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Mdc Mamas! Lets See Your Face!

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Quite awhile ago......there was a thread posted with a link to Yahoo where alot of us posted our pics. We would love to see new pics of some of the old timers who posted, along with pics of some of you new mamas!

heres the link:


Please, post the smallest version of your pic so theres room for us all!

Thanks! Looking forward to matching faces with names! 2
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Wow! You gals are gorgeous!! I'll add my photos tonight
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I just added some new ones of me looking pretty goofy.
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i just added one of me from about 2 years ago :LOL

i don't have any of me, since having a kid.
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I'm listed on the Yahoo group as Devrock. A more recent photo of me can be found here:

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Just added mine.
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Is it OK if I just put a link in here? I don't know how to resize my photo, I don't want to take up space -- the group seemed to be running out of space when I went and looked. Maybe if the yahoo group won't allow enough space, we could make this thread a sticky and if you can post a link to your photo, you could do that instead? Just a thought.

me and Miriam

That page links to other pages with pics of my family. The ones of the boys are out of date, though.
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Nothing too exciting but at least its fairly recent
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I added a bunch of pictures into my album on the MDC yahoogroups site, under ging-ging. It's so nice to be able to post family pics and nursing pics where people can appreciate them.
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penelope are you wearing carharts?

Beautiful pic though, you and your kiddo are so beautiful!
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They are huge! I love taters! Lots of carrharts here too :P
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I love goofy pics of me. Doggone, I'm goofy looking! But I like that picture anyway, because it reminds me of expressions that my children make.
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i joined the mdc on yahoo and put up a few pics, but if you want to see more, click on my weblog link in my sig line...i love seeing all the beautiful mama faces and kiddos too.
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this is the most recent of my pics.....but not my fav

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amy, you're cute! molly does look a lot like you.
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