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Need Twin Gift advice ASAP!

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As usual I am so behind the 8-ball! A close work friend's baby shower is coming up. She is pregnant with twins. She is pretty NFL and I think she is (unknowingly) pretty AP. She planning a med. free hospital birth but has midwife and doula. Intends on tandem nursing "as long as possible" which she describes as at least 12-18 months.

So what item do you wish you knew about before your babes came or what item can you NOT live without? I was thinking about a sling but are there slings built for two or do you need 2 separate ones? She has a boppy, I gave her my pump in case she goes back to work and she has more clothes, blankets, etc than she knows what to do with.

Any advice, the quicker the better would be greatly appreciated!
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My brother & sil had twins last year, but they're all for all the gadgets & gizmos.

A few ideas if she already has enough stuff...

since she already wants to bf - how about a LLL membership or a subscription to Mothering.

freeze about a week's worth of dinners & give them to her with a sweet note on each (plus directions on how to heat it up)

gift certificates from a local restaurant. We got one for a local deli that also delivered & it was great!

offer to come over & clean one day, or do some laundry (don't know how close a friend she is - I don't really like other people doing my laundry ) or have her write out a list of errands you can do for her - be her servant for the day kind of thing.

I think it's onestepahead.com that sells a double front carrier. It's been awhile since I've been to the site but look for the multiples section.

HTH & Good luck!
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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it!

I usually do the meals thing after the baby is born. Love that idea. She not that good of friend that I would want to do her laundry or clean her house, LOL, but those are 2 great ideas too!

Guess I am just being lazy and wanted to give her a "material" thing! If I don't get any good sling ideas from the "babywearing" forum maybe I'll do the restaurant GC. Nothing beat good take out when you are exhausted!

Thanks again!!
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Hi there!

Yes my sling is an item I can not live without. You can sling both babes in one sling while they are small. Or get 2 slings and can wear both in their own sling. Or daddy wears one and mommy wears one. We do all of these except I haven't worn each in their own sling at same time yet. Still put them together in same sling or wear one at a time. The sling I get has enough material and is adjustable enough to wear 1 or 2 babies.

Items you can get for bf'ing: breast pads, lanolin, storage bags or bottles for milk, also I have a thing that I bought that wraps around me and holds the breastpump bottles to my breast so i can pump both breast and have both hands free...essential for me!!!

gc for restaurants is great too. I also got some gc to places like gourmet to go that delivers the food to you!!

My 2 viabrating bouncy seats are essential also. Babies sit in them when I have to shower, cook, take care of ds, etc.

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This may be a little late, but the food GC would have been the best thing I could have ever gotten! Seriously-dh picked up take out for-well we are still getting it sometimes!!!

Maybe something for down the road like a back pack. I'm getting two for my girls to use soon. My theory is that one can go in my baby trekker in the front and one in the pack on the back.

I got several GC to babies r us and they really helped. I used them when I would need something I hadn't thought of.

Ohhh-you can always get baby shampoo-soaps- Burt's Bees-yummy to the extreme-Good luck!
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Thanks for the info! The shower was last week and I neded up making a gift basket with 2 GC to local restaurants that she loves and then bath products form her favorite store. Things like bubble bath, body wash, body oil, candles. I thought she could use some self pampering. Looks like they are going to pull her out of work any day now. They think she make it till at least 37 weeks but her blood pressure is high and both babies are breach and show no signs of shifting. They have been talking c-section, even her midwife, so she is really scared. She does not want to go that route. Unfortunatly so many moms with twins here (and there are a lot, 4 just in our group!) all ended up with c-sections. Only one was planned, they rest were after 24 - 36 hours of hard labor. They keep telling her to go with the c-section since both babies are breach.
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Does she go to a chiropractor? Mine helped the top baby get well into a better place which was more optimal for birth. She was transverse for a long time.

Glad you did the basket. I bet that was perfect-what a good friend you are!
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