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Jillerina, you can get the contoured breadstapads from www.Bravadodesigns.com I have some to use when I have to go out and be less obvious and the plain flat ones for every day use. I'm sure there are others out there too but these I know for sure. I think Lansinoh may have a line of non-disposible ones now at Wal-mrt too but not sure if they are contoured or not.
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Thanks Ann - I was trying to figure out if they were "contoured" and was having trouble getting the information (should have gone to the source I guess!). I'll pick some up at the Bummis store this weekend...good, one more thing checked off my ongoing list!
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Letia - Sorry to hear about the insomnia. Isn't it crazy ho your mind will just race with the most stressful thoughts in the middle of the night. No matter how I try to calm down and think of something more pleasant those anxiety filled thoughts just creep back in.

Now, as I am beginning to really take in just how close this baby is to arriving I am beginning to feel anxious about everything! Do I have all that I need for Harrison? Is Alias going to be okay without us when Dh and I are at the hospital? Will Alias adjust well to having a baby brother? How can I figure out how to nurse the baby and still have room to snuggle Alias? Do I have enough food in the freezer? Am I ever going to get the bedroom clean? How did I end up being the mommy?
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Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
Now, as I am beginning to really take in just how close this baby is to arriving I am beginning to feel anxious about everything! Do I have all that I need for Harrison? Is Alias going to be okay without us when Dh and I are at the hospital? Will Alias adjust well to having a baby brother? How can I figure out how to nurse the baby and still have room to snuggle Alias? Do I have enough food in the freezer? Am I ever going to get the bedroom clean? How did I end up being the mommy?
and folks ask me if I'm excited and I'm like I'm anxious!

better get back to the retro garden auction!

eta: \o/ got it! I already have the cover....http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=4323332628
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Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
How did I end up being the mommy?
Exactly! I wonder this all the time lately.
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Hello all- things have been so hectic!! I took off a week for vaca and since I've gotten back to work, it's been so busy. And we have been filling up our social calendar because we are trying to get everything done before the baby gets here. Like that will happen, at least it is worth a try . It has been nice this past week or so. The weather here has been cooler so it has been much easier to sleep. I have also been journaling like crazy. It also seems to help me sleep better. Whenever I am pregnant, my worrying mind seems to work overtime and gets bogged down with all sorts of crazy thoughts, never mind all of the emotions that come along with all of that thinking. Besides, I don't want to wear my DH out with all my hormonal ranting and raving. He has been such an angel.
I went to a LLL meeting the other night and saw another mother due around the same time I am. She looks great, while I look like I am trying to hide the worlds largest watermelon!!! I try not to look in the mirror from the chest down when dressing because when I do it's like I love my naked prego body, with all my lovely butt and breast stretch marks, but as soon as I put clothes on I feel like I look like a circus tent.
I just want to sent out some good 2 positive vibes to all those in need this week, with all the moves, job changes, in laws and crazy stuff going on never mind being pregnant. You mamas have been a great help for me and I only hope that somehow I can do the same for you!!!
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Regarding nursing pads, I found this

and I knew a mom who used these and she said they worked well and didn't cause any problems like plugged ducts or mastitis.

I think I will try these out, at least for when I go out. I have never had good success with nursing pads. They always slipped off my nipple and looked ridiculous on me. I could never find anything which was unobtrusive.
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Those are interesting...I'm not sure I'd like some plastic stuck to my boob-wouldn't they be hot and sweaty? I'd still be afraid of plugged ducts though since milk is supposed to be able to be released as needed so if something was blocking it I'd think it could still cause a blockage. Just my 2 cents-sorry to knock it. BUT-obviously they work for some people or they wouldn't be in biz! Certainly can't hurt to try them-maybe they'll be just what you need.
I know some of the wahms amke breastpads but just not sure who right now. I also know there are quite a few wool ones out there that are well liked but more expensive-I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to invest in a pr or not. I wonder if you could crochet/knit some???
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This may be a dumb question, but when I had dd I pumped exclusively....I never had to use breastpads at all, cause I never leaked. Do you think that is something that goes along with pumping, or do you think I may not leak when I breastfeed this baby? Does everyone leak?

And I have another question....this may be REALLY too personal/gross, so you may wanna skip the rest of the post if you gross out easily. My um...bowel patterns are SO different in the last week. I am now like a 3x per day gal, and they are rather loose. I'm not sick or anything. Do you think this is an indicator that the baby is on its way soon?? Maybe due to extra hormones? I meant to ask my midwife, but I forgot.
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Katie, I remember loose stools mentioned in cb class....its one of the ways the body clears the way for the baby....are you in the window yet tho? I thought you were maybe just days away from 37.

Was that colostrum on my shirt....speaking of nursin pads or just my usual messy self....I think this right boob is a live one...I *have* leaked before from that one quite a bit..

eta: uhhhhhhhhhh....if the flat nursing pads are....obvious?
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Katie - Well I've heard that when the baby's getting close the body does a "cleaning out". But I think that this happens a day or 2 before labour, but I may be wrong. I've been having similar bathroom expereinces (to put it delicately) for a week or two now. I think we're getting close... but not that close.

And as for nursing vs. pumping leaking... I'd say yeah you're going to leak if you're nursing. I don't think that pumping stimulates milk production as strongly as breast feeding. My guess is that you'll be pretty surprised by just how much milk your body produces when your new little baby arrives. I personally leaked constantly for the first few months (I'm a bit of an overproducer though). But I didn't know any nusing moms who didn't need to wear nursing pads.
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Hello ladies! I've been feeling anxious all of the sudden too, like it's starting to feel kind of real. Last night, since he was showing interest, I was showing Logan some pictures online of babies being born- they were all homebirth situations and they showed everything. His reaction was, "ooh mama that's gross!" So I was like, "no, it's a beautiful thing!" But secretly on this inside, I was like, "yeah that's pretty gross." I'm awful I know, but geeze I forgot how messy it is. I guess I have this cleaned up, idealized version of birth in my head. And in some pictures um, well you could kind of see some poop too. So, I was reminded of that as well. I don't know why I'm getting squeamish all of the sudden. But anyways after his gross comment I said, "Well that's how you came out!" and he enthusiastically said "YEAH!" I forgot he's a fan of "gross" things. Just trying to prepare him for what he might see you know.

And as usual I'm freaking out at the thought of having to juggle 2 kids, I guess I should worry about that more than giving birth in front of a room full of people.

Letia- my right boob is the more active one too! I hear that about a lot of right boobs.

I leaked like crazy those first few months of nursing. I should say "sprayed" like crazy. And I didn't know to get a sleep bra to hold pads in, so I was wearing normal nursing bras all the time and it was so uncomfortable. If I didn't have a bra on, I just walked around the house with a towel under my shirt.

And sunshinegal - it's great to hear that you love your naked preggo body! I guess I can love mine too.
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Thanks mirthfulmum! I don't think we're that close to labor, either - I think I am 2 weeks away from it at the soonest. Just wondering if it could be related, or if there may be something else goin' on in there! I think maybe it is hormonal - I am very sensitive to hormonal changes in general. (My bowel patterns change when I ovulate and when I have my period, too.) So maybe SOMETHING is getting increased in our bodies.

And thanks for the leaking tip. I will have to look for some inexpensive nursing pads. I just saw some at some WAHM store for $1.50 a pair....where was that??? Those Lilypadz sound interesting, although I am not sure they would work on my sensitive skin. I usually have to stick to natural fibers against my body, or it drives me nuts with itchiness. Someone let us know how they work, though!!!
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leaking and bm (what a fun combo)

Just to toss my $.02 in here in regards to leaking...
I really didn't leak that much in the beginning, after Hannah was born. Maybe just a bit for the first few weeks. Nothing too messy. And after that, if I did leak it was only from the lefty. I hardly ever used the nursing pads I had (from Bravado, I believe, pretty nice, washable ones) and I was quite the overproducer. My DH says I have good check valves, although the left one needs to be tightened. He's a bit of a geek.
Anyway, I think leaking is common...but not necessarily a problem for everyone.
And, yes, lots of stool (cleansing of the bowels) is one sign of impending labor. But I think it could also just be hormonal in general. I've been majorly constipated since I was like 5 min preg, but have gone 3x today.....which hasn't happened to me in over a year. A record for me! Guess this is just a poopy day for us all!
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Playing catch-up here so if I forget someone..I'm Sorry.

Trueblue...Another hurricane!!! Your are in my prayers.

Lucysmama...sorry about the added stress of dh losing his job. Praying it opens the door for a better one.

Piglet...so fun to be getting your furniture and getting settled

Well ladies I am 34 WEEKS today!!!! And another year older Yesterday was my 26th birthday...I still feel 21. We went shopping on Thurs. and I am now officially set for the baby. Last night dh took me to a micro brewery for dinner (their beer was very tasty..I kept getting sips from dh). I couldn't eat much of my dinner though, I have no room for food anymore. I will eat just a bit and it feels like I stuffed myself to the max. We then went and saw the movie "Hero." Very good and captivating. It moved so quickly, never felt like it dragged anywhere. I definitely recommend it.

I have also decided to close up shop. With #4 coming and moving in less than a year and getting ready to homeschool, I've decided to let my biz go. So if I don't post much, its because I am busy with my sale and getting hopefully most everything cleared out before baby comes.

Have a great weekend mamas!!
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Happy Birthday Kimberly
It sure does sound like you've got a lot of changes and new responsiilities comming inot your life soon. Good luck in your new phase of life!
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Happy Birthday Kimberly : And congrats on selling your business...it sure sounds like you will be busy enough without it!

Mirthfulmum :LOL that was too cute of a quote...maybe we should all adopt that as our signatures, :LOL!

About the leaking...Katie, yes I think you should expect to leak. I seem to be low on the leaking scale, last time I just used disposies and I think I only only bought one box of them, so I was a small leaker, but I still did. Mostly at night it seemed, I remember waking up in a few puddles :LOL

Can't remember who it was that mentioned the smaller breasts and pads....but I am there with ya! I just ordered some MOE pads and they are soo huge on me :LOL Oh well, they will be good around home and at night. I should look into some contoured too, and maybe even smaller ones. I have a WAHM making me some, maybe I should say I need smaller than usual, :LOL.

And finally some job news on our end Sounds like Dh is finally getting some work...keep your : for us!! Only one problem though....he might have to go to Florida (of all places) a week from Monday...that's starting to get pretty close to term : Hopefully all the hurricane action will be over with by then. He went last summer for what was supposed to be a week, and ended up being there 3.5 weeks...we don't have that sort of time on our hands now :LOL I don't want to get to excited before it actually is "real" KWIM but we really, really need for this to work out if we want to continue living where we are...there isn't anything in the area for him so contracting from home would be awesome.
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OakEmber and Mirthfulmom..thanks for the Birthday wishes 2

And OakEmber...that is great on dh's possible job. Can I ask what exactly he does? That would be great if he could work from home.

As for nursing pads, I used flat ones with Sammy and they worked great, but look funny under your shirt. I got some contoured ones on sale after I stopped leaking so i am looking forward to trying those out with this one. I hope they look better under my shirt. At least, it will be cold and I will be wearing layers. The outer layer will cover them up real nice
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That's great news Amie! Hopefully the job works out. Contracting from home sounds like a great arangement. Too bad about him having to go to Florida though. It's cutting it pretty close. Hopefully Oakley dosen't decide to make an early entrance when your Dh is away. Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

We've been doing house work all day today and almost have the kids' room all organized and ready for baby. It's unreal how close Harrison's arrival is.

I had a baby dream last night (unusual for me as I haven't had any since right before I found out I was pregnant). In my dream the baby was a girl and although she was just born she could already talk like a 1 year old. She looked up at me and said "mommy, milkies please" and I was totally blown away by how brilliant she was. And I was thrilled to have someone to nurse again. And all the while during my dream I kept thinking how strange it was to be having a baby dream and that my dreaming about the baby must mean that Harrison is comming very soon.

And today I've been a lot of contractions (probably because of all the house work). I'm not really keeping track of the timing but I've had 5 so far since I've woken up. I do not think that I'm in labour but it really : me out since I'm 37 weeks officially tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! I could be having a baby any day! But hopefully not for another week. Still have stuff I've got to get done first.
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Had my first shower today...talk about pain and one of the hostesses who's an OB nurse telling me about ordering drugs, and then they were asking the mothers in the church if they had hbs and the oldest mother did and I said, "Well, now that Mother Whitaker opened the door, I'm having a hb." It was the quietest it had been the entire shower! :LOL They were asking questions and the other mother who was a nurse ask about episiotomies b/c her daughter tore all the way to her rectum with one. I told her that they don't do them routine. Then they were all like going nuts b/c of no meds and the mother who had the hbs said it *could* be done! :LOL

And then there was a question about organics and I explained. One of our ministers, who is and also a nurse said that I can't have my child walk around with a mask. She was blown away by the fact that I prefer organic cotton and hemp and told dh he needed a second job. Small town minds. Even tho they haven't heard of it its weird. I mean no harm to small towns; but, don't judge me! :

Well, mama still doesn't know about the hb. She mad me when I mentioned I was up with reflux. She told me I ate somethign I had no business eating or I laid down on something. I told her my stomach is at my breasts! She said she didn't have it when she was pg. I told her pregnancies are different. You'd think she'd realize that! I wanted to tell her fyi, I'm having a hb; but, I thought that wouldn't be nice and she *has* had a heart attack. :LOL

btw, one of the *other* mothers of the church said that she had two at home. She said don't think about and I could do it and that it hurts no less than in the hosp. She really affirmed me before I left. I heard some comments like hb is coming back....I told them the stats on hb as far as how many are doing it...it could have been worse. They all replied. to the liability thing in hosp, which is why I decided against it yall know b/c they wouldn't let me have a wb. The minister/nurse who's pg was like why would I do this my first baby...and she was practically debating me about routine u/s. I'm not a debater. Saved by the cake cutting. She was asking about positioning of the baby through seeing on u/s. I told her that they found that information by palpitation. I don't mind questions at all! I was a teacher; but, not with judgement and just because *your* doc does it doesn't make it right! Anyway! I'm surprised I didn't get a whole lot of bottles and sposies. Apparently, they aren't familiar with registries? *Some* of them! I got a travel bottle warmer...: and I didn't get any sposies! That's a common gift at our showers.

Anyway, I'm beat. Having a little time in the room with the seat with the hole myself. Gotta love wireless! :LOL
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