a "he" her hormones flipped out and the pink stuff was very appealing! She admitted it was crazy and irrational, but hearing someone call her perfect baby the wrong sex made her mommy hormones weird her out and buy lots of barrettes and pink things. It might have been her daughter communicating with her, because that girl is very opinionated and LOVES her pink and frilly.
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I've spent the last two years with people calling DS a girl no matter what he wears :LOL.

I try to see it as people celebrating our joy, it just gets annoying in presentation after a while. A card would be fine and express the same.

We seriously have no room for it; we live in a very small house and everyone knows this. We're drowning in stuff. I gave more than 20 bags of stuff to charity before DD was born and it looks like we'll be able to do that again. The sad part is hardly any of it is stuff we've bought!
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