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*waddles into the room* hihi, i'm new here

qotw: no new stretch marks, the old ones just look like white tiger stripes. i'm really pale, my linea negra is just barely visible and all the way up and down. my husband and i are always talking about the evolutionary purpose of things, my theory is that the linea negra is an arrow says "the baby comes out down here!" my line runs to the left a bit, still through the belly button though.

i'm so happy i found a crunchy forum, i love the birth stories folder. i've been in an artistic upswing this week, painting a lot - i guess i'd call them "labor paintings," like the word "open" amidst a lot of spirals and such. and coloring mandalas like crazy!

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Originally Posted by mellybean
...my husband and i are always talking about the evolutionary purpose of things, my theory is that the linea negra is an arrow says "the baby comes out down here!"
Was it here on this board that someone suggested that the linea negra is a visual cue for the baby leading from the birth canal up to the breasts for feeding? Makes sense to me...

Mommadance: I love the name, and although it 'sounds' familiar, I'm pretty sure I've not heard it before. Reed is a great choice too.

We're not naming our daughter until we see her - we have a list of names we'll likely choose from, but want to get a sense of her before we label her forever - is that weird? (That and we want certain*#$%@ people to keep their opinions to themselves with our choices!)

Court and Gottaknit - I hear at the Portland Saturday Market that there is a woman who makes the best slings. Unfortunately she was out last weekend - her stand is supposed to be on the east side of the Skidmore Fountain near Front Street. I'm planning on dragging my preggo behind there again this weekend to check it out and will keep you posted.
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mellybean. Always nice to have another momma join the weekly thread. I had also read somewhere that the linea negra is a kind of path for the baby to crawl up to find the breast. I also heard somewhere that that is alos why your nipples get so much bigger and darker. Makes for an easy target for hungry little mouths .

MTBto5 - Wow! Less than 2 weeks away. I bet you'll be the first here to have their babe in their arms. I'm also curious why you're being induced so soon. But if you don't want to discuss that here no problem.

BeansMomma - What is it with people and their inhibitions about giving their unsolicited name criticisms :. We had so much trouble with certain family members when we named our son Alias. It still continues to irk me that some of them won't even call him by his name (they prefer to call him "Ali" ). They just don't get how disrespectful they're being.

Today is Alias' first day at his new daycare all alone. He is having such a great time there that I could barely get a hug and a kiss good bye from him this morning as I walked out the door (2 years old and already dosen't want his mom cramping his style). So here I am, all alone in a quiet apartment. I've got 2 hours before I've got to leave to pick him up and I'm not sure what to do with myself. The fridge and microwave desperatly need to cleaned. But it would also be sooooo nice to just lie down on the couch and read a book for a little bit, maybe watch a movie. Just how responsible am I feeling this morning? Where's that overwhelmng nesting urge when I need it?
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Uh-oh Susan. Just what I need: another sling to long for! I've already got three on my registry! (KKAFP, Hotsling, and the Moby.... and I'd like an Ergo eventually, too.)

BTW, Happy Anniversary to you and Sheryl!

Someone mentioned dreams about ex's... me too! Nothing wild, just like we're hanging out and talking like old times. Very odd. I also have been having dreams about DH abandoning me in dangerous/scary situations. That's so bad! He'd never do that! Guess I have a little birth anxiety going on.

Glad to hear the home is still there, Amy. Sounds like Frances wasn't quite as awful as it could have been.

I slept through the night last night! The first time in over a week. I had been getting up every night at 3am for a snack and then staying awake until 6 or 7. : Guess there's something to be said for working myself into a frenzy cleaning house and then collapsing exhausted at the end of the day.

Inlaws start arriving tonight! Whatever hasn't been done by now just isn't going to get done, I guess. At least DH "cleaned" the bathroom last night. How is it that a man can spend two hours huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning, scrubbing a bathroom, and there's still black gunk around the faucet and between the tiles in the shower?! OK that was mean. He's trying... but, arrggghhh...
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Mirthful-I hear ya about sending your baby off to school-I had BOTH of mine in school yesterday for the first time and had 2 whole hrs to myself!! WooHoo I vote you should hang out and relax-you won't be able to get much of that done in just a few short weeks! I spent my time grocery shopping and it's soooo much easier without kids begging for things and trying to wonder off...

Went to the local LLL mtg last night to meet some moms-it was a small group with mostly expectant moms which is fine but was hoping for some playgroup contacts. Will have to work on that I guess. There's another mtg on Turs in another close town so may try that one too-guess I'm a LLL hopper

7 more weeks....sounds so close yet so far. It's so weird to think of this baby finally being in my arms. This pregnancy has been filled with so many more feelings-worry from the spotting, intuition about this babe being quieter and more introverted and especially wonder about how my DD will handle this since she's such a mama's girl. With the move a lot of these ideas got put on hold but now that things are settling down I have more time to ponder...probably not all good for a hormonal pregnant mama.

Anyway, changing the subject-anyone else using a naturopath for their family dr with the new babe? I found one I like and will use her but she has very distinct ideas about vacccines that I'm certainly open to but need more info on before I decide. I admit I blindly vaccinated my other 2 but won't do that this time-will space them out at the very least but thinking seriously about them this time. Just curious about what others are doing.
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34 weeks, 2 days

I feel like something changed last night. I took DD out for a walk to run errands, and I had to walk so slowly the old ladies with their walkers were passing me. I felt a huge amount of pressure between my legs, and very strong movements from baby. I wonder if he's become engaged. Actually, I realized I'm not sure how to tell...I think I remember that "bowling ball between the thighs" feeling from DD. I'm not there yet, but oh the pressure!

Amy: I am SO relieved for you that your house is okay. How wonderful!!

Beansmama: happy anniversary! DH and I celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary on the 20th. it's also his birthday this sunday. I fear both events will get lost in all the stuff going on! and thanks for the movie recommendations. that linked one sounds right up my alley. we're also dying to see Supersize Me. Now that there's a babysitter around (Mum) we have a remote chance, but I am guessing it will wait until it's out on DVD.

I also have fuzzy peach belly, with a few black hairs that pop up right around my belly button. Normally I'm a deep inny, but it's flat now, and my linea nigra starts there. I get dark all around the belly button, then a line downwards. I'm not really dark-skinned, but not that pale either. Nipples are very dark, that theory about the reason for the linea nigra and the dark nipples makes alot of sense.

amelia and Katie: i bet you learn to love your small spaces. i can never live in a house again - i get hives just thinking about cleaning it, having to go up and down stairs, etc., lol. I just love one-floor living. I especially love that doing laundry doesn't require me to be out of eyesight from the kid(s). And I agree it does seem to make us feel like we're all together, though we have a couple rooms to retreat to if someone wants privacy (not likely to happen with kids around though, lol).

Letia: wow, you and your MW are really not going to have a whole lot of time together, are you? hope you get a nice warm comfy feeling from her. i had to LOL at your comment about hitting baby on the podium while you sing. i've knocked a few things over with my belly lately, lol.

momadance: yes, I've had some ex-boyfriend dreams. but this particular ex always seems to show up when i'm anxious about something. things ended rather badly between us and he seems to have become my dream symbol for anxiety. i guess my brain expresses it's fears by constructing stories in which he usually plays a major role. dream psychology is fascinating to me, though i really wish this guy would get out of my head. i feel guilty, like i'm betraying my dh. it's not that i do anything in the dreams, it's just the feelings. i have come to accept that the feelings are just dream manifestations of real life stress, and not some secret lingering love or whatever. i'm honestly over the dude, so it pisses me off that he's still in my brain!!

MTB: you may end up being the first to birth here, did they get your EDD wrong cuz if i read you right they are inducing 3 weeks early, did I miss something?

mirthfulmum: i have to admit i'm a bit envious of Alias' daycare experience. EMily really isn't ready for that sortof thing yet, but i admit it would be great to have some time with the baby if i knew she was having fun. i've become a pretty lame playmate for her lately. i can't sit on the floor, and i'm either busy unpacking/tidying or i'm resting!

Ann: i found a nice family doctor (thanks to mirthful!) and will be discussing delayed vaxing with her. I did most of dd's vaxes, but the 2 month one really was hard on her (and me! i think it took me longer to recover than her!) and i think delaying it would be more humane. in the US they want to do hep B in the hospital which we declined. they don't do it here in canada. and i think they do one less vax here as well (I think it's the prevnar they have in the US that they dont' here). emily also hasn't had her mmr yet. still waffling on that one.

Welcome mellybean!

Okay, DH is out with DD and I'm supposed to be working on my paper, so I'd better get to it lest he come home and find me surfing, lol.

have a great day everyone!
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Well! OK! I called my mw, whom gives me as much time as I need. We had an hour just this past Monday b/c she realizes we have to make up for lost time. She has prenatals on Saturdays so dhs can come. But, the next one was on the day of my pedicure and shower. I was able to get my ped the pm before. Can't miss that starts to look right bad chippin and all! I got my birth kit ordered and about to pay her now and she's in my county seeing the same MW, so she'll drop it Saturday for me to pick up the next. I did my phone list and directions to my apt....dh *must* clean up that dungeon of his for the mws to sleep! We have a home visit the 25th. I have that long to get this place into shape! We worked on the bedroom Friday. I think Friday might be my cleaning day. I have church tonight and nursery and LL and infant cpr and home safety tomorrow. I don't want to wear myself out. Kinda like I did at cycling today. :nana:

: I have a forest on my belly which I think has gotten thicker in pregnancy. Which is why *noone* will be seeing it! The pics will have my belly under clothing, which my photograhper and I agree will be obvious anyway.

Told MIL about our plans Monday pm. She was shocked and asked questions. She's concerned about safety of us and the baby and we told her of the mws preparedness and the vicinity of EMS and the hospital and that I have been fine this pg. Shec can't believe the same girl who told her that her son was ready for babies and I wasn't b/c of the pain is doing a hb! :LOL She also got a cigarette on that note, which has been something she's been working on stopping and said she was coming back in for a glass of wine. She was respectful of our decision which I appreciated. I am already : with one parent so I really didn't want her mess. I was afraid to tell her alone so I waited for dh to be there and I figured it might be the last time before my shower in a couple weeks. Where if folks ask I will tell them (and hope they aren't judgemental ) . I didn't want mil and mama to find out that day...that probably wouldn't have been nice...:. : :LOL

Gotta tell my mama but I told her best friend. I need some cooling off time from mama first. I just wasn't up to it this weekend.

Well, I guess I better jet! I gotta pay for my birth kit and check the weather b/c we've got reamnants of Frances which has spawned tornadoes and torrential rains and decide it its smart to make the trek down to church. (and check on dh's status because I want a..... : hot dog).

eta: : Meli!!!! brain
waddling into the room huh? :LOL
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Good luck telling your mom, Letia! Sounds like it didn't go too badly with the MIL. Don't they talk to each other, though? You wouldn't want your mom to find out through someone else... Sending you good vibes. 2
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one dreaming about "ole flames" (hee hee I love to be corny)

Welcome to mellybean! I have a friend (I mentioned this here a few months ago) who's a LLL leader and she's watched a video where a newborn is just placed on mama's belly, and squirms his way up her linea nigra to her huge dark nipples and latches on! Completely unassisted! I'd love to see it myself. SOunds amazing.

Thanks for the positive input on Jezmund.

Lucysmama: You pronounce it as spelled. It's actually from Chalkdust Torture "come stumble my mirth beaten worker, I'm Jezmund the family bezerker"
Oh, did you happen to catch It on pbs? THey did a great job on it!

Gottanit! I love the crap icon!

I got my mothering mag. today, and American Baby. Apparently the woman who used to live here subscribed to it. It's so gross. You know the advocacy clothing Mothering advertises? Well american baby had an advertisement for an infant onesie that says "Lactose Tollerant" and comes shipped in a glass bottle :Puke On the fast food tip, I've been meaning to read Fast Food Nation. Thanks for the reminders! I almost have all my beads ready to ship out !
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:LOL naw Nancy they really don't! Mama doesn't have the stomach for the drama. I told her tho in case she ran to call her, which she has done a few times to vent about me, that she didn't know. Well...gotta get these PP receipts sent to dh for my birth kit and get my stank butt from cycle class in the tub for church.

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<-----Pile stress here.

You guys aren't going to believe this....dh got laid off today. Could anything else go wrong? I don't think so.
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Oh Katie! 2 I don't know what to tell you...life is sure throwing a ringer at you, it's not fair. Hope your DH finds something better soon, this things can sometimes be a blessing in disguise (although a tough pill to swallow with everything else that has been happening).

I'm glad that someone brought up the ex dreams again, cuz I had a comment and then forgot it....seems to be a pretty normal pregnancy dream to have, I even read about it in a book but can't remember which one (and it was this pregnancy even :LOL). The books theory about it was because you are embarking on a new life and leaving the old one behind. Piglet, I think that you are on to something...I have the same problem of a certain first love who treated me like crap popping up in my dreams, but I never thought to see if there was a connection as to what was going on in my life at these times Please tell me though that I won't dream about him forever...it's been almost 10 years now since I have even seen him
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Katie - You've got to be kidding me. What is it with the universe and its insistance on picking on your family! Although, as Amie mentioned this may turn out to be a good thing. I have to wonder what kind of employer would lay off a person who is about to have another baby in a few weeks. That seems really low. Feel free to vent, rant and de-stress here as much as you need. We are here for you 2.
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Katie Sending you lots of positive vibes and destressing thoughts!
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This is the new thread for the gift exchange-please read if you want to particiapte and to confirm that you are signed up if you already indicated an interest.


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oh gosh Katie, I'm so sorry. I can't believe you just cannot get a break Thinking of you still...

re: old flames. ... I haven't dreamed of old boyfriends, but two nights ago I did have a dream where I ran into about 7 or 8 of my old friends from college ... it was so cool to catch up with them, I was actually dissapointed when I woke up and realized it was just a dream *lol*

I'm so tired today, totally having a hard time not being a crappy mom. Having weekly doctor visits now, which is just a PITB, but really no biggie. Fortunately DS is pretty tolorant of the whole process.

Got my GBS swab today, hoping it all comes back clear. Also gave my doc her copy of my birth plan, and went over it with her. It was pretty quick b/c we've talked about all of the topics at some point or another over the past 9 months, so there were no surprises on either end. I just really love my doc, she's so laid back, but really straightforward, if that makes any sense. I just feel like I really understand where she's coming from, and I don't feel like she'll pull any surprises once the actual event is here (which is what I feared from my old doc ... she talked a pretty picture, but I felt like it was just that ... all talk...) Anyway, I'm just grateful and appreciative of my doctor and the relationship we've developed.

babble, babble, babble.

anyone else thinking they might have a full moon baby? looking like the 28th ... it honestly wouldn't surprise me, although I'm trying not to obsess too much b/c then I'll be even more antsy afterwards if the baby doesn't make his grand entrance. Just wondering if anyone else had been having that thought
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I'm hoping that we don't have a full moon baby as I've heard the hospitals are just jammed with labouring moms. I'd rather go in on a more quiet night.
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I'm thinking I may have a full moon baby, or thereabouts...though that is 2 full weeks before my EDD, so maybe that is a little soon. But I keep thinking I will go early, so who knows? I just don't wanna get my hopes up for an early baby, and end up carrying till 42 weeks. Yuck, that would suck.

I am seeing my MW tomorrow. I am hoping we can talk to her about her fee. I have heard she will come down a bit if you truly need her to. And right now....we truly need it. We owe her almost $1500, and we are going to be in such a bind now that dh is out of work.

Thanks for the hugs and well wishes! I am just so stressed because there is so much I still need to get for the baby, not to mention the fall clothes and shoes that Lucy needs, bigger diapers for the baby, etc. Sorry for venting, I just can't believe this happened now. Dh's bookshop is not doing well financially, so they had to lay someone off. Dh and I speculate that it was him because they were about to give him the 2 weeks off when the baby is born, so it made it more simple to just give him the axe. Still, a really crappy thing to do to a guy with a toddler and a baby coming in a few weeks.

I just got back from an informational meeting on a Mother's Club. Yikes! That is one group I will NOT be joining! They just chatted about elective cesareans, what TV shows their kids watch all day, how much they hated their thighs, formula-feeding their kids cause it is easier, etc. They even hit me up for a donation for formula and diapers for poor pregnant moms. I couldn't wait to waddle outta there, especially after spending the afternoon hanging with a few MDC mamas.

Christine - good luck on your GBS test!
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I'm sorry Katie that things are just really not going well for you now. YES! you *know* more can go wrong having m/ced many times, so there's still something to be thankful for that your baby is still in there and thriving. I pray that the Lord gives your dh an even *better* job!
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Good lord katie - how more stress can you take?!?! I'm impressed you've kept yourself well and the baby inside this long! You are one strong woman, there's no doubt! I'm thinking of you and sending employment vibes your way.

I'd love to have a full moon baby - in fact I'd love to have a baby any time after monday

Today I went for a walk with DD and was pathetic. I couldn't walk so much as hobble and I swear I was barely moving forward with each step.

The reason I went out walking was a desperate attempt to get DD to GO TO SLEEP!!! She's driving me insane with her refusal to nap during the day - she's a wreak and as a result so am I. Today the poor kid thrashed around my bed for 45 minutes crying and screaming. I was there the WHOLE time, sometimes I tried calming her but at the end I just picked up a book and ignored her. Eventually she just hopped off the bed and went to the living room where I heard her start playing with her Fisher Price Little People!!! WTF?!?!?! I thought for sure she'd pass out but oh no, not my little energizer bunny!!! Anyway, as you can tell this sleeping thing is really getting to me becasue I NEED the break and when she doesn't give it to me and is whiney and grumpy for the rest of the day because of lack of sleep I become a very un-fun Mommy. I hate myself on those days. Grrr... ok, I'm done complaining (for now)
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