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random episodes of joint pain

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Over the past three years I have had a few episodes of joint pain. It's kind of weird because I can't usually pinpoint anything specific and it isn't always the same joints. I mentioned it at one of my appointments when I was pregnant and my dr ran some tests for RA and lupus but they came back normal. It was not during an "episode" that the tests were run. I am currently in the middle of one of these episodes only this time I can pinpoint when it started. A month ago, I sponge painted ds's room and the short constricted motion in my upper right arm made my muscle really sore. It wasn't in the shoulder but about three fingertips below my shoulder so I assumed muscle. The difference though is it wasn't just sore when I moved it but it had an ache all the time. After about two weeks the same sort of ache has settled in my other shoulder and my left knee as well. I can tolerate it pretty well during the day when I'm moving about but if I sit for even an hour it gets to aching so bad I can't hardly stand it. During the night is the worst. I've been taking 800mg of ibuprofen before bed and that helps some but it still keeps me up at times. There's no swelling or redness, just ache.

So, what is going on? Is it normal for inflammation from an injury or strain to also settle in other joints just because its in your system? I've tried to read about the different types of arthritis but it doesn't seem like that would be it because you would think that it would be the same joints during these episodes but each time I've had them it's been some of the same joints but some different ones too.

Does anyone have any ideas? The joints that have been affected are my shoulders, knees and ankles but not all of them every time and not always both sides at the same time.

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Not too sure b/c of how it travels around your body... but I do know bursitis can last a long time and have periods where it is better. Have you ever been tested for other viruses that may cause aches and pains like Lyme?
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Same problem here!

I have had the same issues. Recurring joint/bone pain usually hands, feet, knees, neck/shoulder, hips... i guess that's eveywhere. It comes and goes and is sometimes one-sided. It is also accompanied by fatigue and feeling slightly under the weather, though I never actually come down sick. I am so frustrated with it. I have considered RA and lupus as they are the most common causes of recurring joint pain etc...
Let me know if you find any answers. I guess I should go back to the doctor. I am one of those people who seems to have a slew of physical symptoms with no identifiable cause. I am having an episode right now and it is so disheatening. I wonder if it could just be the strain of motherhood taking it's toll. I thought for a while my sling was the problem with my shoulder, but the pain is not going away I empathize.

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Here are some simple things to try first for a couple of weeks to see if you get results. A lot of times issues like this are just a lack of nutrient that your muslces and joints need to function well. Make some oatstraw and nettle infusion and drink about 3-5 cups per day. An infusion is like a tea, but steeped covered for atleast 4-8 hours. I usually make a pint jar at night before I go to bed and drink throughout the day the next day. Oatstraw will nourish the tissues and fluids surrounding your joints as well as the fascia surrounding the muscles. Nettles is a protein building herb and will nourish the muscle tissues....both contain the vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen and nourish the muscles to prevent cramping and spasms. Nourishment is always the first step. If you jump to treating an issue with stronger means, but don't address lack of nourishment then you will still have problems. For pain, you can try taking equal amounts of st. john's wort and skullcap tincture at night before bed and rub a little of the SJW into the sore area. SJW is also specific for joint and muslce issues so while it works on the pain it also gets to the root of the problem. You may want to leave out the skullcap for pain during the day as it will also help you sleep. Also, see if you can find SJW that is NOT standardized. Your local store probably only has standardized tincture, I would highly recommend finding a source of non-standardized on line. You can email me if you have questions....it may take a day or so for me to get back with you......be well..
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Erica - Thanks for the info. I just wanted to make sure that those are all okay to use while breastfeeding.
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Do you have actual swelling or does it just feel like it could be? I have fibromyalgia and your symptoms sound similar but there are also quite a few different things with similar symptoms.

Usually it's not the exact joint that hurts but the area around it. The only joints that hurt are the ones where I do have arthritis. I tend to have flare ups that hit many joints. When I injure myself, it hurts much more and for much longer. I'd try a search of fibromyalgia and see if that fits you. But as I said, there are quite a few different thing that have similar symptoms. Just something to ask your dr about. HTH

Here's a link....

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Only suggesting this since I am experiencing somthing very similar ... have you considered a yeast overgrowth as the cause. I have had a problem with this since my first son was born, and after this last pregnancy cut out all yeasty sugary foods( look up a yeast free diet). I felt so much better... much more energy, no anxiety, and... much less frequent joint pain.... as well as many other odd symptoms that doctors could not seem to pinpoint... Anyways, I cheated on the diet, and slowly my symptoms came back. I started the yeast free diet again yesterday... right now I have a huge headache, most likely from yeast die off.. which shows that I am on the right track.
One huge benifit of this type of diet was that I never craved sweet or carby things.. they actually really turned me off
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Hi, yep....all safe for breastfeeding in my experience....also in reply to another poster, these are all herbs that I would use for fibromyalgia as well.

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