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John Taylor Gatto

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I mentioned John Taylor Gatto in a recent post reply, but I wanted to make a new thread. I checked out the name of his website, and it is www.JohnTaylorGatto.com. At the website he has a new book, the Underground History of Education, or something like that, anyway, if you click on the name of the book on the left side margin, it will take you to the book, and they are posting all the chapters of the book on the site - I forget how many out of 18 chapters they have posted so far, but I have printed out up to chapter 6 or so and have been reading it all summer here and there. This man's research and philosophy of education are phenomenal. When I get wishy-washy about homeschooling I read his books (the first one I read was an excellent short one called Dumbing Us Down), and I get all fired up, like a homeschooling zealot. :> I know Border's also carries a couple of his books. Anyway, just wanted to mention him because I feel he has so much good to say on what's wrong with the institution of education, and why, and the best way that kids really learn. As I said in my previous post, he was the Teacher of the Year in NY State, and in NY City, until he got out of the educational system and started lecturing on how harmful it is.

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I love his stuff!!!!!
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Yes, his new book is FABULOUS! Very heavy though, I've been reading it for a while now, and think I could read it for years before really getting all of it.

I give "Dumbing Us Down" to everyone I know considering homeschooling...great book.
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