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EZ-2 Nurse breastfeeding pillows and help

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I am a LC and just opened my own home-based business and quit my corporate job of 12 years to stay home with my 6 children. I have been nursing for the last 15 years of my life and just weaned my 3 year old b/g twins!
I have been there and experinced most of what you all are feeling and would love to help any way I can. Please feel free to email me for breastfeeding advice, questions, etc. or just for an ear to listen and sound off ideas!
I also wanted to let everyone know I have the EZ-2 nurse breastfeeding pillows for sale. These are a must have for all moms of multiples. I even had a friend use hers for her triplets! They have several different designs now to choose from and a handy side pocket to hold your phone, bottle of water, remote, burp cloth, etc. Please keep me in mind if you are interested. I could not have done it without this pillow! They are $56 + shipping. I accept check or PayPal payment.
Thanks and I hope to hear from all of you soon!
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I am very encouraged to hear that you have nursed your twins that long . My boys are now almost 8 months and I do agree that I could not have done it without the pilow. Did you use it until they were that old or you did them seperatly when they were older. My boys for some reason do not fall asleep on the breast at night so I have jsut figured out why htey make wheels on cribs. I had them both in the crib and pushed I guess rocked until they fell asleep. I would like to know how you nursed the twins that long if you got comments. I nursed my daughter 21 months and I am hopoing to nurse my boys long to. I am also about to write my IBLCE exam to become an LC next year.I am a chiropractor from profession and I am taking a couple years off to become an LC and be with my kids.

Anyway I love to chat to other twin moms who nurse It seems like such a rarity.
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Glad to hear you are hanging in there with the nursing. It is so tough with multiples in general and nursing for me was a big struggle for the first few months. I just stuck with it and made sure we nursed every 2 hours. Sadly the rest of my family was put on the back burner most of the time but there was not other way to do it all.
I nursed with the pillow for most of the first year and then my twins were so big I couldn't use it any longer (they were 7lbs 14oz and 7lbs 15oz at birth) SOme rare moments though I was able to nurse seperately. I am glad though that I did it at the same time or I would not have gotten anything else done in my life! I pretty much always nursed them together though and di so because the other woul dget so upset if it saw the other nursing.
I used to lay on the floor or bed and have one on each side of me. After having 4 kids before them I had no trouble having my breasts hang over the side enough for the twins to reach. I also used to sit in the recliner and have one twin sit on each side of my lap. SOmetimes they would start fighting and I would have to move them different ways but it always worked out.
It was tough weaning though and took several months to accomplish but I really am glad we are done. I loved the relationship I had nursing each one of my children but 15 years is enough for me. Now I am ready to devote the time to helping other women successfully nurse their own children. It is so rewarding to me.
I have not completed my Iblce certification yet due to raising my family and money and time. I plan on doing that in the next 3 years when I can afford it better financially and have more time to devote to studying. I went through a course and received regular certification 7 years ago though and have been doing most of my work volutarily the last 7 years until the last month and a half. I feel I will be so much better prepared after putting this much time into helping mothers then I woul dhave been if I had taken the exam earlier.
Will you completely leave chiropractic medicine? I loved my chiropracter during my pregnancy! I think chiropractic care is very important!
Keep in touch please and good luck with your exam!
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That is amazing that you nursed your twins that long. My girls are 5 months now and I see us going a long time, but we'll just have to see how long that is. I weaned dd 1 when I was about 3 months pregnant with the girls, but she was well over 2 so it worked out well.

I never did get the hang of nursing with the pillow? I had another version called nurse EZ that I bought at a breastfeeding store in town. To me it looked the same as the EZ 2 nurse, but who knows. My girls were good sizes too, 6 1/2 and 7-10, but they just didn't feel right on the pillow. I had better luck just using bed pillows on my side if I tandem nursed. I also didn't use a pillow to bf my first dd so maybe that's why the pillow thing doesn't work for me. It would have been nice if it had, it was a big waste of money. Do you think the pillow only works out for certain body types of women? I just really don't understand it.
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It is so great to hear from other nursing moms of twins! keep up the good work. I won't lie it was tough the first few months but then it became so much easier. Finally at 3 years of age it has gotten so much easier!

It is so important to actually get the E-Z-2 Nurse pillow. Seriously I tried several and they were terrible! I doubt if getting it at this point would be worth the money, especially if you have figured out another way that works for you.

I too was still nursing my 4th child when I was pregnant with the twins. The midwife didn't believe me when I kept telling her I knew there was more then one in there and finally at 19 weeks they did an ultrasound and there they were! I weaned Bryce shrtly afterwards due to my nipples being soooooooooo tender and myself being so sick!

As far as the pillow working for certain body types? i doubt a very large mother could use it but have not run into that yet? Most women I know that use it are a small or medium frame.

Have you tried to sell your other pillow on Ebay? That is where i got rid of mine.
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See-I knew I should have gotten the other one-oh well. If I have twins again I will-LOL!!! At 5 months we pretty much have it down pat! I am pretty medium built now so I didn't understand why it sucked! The babies just sort of weren't right on it. It was almost to foamy? I don't know.

In my pregnancy, I wasn't even seeing a midwife. I was planning a UC, but I knew by 4 months that something was up and saw a midwife and at 23 weeks she found a second heartbeat right away. We used her for our homebirth and it all worked out.

I tried to sell my pillow on E-bay once, but it didn't sell. I'll put it back on soon. Take care!
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