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Due Dates

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Wende (Wendy) GIRL! Áine Ciarán Born March 26, 2005 @ 5:03 p.m.
3lbs, 12.6oz, 16 1/4 in long (edd 5/9/05)
DH Ryan
DD Kendra 4/9/92
DD Alexis 1/14/95
DS Aspen 8/30/98
DS Kaiden 6/22/03

Schatz (Hope) BOY! Frederick “Fritz” Gerald Simon Born April 4, 2005 @ 7:10 a.m.
5 lbs 10.3 oz, 19 in. long (edd 5/13/05)
DH Greg
DD Meta 01/01/03

Peace_Lily_Mama (Claire) EDD late April
SO Caleb
DS Caleb J.

Airmid (Sara) EDD Beginning of May
DD Gwennie

Aslmere (Nina) EDD Beginning of May
DH Tom
DD Lianne 9/8/01
DS Conor 8/11/03

dulfinluvr (Kristy) EDD May 1, 2005 - GIRL!
DH Jeff
DD Angelica 11/30/02
DD Ava Marie 1/13/04

tiffanyblitz (Tiffany) EDD May 2, 2005
DH Wolf
DS Nick 10
DSS Neil 3

Velvet005 (Tish) EDD May 2, 2005 - BOY!
DH Ken

CaliMommie (AmiBeth) EDD May 3, 2005 - GIRL! Myla Nicole Anieta
DH Bryant
DS Brayden
DS Colby

wallermama (Ellen) EDD May 3, 2005
DH Aaron
DS Isaac 10/29/98
DD Zada 6/8/01

Cybele EDD May 4, 2005
DH Jay
DS Pierce 12/21/02

peacenlove (Kathleen) EDD May 4, 2005
DH Mark
DS Justin

MomAnita4Jesus (Anita) EDD May 5, 2005 - GIRL! Azalyah Selah
DH Justin
DS Elijah James 12/11/03

nym (Vanessa) EDD May 5, 2005
DH Tim
DS Kai

Zacksmom (Danielle) EDD May 6, 2005
DH Jared
DS Zack 8/6/02

Morgraine EDD May 6, 2005
DH Jay
DS Cameron 2/12/03

rockergirrl EDD May 6, 2005
DH John
DS Enzo 10/6/01
one spirit child lost on 10/6/99

chubbycheeks (Jodie) EDD May 7, 2005 - BOY!
DH Chris
DS Jack 04-07-03

Lizabethian EDD May 7, 2005 - GIRL! Scarlet Elizabeth
DP Beto
DSS Gabe 10/12/00

savdoc2 (Melissa) EDD May 7, 2005 - GIRL!
DH David
DD Patricia 18 mo

HockeyMama (Bridget) EDD May 8, 2005
DH Charles
DD Logan

Keetsmama EDD May 8, 2005
DS Keet

Rainbowfairymomma (Amanda) EDD May 8, 2005
DS Logan

ascw (Anne) EDD May 9, 2005
DH Dick
DS Josiah 11/3/00
DD Sarah Grace 1/6/03

KayleeZoo (Brandi) EDD May 9, 2005 - BOY!
DH Son
DD Kaylee
DD Lexi

Len (Elena) EDD May 9, 2005
DS Diego 7/99

sommer (Sommer) EDD May 9, 2005 - BOY!
DH Micah

Slightly Crunchy EDD May 10, 2005

CluckyinAZ (Deborah) EDD May 12, 2005
DH Oakley

LadyWulf (Leigh) EDD May 12, 2005
DH Adam
DD Shelby 7/31/02
DS Justin 11/22/03

Raven EDD May 12, 2005
DH Matthew
DD Amber 7/18/00
DS Noah 11/29/03

MamaBee EDD Beginning/Mid May
DH Jerod
DS Andrick 2/26/02

Jenn (Jenn) EDD May 13, 2005
DH Joel
DS Cole 7/10/97
DS Evan 9/11/00

Vanyalos (Delwyn) EDD May 13, 2005 - GIRL! (80% certain)
DP Michael
DS Brayden 3

Elfine (Delphine) EDD May 14, 2005
DH Chip

etsmama EDD May 14, 2005 - GIRL!
DH John
DS Ethan 12/31/98

seren (Serenity) EDD May 15, 2005 - GIRL! Madalyn Grace
DH Bryan
DD Savanna 8/16/01
DS Sam 4/15/03

LinzluvsGJ (Lindsey) EDD Mid-May - GIRL!
DH Gregg
DD Grace 6/28/03

Sweetc (Christine) EDD May 16, 2005

Zebrabelly (Bonnie) EDD May 16, 2005
DH Alex
DD Margie 4/24/02

Berkeleyp EDD May 17, 2005 - GIRL!

Poolplayer EDD May 17, 2005 - BOY!
BF Mathieu
DD Ashlin 06/25/94
DS Tayler 04/15/99

Cammike (Cameron) EDD May 18, 2005

Mnnice (Chris) EDD Mid/Late May, 2005
DS Goran 1/22/02

Cathtoria (Gigi) EDD May 20, 2005
DH Allen
DD Catherine 4/28/00
DD Victoria 3/21/02

iamama EDD May 20, 2005
DD Ella 10/21/01

fireflies~for~me EDD May 21, 2005
DH Steve
DS Samuel

Mblindley (Brandy) EDD May 21, 2005
DH Matthew

cakes78413 (Linda) EDD May 22, 2005
DH Seth
DS Jared
DD Mia

Coleslaw (Keri) EDD May 23, 2005

Lindsayloo2020 (Lindsay) EDD May 23, 2005
DH Jimmy
DS Braedon James 9/29/03

Robugmum EDD May 23, 2005
DS Oscar 11/99
DD Rose 12/01

mamamead EDD May 24, 2005 - GIRL!

Triste (Adriana) EDD May 24, 2005
DH Noe
DD Lalia 1/2/99
DD Citlalli 8/29/03

Crysmomofthree (Crystal) EDD May 25, 2005 - GIRL!
DP Bruce
DS Matthew
DS Hayden
DS Lucas

Cutie Patootie (Tina) EDD May 25, 2005
DS 7/03

MamaMia (Mia) EDD May 25, 2005 - GIRL!
DH Frank
DD Lucia 2/02

Debstmomy (Cristina) EDD May 25-ish, 2005 - GIRL!
DH Matt
DD Amber
DS Austin

EvolvingMama (Laurie) EDD May 26, 2005
DD Elisha

Gingerlane EDD May 26, 2005
DH Mark
DD Lily 6/22/03

valeria_vi EDD May 27, 2005

Witherb (Beth) EDD May 27, 2005
DS 11/2/02

Eaglevoice (Jenn) EDD May 28, 2005
DH Jason
DSD Mckynzie 8

marsupial EDD May 28, 2005 - GIRL!
DD 4-3-98
DS 10-7-00
Furpuppy (7 yrs)

Desdamona (Desa) EDD end of May
DS Davie 4/96
DS Donovan 10/98
DS Gabriel 12/02 VBAC at home!!!!

Funshine (Jess) EDD May 29, 2005
DH Dan
DS Griffin Christmas Baby 2002

jujuwah EDD May 29, 2005

annakiss (Anna) EDD May 30, 2005 prediction - GIRL
DH Jon
DS Aleksander 8/16/02

Aaudreysmom EDD May 31, 2005
DH Wesley
DD Audrey 2

Karendrema (Karen) EDD May 31, 2005
DH Rob
DD Drema 4/17/03

MamaFae (Nichol) EDD June 1, 2005 - GIRL! Lillian Elizabeth
DH Marc
DS Austin 7/01
DS Colton 4/03

SadieJaneR (Sadie) EDD May 11,2005

AndreaC (Andrea) EDD May 15,2005

Patti Ann (Patti) EDD May 29,2005
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I'm pregnant. Figured it out about a week ago, but just lurking. I think I would be "due" May 8 (I don't believe in EDDs much). But that's the general time.

I have a three year old son who still nurses a bit.
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I like that idea, Leigh.
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Hello. I have NO idea when Im due..Possibly early may/late April. I have a 1 yr old son named Braedon.
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I am due around May 10th. DH is Bryant. We have 2 boys~ Brayden, almost 4 & Colby, almost 1.

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Hi! I'm pregnant with my first and it's "due" MAy 7th. My soon to be husband is Beto (short for Heriberto) and I have a step son named Gabe who is 4 October 12th.
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I am 'due' around May 9th but i think it will be here early :LOL
We have a beautiful son Logan who turned 2 in July.
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Hello, I'm Wendy. My dh is Ryan and this is my 5th (our second together) child. I think I'm due May 9th. I have a 12 yo dd, Kendra, a 9 yo dd, Alexis, a 6yo ds, Aspen, and a 14month old ds, Kaiden.
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End of May baby on the way! and names

Hi Mamas,

Congratulations on your pregnancies! I just had a very light positive test today. I didn't expect to see an extra line, because I'm at cd 24, which is a few days early to be testing. I'll try again in 2 days just to be sure. But if I am pregnant, I'll be due May 26th. Now, of course, I am obsessing with baby names...here are a few:

Boys- Aidan, Samuel, Boone, Jasper, Luka, Rowan, Declan, and Cedric
Girls - Abigail, Annika, Nora, Mara, Willa, Chloe and Esme.

Good luck to everyone, and I hope to have confirmation of this wee one before too long!

Laurie (35), mama to Elisha (8.5)
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Trying to get everyone in order of EDDs. If there is someone who hasn't posted there info yet come on and post it so i can add you. Hopefully pretty soon someone will sticky this thread so we don't have to bump it constantly or loose it.
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Please add me! I just found out a couple of days ago.

I'm Keri due with my 2nd sometime in late May (22nd or 24th, not sure). Actually, I had a miscarriage earlier this year, so I am a little nervous.

I look forward to sharing the next 9months with you (knock on wood).
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hi mamas!!

add mee

im Jenn, dh is Joel
ds1 is Cole (7yrs) 7/10/97
ds2 is Evan (4yrs) 9/11/00
i am Due May 13....
my other 2 were born on their dates so EDD are in sinc with my body. lets see if it does that again!!

great idea btw!!!
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Im Vanessa, DH is Tim, DS is Kai. I am due on May 5th
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me too me too

I'm Bridget, Dh is Charles, we have one beautiful daughter named Logan who is 26 months and our new surprise (and boy is it ever!) is edd 5/10/05

This is so awesome, congrats and happy healthy wishes to all the mamas!
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Added :-D
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im Sadie, my partner is Aris, i have 2 kids from previous marriage -
Celia is almost 3 her bd is 9/15/01,
Rowan is 10 months, bd 11/12/03
im "due" may 11 but i usually go over 40 weeks.
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Thanks Ladywulf!
I'm Elena, dh J and ds Diego (07/99) baby due May 9
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I'm mostly a lurker, but what the heck .. can I join too?

I'm Delwyn .. from my calculations edd is May 19th. DP is Michael. DS is Brayden ( 3 ).

Coleslaw -- I also had a m/c earlier this year ( in May ) and am kind of nervous about this pregnancy .. so you're not alone .
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how do we sticky this thing??
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