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April Mamas Chat Thread: Sept 8th - 12th

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Hi everyone,

I figured that I would start next week's chat thread. (I hope that is ok Jessi... )

I have had an interesting last week or so... I started spotting a week ago Tuesday (freaked out to say the least), went in for an ultrasound on Thursday (I didn't plan on an ultrasound until 10-12 weeks if at all), everything looked great (baby is the right size and the heartbeat is strong), my ND took my progesterone level to be safe (it was ~54! - good), and I am still very slightly spotting. Whew...

I am trying to relax and just enjoy being pregnant, but it is just not that easy. I get worried when I feel good and bummed when I don't (because I can't get anything done around the house!). Ahhhhh.... I have my "1st" appt with my ND next week and I am hoping that every week I will get more comfortable with being pregnant and less worried that I might miscarry.

How about a question of the week? (Don't feel like you have to answer it if you don't want to...)

What are you doing for exercise?

Me... I am thinking about going to a water aerobics class, and I am also thinking about my prenatal yoga videos. I am doing some walking, but I am still concerned that too much activity is going to be bad for me. I secretly want to go biking, but my husband would rather that I don't. What about you??? :

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How scary! I'm glad your u/s went well and that you saw a heartbeat. As "normal" as spotting is, it's just so scary when it actually happens. I think I was 12 or 13 weeks when I had some with dd, and I was soooo upset, even though I knew it was probably nothing. So glad to hear you have good results all around! Take care of yourself. 2

Exercise, eh? Yeah, I'm "thinking" about a lot of stuff, but I'm not actually doing any of it. I'm going to ride the m/s wave until it's end, and then I'll start getting serious about exercise again. Right now, I'm eating/drinking so little that it would be silly to do very much-- not to mention that I feel yucky just standing up most of the time. But I am eagerly awaiting the day that all changes! I have a prenatal yoga video, and will probably do some regular aerobics videos that I have too. I'll miss having nice weather to swim when I get big (dd was born in August), and if push comes to shove, I may just join the Y later on to get in a few laps. And walking is always good and makes our dog happy, so I'll do some of that too.

You know, now that I think of it, I really should break out the yoga video. Can't be too strenuous, and it would probably do me good... let's see if I keep this resolve when I get home and there's a couch calling to me... :LOL
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Oh! I'm so far behind! With the holiday weekend (and relatives) I think I missed about a page and a half of last weeks thread! I'll have to try to go back and read....

I had some spotting a few days ago too and started steeling myself for the worst. And of course, since I've not had any m/s for five days my mind is being evil, you know, 'no m/s and some spotting must mean a m/c' type of thing. I should just be GLAD that I feel better and hope it stays that way!

Exercise? Hm. I'm with Stream - I think about it a lot! There's an aqua class I'd like to take, but it's pretty spendy. So far I just walk ZaZa to school in the mornings. It's been too hot for me to pick her up in the afternoons. Well, it's not that hot really, but the sun is intense and she always wants to be carried so it's just easier lately to drive.
Does dancing along to the Wiggles count?

7+ weeks so I s'pose it's about time to send out that email, eh? I'd better find a job soon, before I pooch out too much more!

What's everyone else up to?

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(((hugs))) to the spotting mamas. I had some around this point in my last pregnancy, but none so far this time. I had a healthy pregnancy last time and haven't miscarried before, so I have this nagging feeling like "how long can this luck last?" I'll fell a lot better after I'm out of the first trimester.
My ms hasn't been too bad the past couple of days, but I haven't felt up to much exercising in the heat. I've been trying to go on walks and have been doing lots of weight (read: toddler) lifting, but that's about it. I'm so tired between the pregnancy and school (my last semester of college!) that I don't feel up to much else.
Have a great week, everyone
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I'm 8 w 2 d. Am trying not to worry. LAst time I miscarried at 8 w 6 d. So, I think once I get past that point I will feel better.

Excercise, I have been walking on and off. Mostly right now it's with my sister, she's hoping it will mkae her go into labor. I finally bought some good walking shoes and dh will now be available to walk with me in the evenings. Which brings me to my great news!

Dh got a new job today!!!!!!!!!!!! He's been going to school for quite a few years and the last few has been working at McDonalds as a manager. We'll he told his teacher he is looking for a job. He graduates in Dec. Somebody called the school wanting someone in his field that will be graduating soon. So his teacher recommended him. He went in today to take them his resume, they didn't even look at it, just asked when he could start. So as soon as his two week notice is over he can start. He's making $6 an hour more and we get benefits. 8-5 everyday and no weekends!!!!!!!!! I am so beyond excited!!!!!!!!!
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Good to hear what everyone's doing for exercise! I have been doing some squats with no weight in the morning to try to get some strength in legs ankles and back before I get huge. Also over the weekend DH and I did a LOT of yard work at the house, which was good exercise. We take our four-legged babies for walks : : or they walk us, I'm not sure which. I would like to take a prenatal yoga class - will start looking around soon for something. Wish I had a place to go swimming, I love to swim laps.

I found that I get much more out of breath at altitude - we live in a small apt during the week in the Bay Area in exchange for a wonderful spread to go to on the weekends in the Sierra Foothills at about 3000 ft elevation.

seren, congrats on the hubby's job! Sounds like it will make things a lot easier. We signed a lease today on a new location for our business and will be moved by the end of October...at least we will get it overwith before I'm too big to see my feet.

Take care everyone - sending out good vibes as we all get through the next few weeks!!!
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thanks Pamela!! I've been busy at work and feeling tired & lazy to be honest...so I'm really glad someone took the initiative to start the new thread!

Pamela 2 on the spotting! That's so stressful...and I'm so sorry you have to go through that... I'm so glad that your prog. level is good (that`s a great number) and that you saw the little bean's heartbeat. I will send you lots of vibes and hope that the spotting stops.

Stream--I hear ya on the feeling yucky & having lots more exercise ambitions than practice

Wackadoo 2 so sorry about the spotting & loss of symptoms...that can be so scary & stressful! I hope your symptoms come back at least a little bit, enough to reassure you. I hear you on the pooching out! I'm in the middle of some negotiations at work right now and am due to change jobs at the beginning of Oct. & I'm trying to keep it all under wraps until then... with increasing difficulty!

Hi Melanie!

Seren--what great news about your dh!!!! : how cool is that!!! I'm so pleased for you that you will have benefits too! to you as you pass your m/c date from last time... I'm right at the same time we got bad news last time too, and even though I know all is well, it's still in my thoughts.

Susan--your level of exercise sounds great to me!

AS for me...I have lots of exercise ambitions. I too have the prenatal yoga video which is as yet unused, and have been trying to walk, and have plans to swim. I know it's important and I miss exercise as usually biking is a huge part of my day. My mw gave me the go ahead last time, but I still feel kinda nervous about biking in the city.
plus I still feel like crap! I'm kinda waiting for the second tri energy surge everyone talks about.

I've been really struggling with having to hide my growing belly at the office. I did go out and by a good pair of pg pants that don't look too pg, so far so good, and I have a few skirts that work too, but it's a bit frustrating to have to hide something I want to celebrate, kwim?

to all, and let's hope the spotting stops and the energy levels rise!
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Jesse- I would want to celebrate that belly too! Beginning of October, eh? Sounds like you'll really be popping by then.

Wackadoo- Sorry you had some spotting. Like I said yesterday, I know it's no fun at all.

Sierra- I'm jealous of your weekend digs! That must be such a nice escape...

Seren- AWESOME new job for your DH. So glad to hear it! Mine switched oh, about a month ago now, to a job with less stress, better hours, better pay, better benefits, and that's closer to the house. The difference has been phenomenal! No weekends-- woo-hoo!

mrzmeg- You're a student, too? Wow. I was a full-time student when I was pg with my dd, but I can't imagine parenting a toddler, being in the first trimester, AND finishing up school. Go you!

I'm not showing yet. I didn't show for a long time with dd either, so I suppose I may be in for a wait. Would you believe I went on a tubing trip when I was 7 months pregnant with her-- in a bathing suit-- with an alumni group and *nobody* said anything? I had a bit o' belly at that point, but still wasn't in that "Oh, she must be pregnant" stage. Hoping that hits a little earlier this round! There's nothing like a baby belly to keep you company...
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hello everyone.

my heart goes out to all your spotting mamas. it must be scary. but i'm glad to hear everything is ok.

for exercise -- i had taken up running before i got pg to try and lose the last bit of pregnancy weight from dd. i'd worked up to being able to run 2 miles! walking had been my exercise of choice before that, but it wasn't getting rid of some last pesky 20 pounds or so. this week is the first that i've not run at all. i've slowed down significantly, but tried to run at least a little spurt here and there in my daily walking. this week, no running, not even fast walking. oh well. that's the way it goes. i'm also interested in getting a pregnancy pilates video or another pregnancy workout video for a change of routine. i love to walk, esp as the weather cools off, but it's good to mix things up.
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aprildawn- Wow. I'll never be a runner- it's just one thing I can. not. do. So I am extreeeemely impressed you kept it up through last week. Put your feet up!


I meant to add before that I think I'm rediscovering food and starting to eat again-- woo-hoo! Earlier this week, I was down 7 or so lbs., mostly because I hadn't been eating anything for the past 3 weeks or so. But last night, I ate about a quarter of a sandwich that dd wouldn't eat, then a big pile of this spaghetti/cabbage casserole my mom made (which sounds yucky, but was good to me), then a lime popsicle, then a bowl of granola and yogurt. That's more than I ate the entire week before, combined! Today so far, I have eaten two pieces of buttered toast, 2 pretzels, a veggie burger (with fixins'), a snack bag of chips, and a strawberry fruit juice popsicle. I'm proud of myself! I'm not quite to the point where I actually *want* to be eating, but I am thrilled that I can convince myself to eat.

So that's my exciting news of the day.
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Seren- AWESOME new job for your DH. So glad to hear it! Mine switched oh, about a month ago now, to a job with less stress, better hours, better pay, better benefits, and that's closer to the house. The difference has been phenomenal! No weekends-- woo-hoo!


This is going to be dh. I can't wait for the less stress part. Dh has sleep apnea and the stress affects his sleep, which is bad enough. I can't wait for the difference!
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Hi, everyone. I hope those of you spotting are doing well.

Exercise -- yikes. Every morning I have hopes of feeling well enough at 4:00 when DH comes home from work, but I'm still feeling very blah. I have a prenatal yoga and aerobics videos that I used during my first. At that time, I also took a yoga class, so I feel pretty confident with how to do the poses. I'm not an aerobics person, but I definitely felt better after doing the tape for a few weeks.

I am really, really concerned with my weight. I'm 20 lbs heavier than got pregnant with DS (and very short). It was a combination of not loosing all the weight and not being able to exercise regularly (DS woke up, on average, 10 times a night until last March when we nightweaned him. I tried to exercise regularly by lifting weights and running, which is what I did before pregnancy, but I was so physically exhausted I couldn't keep it up and gained because I wasn't exercising -- I don't eat much a lot, but I need to exercise). I'm not going to limit my gain weight beyond normal, but my thoughts are already set on a sleeping baby time and regular exercise after giving birth. I'm just a bit bummed.

Anyway, ms is still going strong. The worst part is having to prep DS's food. It's all the stuff that I have severe aversions to.

Have a great week!
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Hey Mammas

Well, I had a fitness routine all lined up for this pregnancy, and then these crazy hurricanes starting rolling through central FL....and I have done my prenatal yoga video a measly one time! :LOL

I had been planning on walking for 30 min each morning (Gracie looooves morning walks), and trying to get a yoga video in about 3 times a week. So here I am at 9 weeks, and I haven't walked once, and my video seems so looooonnngg right now! The one I have is over 60 minutes, I think I need to shoot for a 30 minute one, ya know?

I'll blame those sad facts on the storms, and try and get my butt in gear soon (as hurricane #3 lumbers toward us, can you believe it?!).

As far as nutrition goes...I am not even going there. With no electricity to cook for a few days the past few weeks, spoiled food in the fridge, baby induced nausea...yikes, I have been in processed food hell.

Hopefully life will slow down a little soon and return to normal, and this next storm out there will blow off to sea.

All in all felling pretty good though. Getting excited about the new baby! Hope everyone else is having a good week!
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Everyone here is definitely helping motivate me! I walked 15 min. to the bus this morning, a manageable amount that I can do everyday if I have the will power. We have a lodger moving in with us this weekend so my private time with the VCR maybe even more limited (excuses, I know ! ) So far though, I've gained almost no weight (maybe 3 pounds, even though I have this quite substantial belly!) It must be the nausea... I'm not too worried, 'cause I know I can make up for it later on, and I am eating lots of healthy food when I can).

to Naomi with all the hurricane activity--that must be crazy. We just got a very minor tail end of Frances here in Ottawa with 130 mm of rain in 24 hours (a record) and even that little bit caused some disruption so I can only begin to imagine!! I'm starting to get excited about the baby too! I'll be 9w tomorrow!

Sara-- to you on the weight front...It sounds like you've done all you can under the circumstances! I hope the ms gets better soon & you have more energy for exercise.

off to work...
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I'm glad to see the interest in exercising! I used to be very good about it, but as of the end of August we had to switch fitness centers and so we are doing a number of 2 week free trials at various places. I used to walk at the gated outdoor track at our old fitness center and found it so peaceful and wonderful first thing in the morning - trying to avoid the frogs hopping across my bath, watching the stork take his morning bath in the fountain, every once in awhile spotting the possums that weren't supposed to be there! But now I'm sure we'll never find a place with an outside track so I've switched back to my old favorite of the elliptical machines and treadmills when I'm bored of that. Hopefully we'll settle on a place soon and the exhaustion will go away so that I can get into a routine! Good thing is I went to the doctor for my 11 week appointment and I haven't gained any weight since my first appt at 5 weeks, especially since I'm definitely noticeably bigger, especially in my chest!
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Exercise :LOL Not a chance for any real exercise. I don't have time! With my 1st I did prenatal yoga every day and walked and walked and walked. With my 2nd I delivered newspapers in the early mornings to make some extra money. That provided a lot of exercise. Now I have a highly sensitive, emotionally needy, food allergic 3 year old and a teething, newly obsessed with walking 1 year old. I can't even hold a thought in my head these days :LOL We generally go for 2 walks a day (one at ds2's nap time and one before bed) and I am constantly chasing one or the other. That is the closest I will probably get to a routine

I wish I had a little time for yoga, it sure made a difference in my labour.
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