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DD doesn't want to leave preschool.....

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DD started preschool yesterday and absolutely adores it. It's a very warm and friendly Montessori school. I'd wanted to very gently ease her in, starting with half days (they require 5 days a week) and eventually moving toward 2 or 3 full days a week. I'm a WOHM and want to be home with her as much as possible.
The school's half-day option is from 8:30-11:30 AM.

DD had the first major meltdown she's ever had today when I went to pick her up. She really wanted to stay for lunch and through the afternoon. She sobbed in my arms for 45 minutes out in the parking lot.

I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to work through this transition? I'm now wondering if going for 2-3 full days may be just too inconsistent for her---She'll want to stay each day. DD is extremely extroverted and very precocious. But I really don't want to have her in school for five full days.... Anyone BTDT or have any suggestions?
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I would talk to the teacher's and see what they say.

Two things come to my mind. Sometimes kids have a hard time making transitions and you may want to see if the teachers will help you with making the transition by letting her know the day is almost done or

if you can afford the extra cost and think dd(?) would like the longer day why not do it? I don't think it is neccessarily going to make leaving any better though if it is a matter of making transitions.
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My DD also just started a Montessori preschool and LOVES it. Everyday when I pick her up she doesn't want to leave. It's only a half day program though so the compromise I made was to let her stay for the lunch program and I pick her up after that. She still doesn't want to come home. She's also extremely extroverted and just really seems to be thriving there. I have started telling her in the morning when I drop her off, "When Mommy comes to get you, we're going to drive over to visit with X" or whatever fun thing we are going to do. I try not to come straight home. And I remind her when I pick her up, we're going to do "x". I also tend to get there 10 minutes early so she has time to finish whatever activity she was doing and has some warning that it's time to leave. It's hit or miss whether these things help the leaving.

I don't know about you but I always feel like chopped liver after one of these pickups. I guess we can take pride in having raised confidant social children.
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Thank you for your responses! I was away for the weekend and am just catching up.

I spoke with her teacher later that day and she felt that DD was very ready to start staying for the full day. So DD and I decided that Monday and Tuesday would be her long days and that Wed-Fri would be her half-days. I told her that her half-days would be her "surprise snack" days. I think that hunger just makes the whole transition worse. I'm going to surprise her with a little healthy snack when I come to pick her up.

Mamaguess: thank for the reminder about creating transitions. Her teachers and I are working together on this. And we are going to start with a couple of long days this week. She's usually pretty good with transitions....just hadn't encountered the full appeal and fascination of SCHOOL.

Seedling: Chopped liver! Yes, that's it! I have so much Mama guilt about sending her to school so young....but she is just so ready to run! During my more assured moments, I can remember that this independence and self-confidence is probably a sign of how attached she feels. She just loves every single aspect of school so far (said with the knowledge that we're still very much in the honeymoon stage....).
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