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This is really interesting, especially that last bit about the kids growing up around cows. I grew up on a farm with cow, horses, pigs, cats, dogs, rabbits, and chickens. My parents have always had a woodstove for heat, and always had animals in the house. So it seems to me, having been around the molds and dirt in the wood, the pet dander, and the dust and ash from the stove that I would be very likely to have some sort of allergy. I do not, and neither do my three brothers. In fact, we are some of the healthiest people I know. We are rarely sick, and when we do get sick, we usually throw it off very quickly.

I think there is something to exposure early in life to many different kinds of "dirt" that helps the immune system become more efficient at doing its job throughout life. I don't really know though, just my .02 worth! Margaret
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I didn't have time to read all the posts, but I wanted to post what helps my son...

~ very limited cow's milk & sugar

~ Cetaphil lotion a few times a week, right after the bath

~ prevention is way easier than treating it!!
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just wanted to post what's current... gotta schedule a 2 yr visit for sam soon, and i am going to ask about a) triceram cream, & b) allergy testing. poor old sam's never been vaxxed, and only had a blood test once; he won't like getting pricked!
as little as sam eats, i would really prefer to find out what he's allergic too rather than just start eliminating stuff- i'm of the persuasion that believes in a lot of variety in diet is best (lol, at least if you get something toxic, you won't get too much of it- my theory. heck, organic spinach-for example- is just full of toxins!)

we've had good luck lately with frequent warm no-soap baths, & just slathering him afterwards w/ a borage-based oil (alternating with eucerin). he's not clear yet, but it seems to help the itching.

wish us luck at the dr's, suse

ps bought some flax seed oil liquid to add to his oatmeal or whatever; i've been downing a lot of the efa thingys via evening primrose, fish, grapeseed oils etc, but i want to try it directly rather than just thru breastmilk. anybody have ideas of what to put it in to disguise taste/greasiness?
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I've had good luck mixing flax oil into a fruit smoothie, especially one that's thick (use a couple of bananas), mixing into a salad dressing, and putting it into soup just before serving. I've heard some people say that they mix it with yogurt, although I've never tried that one. Good luck!
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I did, however, get all the stupid vaccinations though. It would be interesting to take a poll among the members regarding those who vaccinated and those who didn't and whose baby developed asthma/allergies/eczema and whose did not.
Okay, for the record! I have exzcema and allergies to dairy and eggs....I am vaccinated but my mom fed me cow's milk by 6 wks.

NONE of my 3 kids have exczema and they have ALL have been vaccinated. They were also all bf for at least 3 mos each...until I went back to work. None of my kids have any allergies and eat all the milk and eggs they want (ice cream for dessert, eggs in home-made cookies) while I stick to my non egg and dairy diet.

So there is no correlation here against vaccines, only that they had no dairy or egg through bf becaue I already was eliminating it.

Currently my dd is being bf past the 3 mos mark! Yay! I have a whole year off of work this time
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My ds had eczema (severe, I might add) before he was vaccinated.
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One idea I have heard as an explaination to this is that we are deficient in Omega 3's and have chronic exposure to antibiotics in our food supply. It weakens the system and the skin is an organ that expresses its lack of health via rashes and exzema etc.
Just some food for thought.

PS I would like to blame it all on vax but that is just not so.
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I'd like to hear about the antibiotics in food..is it mostly meat and dairy? I'd like to avoid them as much as possible by buying meat from animals that don't get brought up on antibiotics, but are there other foods with exposure to antibiotics?

I found this wonderful flax seed drink as a milk replacement for my kids for getting more Omega 3's into the diet! It's made by "so-good".
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Well... I am equally frustrated! My son has not had any vaccines, gets adjusted regularly and I am breastfeeding him. I am avoiding lemon, orange, tomato as possible culprits.... but if I stop eating everything else.... what is there to eat?  

Any ideas of what should I eat.... if Milk, eggs, corn, wheat, and soy are possible allergens..... :( 

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If you have leaky gut, which causes improperly digested proteins and food particles to leak  into your blood stream, that will get into your milk. Therefore, your baby will suffer. On top of that, if you have leaky gut and and an too many pathogens in your gut, your baby will have inherited that through the birth canal at birth, and therefore be predisposed to leaky gut and gut dysbiosis. Breastfeeding will  alleviate some of the problems because breast milk contains probiotics, but it doesnt eradicate the problem.


If however, you do  not have leaky gut, then the food substances wont pass into your blood stream. Likewise, your baby  will probably have inherited a healthier gut flora from you at birth.


Look up 'GAPS', or Dr Natasha Campbell Macbride, who wrote about this.

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