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Originally posted by sonia24

I don't remember reading any specific articles by formula companies, but you may have something there.

Dear Sonia,

In a lot of interesting articles you can usually find the name of a doctor, university or something else somewhere in the article that you can cut and paste into a search engine to find out more information about who "sponsored" the said studies. I've been surprised a few times.

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Hi guys.
I have been told by Dr.'s that my daughter has Atopic Dermititis which basically means that it's inherited.
Eczema and dermititis are used interchangeably when I have been told that they are different. I have no idea which to believe since I find conflicting info about both conditions? Anyone have any thoughts?
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My son developed eczema around 7 months. He was still primarily bf, but we had introduced solids as well... IMO we probably should have waited longer to introduce foods. Also, it went away when I began taking DHA and giving my son a tsp. of flax oil each day. There seems to be a lot of evidance showing that introducing or increasing essential fatty acid intake has a significant effect on resolving eczema.
EFA deficiencies in adults often appear as eczema or other skin disorders.
Many people believe that introducing solids too early can possibly cause allergies.
I also read a book where the author (a doctor of Chinese medicine) believes that feeding a baby too often or too big of feedings can cause allergies and eczema (by weakening the delicate digestive system).
I found a homeopathic topical treatment that worked wonders when my son had eczema. I sell it on my site (http://www.mamasfavorites.com). It's called Florasone.
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Thanks for all your thoughtful replies and discussion! It's really helping me as we deal with our son's eczema. I'm happy to report that since I got the allergy testing (EAV testing, to be exact) and cut out all the foods I'm sensitive to, plus added flaxseed oil and acidophilus to my son's diet, his eczema has gotten MUCH better. We have also been applying shea butter to the eczema once or twice a day to keep it hydrated. I'm not so happy to report that MY eczema has gotten much worse. It itches like crazy and looks awful, but fortunately it's only on my elbows. I have not been taking the flaxseed oil myself, even though I know I should. (It's expensive stuff!) I'm also not religious about the shea butter either. Mama, heal thyself!
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Escema can be from Wheat (gluten) allergies primarily. Gluten is hidden in many many foods. The NEAT Diet is a good suggestion also look for information on a gfcf diet at www.gfcfdiet.com. They give lots of information on diet elimination and places gluten is hidden in every day foods.

I used to put Olive Oil on my child's escema. I would message it in and it really seemed to help.
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I don't know about you guys -- some of you sound like you've had success -- but I am about ready to give up on trying to find the trigger to ds's eczema. Fortunately for ds, he has it only on his cheeks and behind his ears, but it is tenacious stuff!!! I bought the whole breastmilk theory, but after 5 LOOOOOONG months on an elimination diet (no wheat, dairy, gluten, soy, citrus, corn, tomatoes, chocolate, eggs, or nuts), we have made no progress (except I've lost all pg weight and ten lbs more!). We have tried homeopathic and herbal remedies, EFA's, vitamins, creams, bathing, no bathing, heat, cold, and anything else anyone ever suggested, but the condition just seems to come and go on its own. He is not vaccinated (thank GOD, or I know I would blame it on that) and he has never had a DROP of formula or even a taste of any of the things I listed above. We are definitely an "atopic" family -- allergies, skin senstivities, asthma, and even a couple of immune disorders (MS, lupus, arthritis), so it may just be genes.

And of course I too thought I could avoid all this by BFing. (I posted a few weeks ago saying I was starting to think I was defective bc he has this problem anyway. One naturopath even sugg'd I wean him, "since it's obviouly something in my milk"!!!!!)

I'm a science-type, so I just knew I could find a pattern if I searched hard and long enough, but this may be a battle I lose. I think we're now just waiting for him to outgrow it. :

I'm sorry virgomama, I don't think I helped you at all! (This is especially hard for Virgo mamas, huh?!?!)

Keep the suggestions coming, mamas. I'll try anything!
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You sound as exasperated and frustrated as I have been too--always looking for a trend, a connection, ruling things out, etc: and researching, researching.

Well, here's a couple of things I did that could have helped my dd, but I'll never know since I tried everything almost at the same time :

1. We went crazy with reducing dust mite poop--mattress covers, ripping out carpeting, etc.

2. Also put to sleep my 18 y.o. kitty (which she did test + to on the skin tests.

3. We bathed her every night in plain water. Just made sure she was well rinsed off and lubed up with whichever cream we were using at that time

4. Kept her from playing in the grass.

Every now and then, my dd will start scratching the insides of her elbows causing it to redden but not really getting worse than that. It usually happens if we've been inside of someone's house who has a pet (which is very seldomly and very time-restricted), or she was "sort of" playing near or on grass.

I know it sounds like putting your baby in a bubble, but it does give me relief to be neurotic about it so I don't have to deal with a flare up and wrack my brains trying to figure out what it was time time-kwim?
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~okay - a long shot. Clothes soap? Clothes softener? Your underarm deoderant or dhs? DHs aftershave? Mmmmmh.

Editted to add: Have you tried putting breastmilk on it? <not kidding>
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Yep, we are in the same boat. I find that plain old petroleum jelly after a bath to keep the moisture sealed in goes a long way toward healing broken down skin as well as warding off outbreaks. On especially bad spots I have even used those moisture sealing bandages and in a day or two those have closed up too.
I point out the above as we were told that dd skin just can't retain moisture on it's own. It helps us, so I thought I would share. (we also have to bathe her only every other day and not use soap all over, just top and bottom and then out of the tub)
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I'm NOT criticizing your choice greenluv but, I heard that petroleum jelly is not all that good for your skin. Something to do with what it's made of. Petroleum....? I also saw somewhere jelly of some sort without that word in it. Anyone here know anything about this?
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Petrolium Jelly is nasty toxic stuff!! Made of petrolium... like gasoline!
Shea Butter, as someone else mentioned is wonderful. So is zinc oxide. So is the Florasone cream I mentioned earlier. Calendula salve is also great.
Moisturizing can be good, but something like Petrolium may just prolong the problem.
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anybody ever try lanolin, like for your nipples. i've used it some on myown dry skin. just curious if it would help.

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the thing with the petroleum jelly:
A dermotologist we had told us it was about the only thing that a person can't be allergic to. Keep in mind these are his words, not mine. I hope some of you are finding alternatives that work. As for petroleum jelly being toxic, well, I have no idea. It isn't something I care to argue over. I was only stating what works for us. Take it or leave it.
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I used to use regular vaseline on my lips, around which I often get eczema. I heard bad stuff about petroleum jelly, so I tried using something named Unpetroleum Jelly, and it make the eczema much worse! So I don't know if there is anything bad about vaseline or not, but it worked much better for me.

I also had bad results with pure lanolin. I read somewhere that it is often irritating to certain people because it is a wool derivative.

The only thing that helped my severe eczema was acupuncture. As far as diet goes, my acupuncturist has always said no fried foods, no spicy foods, and limit sugar.

Everything I use must be fragrance free - detergents, soaps, lotions, etc. Curel Unscented works the best for me, better than health food brands. Aloe Vera lotion is irritating. Shea butter also works well.

Also, this is one of the main reasons I'm hesitant to vaccinate ds. I'm so paranoid of triggering a latent allergy. He is fine with everything we've tried so far, but the only dairy we've introduced is yogurt, and that wasn't until he was 14 months. Also exclusively breastfed. No eczema yet, but I didn't get it until I was 3 or so.
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greenluv, did anyone ever give you an answer about the difference between atopic derm. & eczema? I am trying to educate myself...

my 2 yr old son has atopic derm so bad- his little hands bleed, feet, the knees, the elbows, sometimes cheeks & once his scrotum so bad it was infected & needed bacu-ban! the doc gave us eledil (made him cry & only worked once, besides all kinds of weird side effects on the label), & cutivate, which works sometimes but isn't supposed to be used on 'thin skin' (which is everywhere on a baby! to my doc's credit, he doesn't encourage the use of these things indiscrimately; he seems pretty cautious.) elimination diet would be pretty tough, as he doesn't eat very much anyway (but i will try eggs for a start).

came here after jw's posts in the vax stuff about smallpox vax being contraindicated for autoimmune disorders like this, & she said there are posts relating to this- i'm having trouble finding much, sigh- my search criteria are prolly screwy but i am trying. if anyone knows anymore threads to point me to, please- i am getting desperate!

he's had no vax, & only breastmilk no formula, but his uncle had it really bad as a youngster too, so that's where he seems to be getting it from (of course i realize that a genetic predisposition does not exclude environmental causes.)

my poor baby! i will try to get him to take evening primrose- any wonderful ideas on how to get it (and selenium, etc.) in him? oatmeal? my poor lil' guy! he scratches so much.

lanolin & this calendula/lavender cream seem to ease it a bit, but no cures.

hope to hear from other sufferers/folks w/ answers, Suse
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Saffron had excema when she was just under a year old I s'pose. It was not bad, just red patches behind her knees, under her armpits & the odd spot on her cheeks. She also got quite colicky at nights sometimes. I was starting to get worried as Dad was a coeliac (sp?) I did a sort of elimination diet for me as she was primarily bf & had it tracked down, or so I thought, to chocolate, nuts, or wheat. It was starting to look like wheat. I took her to see a naturopath in a shop that does free consultations. She told me it was yeast. So basically she had an internal overrun of yeast. The yeast in bread I was eating was feeding it as was things like the sugars in dired fruits like figs I was giving her. Raisins are another no-no as grapes have some kind of yeast on their skin.

I cut out all yeast from my diet & sugar ( for a while ) I gave her a couple of tsp of hemp seed oil a day + a tsp of primadophilus powder. I got her into eating garlic as garlic kills yeast. So lots of hummus & roasted garlic for her. I cut out all dried fruit & most fresh fruit from her diet. Instead I concentrated on giving her lots of fresh veggies & the less sweet fruits like apples & blue berries. It's probably 99% gone these days.

Suse in answer to your question about selenium. I think it's one of those things you get in the soil so organically farmed veges have it in. Altho' not here as we have no selenium in the soil As far as I am aware, the richest natural source of selenium is brazil nuts. Like that's any help for someone with allergies or a toddler :
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All I've been able to come up with regarding atopic derm. vs. eczema is that they are terms used interchangeably by most dermatologists. My dd's atopic derm. just basically means that we have a family history of it.

We have tried so many things to get control of her outbreaks. Most recently we have used accupuncture, naturopathy, diet changes, and a new topical medication called Elidel-supposedly this stuff works for "everyone" but I am finding that it isn't the miracle cure all for us. At dd last Dr. appt the Dr. mentioned that dd is "stage 2" with the Atopic Dermititis. From what I gather, there are 3 stages, the last one being around puberty when most kids will stop the cycles of break outs. I've only seen this reference to the stages of atopic derm. in a couple of places online. I stumbled across them in my reading, so unfortunately I can't give you a site to point you to them.

Our Dr asked me why I hadn't been to a Dermotologist recently with dd. I told him that it was because of the desire of the last Dr we had been to to begin injections of high dose steroids. I was freaked, but I managed to keep my head and decline their use. No way am I about to expose dd to the horrible effects of those drugs. The amount of damage they can do is frightening. I'm not sure how much help I've been in writing this since we still haven't found anything that makes this any easier, I hope you can find something that works for your baby.
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Hi All,

It's been a while since I chimed in, but wanted to give an update . . .

We had ds allergy tested (skin prick) and he tested positive for wheat, corn, banana and peanut allergies. On top of BOTH of us avoiding these 4 things, when we also avoid ALL gluten, soy, and dairy, his skin is finally beautiful. I would encourage those of you in the searching phase to seriously look at food allergies and give the elimination diet a try. It's tough for sure, 'cause all the gluten-free products have either corn or soy, but it's worth it to finally see his beautiful, clear cheeks again!

On another note, watch out for the Elidel! It is an immune suppresor and it says in small print on the package: "Not for babies under 2 bc the effects on the developing immune system are unknown." (do a search for Elidel -- I posted a rant about it a few months back) Ds got his one and only ear infection after we tried it for 3 days . . . THEN I read the side effects. STUPID ME!

I'm happy to provide support for the elimination diet if anyone wants to PM me.
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great success! congratulations!

One friend of mine has 2 allergic daughters. Her dh, it is surprising he has survivied to reproduce, he is so allergic. He has a latex sensitivity. (rules out condoms and diaphragms)

the younger daughter has a sensitivity/allergy to 140 foods. both daughters have had to have rotten baby teeth pulled. They both have had eczema.

Anyway, the kids can't stand any artificial fabrics, only cotton. Make sure the bedding is 100% cotton, as well as the clothes of anyone who holds them regularly. No rugs, no pets, no stuffed animals, no curtains in the bedroom.

I am glad most of you struggling with alleriges don't vax. My friend's research told her allergic babies are more prone to getting the dreaded autism from vaxes. Horrible!
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You might want to look into NAET. It is a non evasive non medication treatment for allergies and allergy side effects. My son did not have eczema but was scheduled to have his tonsils and adnoids removed due to apnea (cause - allergies). After 1 1/2 months of treatment his apnea was gone and tonsils decreased in size. Drs. are puzzled (but not interested in looking into this alternative). Eczema, Lupus ect are all immune issues and as you know related to allergies - Good luck.
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