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Tarot deck advice please

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I'm looking for a tarot deck for my almost 11 year old dd. Is there a deck especially for kiddos or should I just shoot for a simple regular deck? Help lol. Thanks in advance!

Please move to a more appropriate forum if necessary... I didnt mean to put this here. Sorry!
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Oh, I am SO watching this thread! My 8 yr old really wants to learn tarot. I would love to find a kid-oriented deck for her. If the cards are smaller than average, that would be a real advantage, since her small hands have trouble shuffling a regular deck of playing cards.
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The Whimsical Tarot is great for kids, I got my younger neice a copy. There's also a halloween tarot deck, but it's a bit spooky for younger kids.

You can find the Whimsical Tarot (card examples - the fool = wizard of oz's scarecrow) at amazon.com .. it's about $13 for the deck, and around $22 for the deck and accompanying book. It's awesome
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Many decks comes in multiple sizes, especially the Rider Waite deck. I ended up giving my dd one of my decks, the Mythic Tarot.
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Just wondering about the note that this thread was moved. Where was it originally?

As far as a deck for kids, I think it is still important that your dd be involved in picking her own deck, as would an adult. She should have one that speaks to her.
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I really like the Spirit of Flowers Tarot

The cards are really sweet but not so sweet as to lose meaning. For example, the devil card is a little fairy boy with a scowl on his face of a kid having a tantrum.
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The Robin Wood deck is beautiful and the meanings are more obvious, to me at least, just from looking at the cards. She put as much effort into detailing the minor arcana as she did the major, which is fairly unusual in Tarot decks.

I also like my Daughters of the Moon round deck, but that might be a little much for an 11 year old. I wonder if any of the b&w color them in yourself decks can still be had?
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Thanks everyone! I knew I would get some really great responses here. I originally though I had put it in the wrong forum, but it was where I meant to put it. (Didnt realize that until after my editing note though lol)

We are still looking around, and she will make the ultimate decision. I will let you know what she picks when she does. A color it yourself deck would be terrific if anyone does know where to find that.
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I have the Voyager Tarot deck.. beautiful photo collages. I also have the Faeries Oracle... Its by Brian Froud.. the same artist that did the faerie book. Beautiful illustrations... unbelievable actually! The time and effort that went into constructing this deck... I really love it. It isnt really like a classic tarot deck, but the concept is very similar. I hadnt opened it in quite awhile, but I actually prefer it to my other decks.
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This site has public domain images of the Rider-Waite deck that you could print and color.
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I use the Hanson-Roberts deck and I find that it's really friendly. The images are beautiful and positive. I think the Whimsical Tarot is done by the same person(?) not sure though...
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The MotherPeace deck is beautiful too.
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What would be a good beginner deck for an adult? I am drooling over some of the gorgeous decks out there, but then the fear factor of not knowing what to do with it yet sets in. Do I have to, or should I, give up 'beauty' for 'simplicity' as a beginner at tarot?
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Fullofgrace -

I would go with what speaks to you. Check out the different decks at a store or online at Tarot.com or www.aeclectic.net/tarot and just see what catches your eye. IMO there is no "right" or "wrong" deck... it's a very personal thing.

ETA: If your looking for a book on tarot I highly recommend A Magical Course in Tarot.
It's a great intro because it helps you learn how to read intuitively and really get to know the cards before diving into the "definitions."
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the inner child deck is beautiful, it would be great for a kid. it is very colorful, i'd love to get it for myself. you don't actually need to shuffle the deck per se, there are many individual ways of mixing the cards. my own personal thoughts about just beginning to learn, what worked for me was getting that plain rider-waite deck. it helped me learn basic meanings and then when i was comfortable with that i moved onto another deck. but of course, the best is to go to a store where you can touch them and look at them.
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I just discovered the Goddess Guidance Oracle cards.
Gave them as a gift, now I want my own!

Not traditional, but straightforward and Easy to use.
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I think choosing a tarot deck is a highly personal choice. I suggest taking your ds to a shop and letting him choose a deck that speaks to him. Also, workbooks are very helpful too. I bought a workbook in which you color and write your own thoughts about each of the cards. The book has many other exercises. It really helped me to understand the cards.

Look here. Less than a dollar for a used copy.

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I second the Whimsical Deck

for learning the daeck, i can recommend a place that has free online coarse that really is neat.
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Originally Posted by Meiri
I also like my Daughters of the Moon round deck, but that might be a little much for an 11 year old.
Is that what I have? I have a little round deck that I like a lot.
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I used to have a Hanson-Roberts deck which I *loved*. I recently found my Mythic Tarot deck, which was the first I ever owned. Wow, just looking at the pictures brought back a lot of memories!

I saw a really pretty deck once which I thought would be great for a child, but I can't remember what it was called at all...
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