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Oh Katie, this is just not fair!! I know your town is not very big, so here's hoping that your DH can find some work nearby, and soon!

Jillerina, I'm so with you on the snail's pace waddling. I was really a pathetic sight today, wheeling DD in her stroller at such a slow pace. It is very frustrating for me b/c I am normally a fast walker. And also b/c this new neighbourhood has everything you could possibly need within a four block radius and it still took me almost two hours to do my errands this morning!

And you had to bring up DD and sleep huh?

This has been a hellish week for us. DD has two molars coming in, and it's causing her to wake at least 3 times a night to nurse back to sleep. Very tough to bear when I'm already suffering from major insomnia, add to that I'm so uncomfortable and it's like rearranging a room the amount of pillows that need maneouvering every time I switch positions. My sciatic nerves ache on both sides...ugh! And to top it off, DD is having a hard time nursing to sleep these days. I'm sure some of it is a messed up nap schedule, that at least seems to be back on track, but she's taking like an hour to nurse down (usually takes her about 10 minutes) and my breasts are in so much pain! A few nights ago I tried to get her to go to sleep without nursing. It happened spontaneously a couple of times, but only when she was up waaay late. Well, it was a disaster. She bawled and begged for milkies in this pitiful voice. I ended up bawling myself b/c I felt so horrible denying her something that I feel is almost sacred, but then having her nurse was like having needles driven into my breasts. DH tried to help, but it was obvious she was not ready for that step, and we were pushing her too fast. Now my solution is to make her stay up a bit later than usual, so that she's really really tired when we go to bed. Then she can nurse down faster. But it cuts out my evening time. This is the first evening in ages I've had time to myself.

Okay, that's my vent for today. I'm just so exhausted, you know? I remember being PG with Emily and hearing everybody complaining and I was just so loving it all and not in a rush. Now I feel guilty to say that I'm so done with this pregnant thing. I feel disabled and I can't wait to be able to walk again!!
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Piglet- So sorry Emily is having sleeping and night nursing problems! That must be soooo hard to finally get comfy and fall asleep and have someone want to suck on your breasts in a painful way! Major props to you for sticking with nursing!!!! I am kinda envious of you nursing mamas, you guys are going to have some extra help come engorgement time!

And I am with you, Piglet....I am starting to feel like I want the baby to be born soon-ish. (But please not until I get unpacked and my birth tub and kit come!) I still have 4-5 weeks till my EDD. How am I gonna lug myself around for another month??? I am waddling and my pubic bone is so sore, I don't wanna do anything but sit or lie. Rolling outta bed is such a huge, painful task. I went swimming the other day and it felt so great to be weightless and floating. But when I got out, I was like, "Oh yeah, I weigh 500 pounds. I forgot, this sucks." What a whale I am!!!
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Katie- that last line made me laugh, I feel like that all the time. I'm with the others in saying you've had way more than your fair share of stress! I'm still trying to send you some good vibes and hoping your dh finds something soon. 2

Piglet- Molars suck so much, I remember when Logan got his last two and it was a nightmare- and took him forever to fall asleep. Here's hoping Emily's come in quick! Sorry you're having to deal with all this night time stuff. My nipples have started hurting A LOT lately for some reason, and Logan is asking to nurse more...so I know how you feel. On another note, your neighborhood sounds wonderful!

And Jillerina- napping vibes to you too! It can be so stressful when the little ones don't sleep when they're supposed too. We need that time too to recharge and be a good mommy.

I'm starting to get really anxious about having this baby. I just can't wait. I'm really looking forward to this birth. I can't stay away from these boards. I even dreamed that one of you had your baby and was posting about it.

Letia- good luck telling your mom about the hb! Can't wait to hear that story!
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33 weeks 1 day

Ugh everyone, you are not going to believe this. There is another hurricane coming. Hurricane Ivan, that just wiped out 90% of the homes in Granada and has since gotten even stronger....category 5....winds sustained at 160 with gusts to 195...so we'll be running again in a day or two. Can you believe this???? They are already evacuating visitors from the Keys. Soooooo....I'm really not sure I can participate in the beads and gifts swaps, since I can't give anyone an address to mail stuff to since I don't know if the address will be there and I don't have time at the moment to get beads and stuff out to everyone.

I have to call my midwife soon and probably cancel my make-up appt on Monday, though I doubt she'll be hanging around either, it's due to reach the Keys as early as Monday and here Monday night. Wonder when I'll ever have another appt??? Thank goodness I haven't had problems lately. Well that's a bit of a lie...I had tons of contractions this weekend I just didn't tell anyone!!! But I keep checking my cervix and I don't notice any change so I'm not really concerned. Had some major swelling in the humidity in Key West, it was really funny...I had Hobbit feet!!! :LOL

Katie, I know we have it bad right now but man you have it so much worse.... to you, I'm sure this will all work out for the best in the end SOMEHOW...

Can't reply to everyone, gotta go look for a place to stay!!!
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Amy - you are in our thoughts! And I'm sorry hon, but you have it worse! I can't imagine having to run from a storm with a toddler and almost 9 months pregnant! You are a tough mama. Good luck to you and keep up updated whenever you can. How is Mickade handling all of this?
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34 weeks

Oh Amy, not again! Just think of the stories that you will tell your baby when he/she is older?! I can't remember if you have settled on any names but maybe you should consider Storm or Tempest Take care...and I don't worry about the exchanges....I will still send you a bead, it's no big deal!

I am sending 2 to all you with toddler sleep issues (day or night)! Sleep is such a precious commodity these days!

I am with those of you anxious to have the baby, I am not so much feeling uncomfortable (during the day anyway) as just feeling like there is no possible room for growth in there! And I want to enjoy food again, eating is such a chore right now. I'd like to just fast forward the calendar a couple weeks, hehe. I guess it's normal to feel anxious at this point but I don't remember feeling this way last time, maybe it's just one of those things you block out.

Oh I just thought of something funny...I must look a lot bigger because yesterday my niece Icelyn(3) kept exclaiming "look at her belly" to everyone...and I see her often so it's not like she hadn't been around me, but this was the first time she was so involved with my belly. She was telling people "that's my baby sister in there" :LOL.
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Wow, some of you have some major problems.

Katie, I am so sorry about your dh's job. You are amazing to put up with as much as you do. I know it sounds cliche, but maybe it is all for the best. I was super stressed and upset when dh lost his job last spring, but he really likes his current job, adminstation, students, everything so much better and we are tons closer to my family. So, I pray that your dh finds an even better job really soon. It will all work out. Hugs.

Piglet, sorry about the lack of sleep. I can feel your pain on nursing. It is really, really, really hard for me as well. I know I feel terrble and like the worse mama in the world for not wanting to nurse my own child. I hope those molars come in soon and Emily goes back to sleeping all night.

Amy, Yikes... all these hurricanes. I don't know that I could handle that. Good luck and stay safe. I hope that hurricane ends up not coming or veering off course or losing strength or something by Monday for you.

Jillerina, I am sorry about the lack of naps. I go crazy if dd doesn't get her nap in. I must confess I am not against doing things to "make" her nap like going for a ride in the car of putting her in the stroller and strolling her back and forth in a darkened room in the house.

Well, I decided I like my smaller home after all. We moved in on Sun, and everything is already all put away and organized, pictures hung, etc. It is so much easier with so much less stuff (we sold, got rid of and stored tons of stuff in TN). I think I like having less stuff and less space.
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Oh Amy! Take care mama !!!!! I'll be thinking of you lots And I'll leave you in the gift swap if you want and you can just take care of it whenever you can-no hurry! Just let me know what you feel comfortable with!

Amelia-you're already unpacked??!! You rock! -I'm so jealous! But I know what you mean about less stuff, we got rid of a bunch of stuff before we moved, more after we moved and STILL need to get rid of so much. Of course, about 10 boxes are just kids clothes in various sizes and "fat" clothes and "normal" clothes for me. After this babe comes I can get rid of a lot of those boxes I think. But the toys-OMG-we have to purge big time!!!
Now you've inspired me so maybe that's how I'll spend my free time today when the kids are at school

Take care
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I just have to say...Wow, Wow, Wow, Wow!! I have heard that Kristen from Hotslings has great customer service and now I have to put in a plug for her ( I think that's OK, right?). Anyway, I purchased one of slings, not directly from her but through a Canadian retailer and I think I mucked up on the sizing so I emailed her and she has been so much more than helpful!! She even offered to send me one off her site and I could keep them both until the baby is born and then send whichever doesn't work back!! : I know this belongs on Babywearing, not here, but I just had to tell all my friends! And did I mention that it I heard back from her in a matter of hours, not days?!!
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you mean your purty pouch doesn't fit.

funny you should mention...I just posted to babywearing!

Got Infant CPR and home safety tonight. One of the must do's I said before baby comes. Went to LLL today. The next meeting.....October 14!!!! : It was kinda like well wishes because I'm due next month and when I looked at the calendar a few minutes ago when I was telling dh about the meeting its sooooooooo true! But, since baby's don't understand due dates, I'll go and then they can help me with that hotsling! I was looking at the pictures but you gotta physically show me!
Got a today! I feel like a new woman! Its been a while since I've gotten one!

I pray that you weather the next storm, Amy.
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That is so cool Amie! It always makes me feel like I've made the right choice buying a particular product when I hear about how honest and helpful a manufacturer/retailer is. Can I thank you again for telling me about the site we both ordered our Hotsling from ?

Amy - I was thinking about you this morning as I was listening to the news and heard about Hurricane Ivan and wondering if you were going to be affected. I'm sorry to hear that you are once again in the path of the storm. That totally sucks! 2.

I've been lucky for the past few days when it comes to sleep (although I may be jinxing myself right now as I write this). Alias has been napping well and going to bed at a reasonable time. I really hope it lasts for awhile. I've been desperately in need of every minute of extra sleep I can get.

Right now my main source of anxiety is my very cluttered home. I have junk piled everywhere and feel like I will never make my way thru it all before the baby comes. In my head I have this picture of a clean, well organized home with a place for everything and everything in its place . Which is of course a complete delusion with a 2 year old running around with his own sense of "organization". Like many of you moving mommas, I think what we need is a good purge!
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Hey mamas,
So sorry Lucysmama 2 for you and your family! I'm sure your mw will be more than understanding, with all you've gone through!

Only got up once last night! I feel like a energizer bunny today. GOt tons of yardwork done.(tons of fallen limbs due to Francis after math)

True Blue!!!! Your totally road tripping across Fla. running from a storm?! Holy Crap! And contrx! Geesh! 2 You have had it ruff this preg.! Lots!!!!! of love heading your way!

Yeah for the hotslings! I ordered one too!

I got my birth kit last week, some lily padz, and today some cloth mama pads! It's so exciting to waddle out to the mail box!
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Just saw my mw for 2 hours! She spends so much time with her clients, it's awesome! Bad news is my iron is at an all-time low, and I am severely anemic. No wonder I am so tapped-out and tired. She is putting me on a heavy-duty regimen of iron-raising products to get it back to a decent level, though we have our doubts of me being able to pull out of anemia totally in the next few weeks. Good news is the baby is in a pretty good position, hb is in the 150s still, and baby's weight is estimated at around 6-6.5 lbs right now. My BP was up a bit, but I am super stressed, so that is probably why. My mw also said not to worry about paying her right now, just whenever our family can is fine with her. Next week is my home visit already!!! WOW!

I am jealous of the hotsling-getting mamas! I wanna see some pictures of some of your sweet snuggly babies in them! I have heard such great things about them. My mom is going to buy me a new sling, I think a KKAFP.
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I hear ya Mommadance...I am awaiting a couple packages so each day I am eager to get to the mailbox too I got some MOE nursing pads today and am waiting for thier matress pad. I was checking out those lily pads and they seem interesting, you will have to let us know if you like them.

So did I mention how indescisive I am while pregnant :LOL The good thing about ordering the wrong size is now I have a second chance to pick my pattern...and now that I've had time to think about it more I am going to copy Courtney and order the China pattern that I was drawn to in the first place...hopefully it's still available, it's still listed on the site. Mirthfulmum, :LOL...your welcome...if only the Visa commercials were true, hey?!

Letia, sounds like you've been a busy girl! I was at a meeting last night and the next was scheduled for Oct.13...blew my mind...also got me wondering if I will be attending or not :LOL I remember the feeling last time when my milk was due after Ember was....can't wait for that again

Katie- That's so awesome that your midwife is well, so awesome Argh, too bad about the iron...I just had mine checked too and will find out the results on Tuesdays appt. I hope you can bring up the level before delivery!
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34 weeks today!

I'm glad to hear Kristen from Hotslings is so good about helping getting the size right. I measured myself when I was still my normal size and ordered based on that. Right now I'm so huge, I really can't tell if it will fit or not. I really love that China pattern sling too. It just sits on my dressor and I stare at it a couple times a day.

Amy- I've been thinking about you too every time I watch the news...like today when they were talking about the mandatory evacuation of the keys. I don't even know what to say, except stay safe! Hopefully Ivan will change direction and loose speed.

We just got our new carseat that my mom bought for us, and that was really exciting for me. Logan tested it out in the house and he approves. Now I'm just waiting on my nursing bras and tops and ofcourse the beads. I just mailed out the last of mine today. I've had so much fun bead shopping.

I guess I don't really have much to say except I'm so antsy, I can't believe I have to wait 6 weeks!
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I talked to a good friend of mine today who just had her second little girl 2 weeks ago and I could hear over the phone the little newborn sounds the baby was making as she nursed... oh I want this baby to come so bad. These last few weeks are just torturously long! It sometimes feels like our babies will never come!

I'm going bead shopping tomorrow, so I should have everyone's beads in the mail this weekend. Can't wait to start getting those little envelopes in the mail and get started on my bracelet.

Katie - That's so great about your midwife. I imagine it's a real load off to know that she's going to work out a payment schedule you guys can handle. I am always struggling with my iron levels too. All it takes is a day or two of forgetting to take my Floradix and I just crash. Take care of yourself.
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Hey everybody!

Amy, I can't believe you are having to go through this right now. I hope this one passes without incident for you. You really will have stories to tell your child!!

Katie: I'm so glad your midwife is cool about the money. what a relief that must be for you! Hope you get that iron up (do you love spinach, lol...I do).

Well, Emily skipped her nap today, after a nice active day playing with mirthfulmum's wonderful son! We had a playdate today and it was super nice to chat IRL with another October mama! Anyways, DD went to bed at about 7:30 and nursed to sleep in no time. Yay! Of course, last night she woke more than ever, I think it was five times. Luckily she doesn't need to nurse long, but it seems she waits until I just get comfy, and then I have to reposition! The one molar that is already in took about a week and then she was sleeping through the night again. So I'm hoping these two will be out soon and I can get some more sleep!

I'm washing baby diapers as we speak! I finally picked out a table to use as my changing station and will be picking it up tomorrow. When that's in, I can start putting the diapers away, and I've already started tackling the clothes. I'm so excited. DH was sounding all tired saying "what should we do about the kids' room" (totally unpacked and stuff strewn everywhere right now) and I was like "Let me do it! Let me do it!" all excited, lol. He's like "sure, whatever turns you on!" relieved that he needn't concern himself with it.

Our furniture arrives on Saturday and I can't wait. I think by this time next week everything will be pretty much in its place, and I can relax and just focus on baby and resting. We had a lovely evening tonight and we are just a couple blocks away from the seawall. I said to DH how I can't wait to be un-pregnant so we can go for evening walks (mind you, by then it will be too cold, lol).
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Well, I guess that's one of thethings I'll be doing as I wait at the beginning of October...my first of three showers that I'm aware of....I'm starting to think that I'm the first of the girls at the gym who doesn't get a shower....(not like that, its more feeling left out..maybe they *haven't* forgiven me about not attending showers after excuse me, my baby dies and they are giving birth to healthy full term babies! I didn't want to go and cry and I thought they understood I didn't want to be a blubbering idiot at their celebration, one being *on* Jordan's birthday! ) ANYHOO! All the weekends are taken and the last Saturday of the month ends up being my mws coming for a home visit and a shower on Sunday, so....clearly the anxieties I have about the shower this weekend is invading my sleep! They have been very disorganized and I'm *so* the opposite and have no tolerance for anything less. I even decided not to invite my mama and mil, so they won't see how terribly unorganized they were. My best shower was the one that my moms former assistant principal threw for me and I have a feeling it will be the same this year. (although, its a teacher colleague this time) I grew up in an elementary school and they have surrounded me as I married and now throwing me a baby shower. The other one the next weekend will be missing half of my guests b/c one guest is getting married that weekend and taking several of my guests.
She didn't invite us to the wedding and we had no idea, granted I wouldn't have invited her to the shower, yet I was being polite since I invited everyone around her, although we weren't as close as the others. Soooooooooo...I just don't want to bother calling my hostesses asking who has rsvped. *sigh* I edited my registry after my doctors appointment and saying that I can use a regular digital thermometer under the arm and I didnt' need additional therms and a ear one, and I saw a couple things, some sun visors and a wipes warmer gone from my Target registry. I checked all my others and they haven't budged. (such a cheater! :LOL) I don't expect folks from this shower to buy from my find gift registry, especially considering that you can't go that am or the night before. I just wonder if I'll get the traditional packs of sposies and if I'll get the bottles I registered for (only a few for emergency bm), and will I get any binkies. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'll see! I'll just hand them right over to the Pregnancy Care Center admin assistant and I can stuff them in the big ol box one of my LLL fellow members gave me full of sposies :Puke (the smell) for the center! :LOL I don't mean to sound like an ingrate;but, if you're gonna spend your money, I'd appreciate something I can use. Or, maybe they'll do better with gift receipts this time around....*sigh* Well, I broke down and hadmy *sixth* tsp of Mylanta today...well, I guess its a new day 3 am....

Well, I guess I'll check my email and a couple more forums around here.
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Good morning!! It's a sneaky beautiful day here this morning! Got no sleep last night, my belly felt like it was full of lead and it wasn't comfortable anywhere, it was very strange. Then of course I almost drowned when DS peed the bed. :LOL I'm so glad DH said my package with waterproof training pants arrived, he's been wetting more and more lately!

We made reservations to take off today, but we might put it off til tomorrow. I wanted to leave early to avoid traffic and gasoline issues like many faced last storm. We'll see I guess. They still really have no idea where it is going to go after Cuba, it all depends on 2 high pressure systems and how strong each of them remains -- they determine when and where the storm will make its northern turn. I've learned a lot about weather lately!! Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. It's nice to know you guys care. If you're watching the news and want to keep track of its effect on me, my parents' house is in Broward County (near Ft Lauderdale) and mine is a little farther north, near Ft Pierce and south of Melbourne. Those are areas they mention a lot so that might help you keep track while I'm gone! Though my dad said the hotel we are going to has a pc room so that would be cool.

Seeing the midwife this afternoon so it will be nice to have a little check-in before I go, esp since now it's been 3 weeks since I've seen her.

I think when this is all over I'm just going to buy one of those cool slings and whatever else I want, I think I deserve it after all this LOL!!! I want a cool sling too!!! And mama pads!! I don't think I'll be getting a shower anymore til after the baby comes, too much turmoil to even send out invitations, and who knows when we'll have power at home...I read it could take days to weeks!!
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Amy, I'm so glad to see your spirits are up considering all the pressure you are under! I'll keep hoping your home and family stay safe.

I just have to share my evening last night, it was what every pregnant mama needs in the weeks before giving birth - Girls Movie Night. Three other mamas and I got together to watch a girly movie and eat popcorn and gab. It was so refreshing to get out and hang out with the girls. Invariably the topic turned to sex and we ended up staying out until 1am sharing funny (and some not so funny) stories. Anyway, I just feel like I need to pack in as many nights like this as I can during these last few weeks so I'll be all refreshed and ready to stay home with a nursing newborn for a few months (although I do remember how comparativly easy it was to bring a newborn out in the first few months).

Another thing to celebrate (sorta) is that DD slept through the night last night without joining DH and I in our bed! Unfortunatly this was a result of another napless day so I'm torn about wishing for it to happen again!

Pregnancy wise I have nothing new going on - still plodding along so to speak I'm shopping for cloth nursing pads at the moment (I only used disposable ones with DD) but I'm having trouble finding any that will be discreet enough under my clothes. My boobs are small (even when nursing) so the flat discs show really obviously under my clothes. I need contoured breast pads - do they exist in cloth?????

OK, must go... keep up the good work mamas - we are getting so close.
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