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I'm Christine.
Due May 16th (lmp) or 12th (ovulation). I think I'll probably tell people the 16th.

My son is 26 months and I had a miscarriage at 12.5 weeks this February.
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I'll join in too.
I'm Patti
DH Jim
dd-Kelsy7, ds connor 4 dd Fiona 2
I think my EDC will be end of May 29th or so. Had 5 weeks of spotting that ended 8/26 and had pos hpt today-light line. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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Hi, I am Tish and my EDD is May 3rd with baby #1.
I have been married to DH for 2 years
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My name is Bonnie...

Married to Alex
dd Margie 4.24.02
edd this one is 5.16.05

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oops, I hadn't noticed I'm on there already. Well, if you WANT there's more specific info. If not, that's cool, too!

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OK...i think i have everyone added up till now. Check and make sure all your info is correct and let me know if i missed anything or anyone. This is turning out to be a nice big group of ladies!!!!
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My cycles are irregular so I figure I'm due sometime between May 23rd and June 2nd. Lets call it May 28th, right in the middle!
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Sam is 17 months and new baby on the way EDD May 21st!
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Hi again! Can you please change my due-date to May 3rd? Thanks!

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Hello ~

I'm Beth, and my DS will be two in November. Our second child is due to arrive sometime in late May/early June (more likely, I'd imagine), the official DD being May 27th. Happy to join you all here.
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My name is Brandy 22yo and been married to Matthew 25 yo for 4 yrs
we have a 4yo DS
and a 2 yo DD
We live in Southern middle TN.
and I am due with our 3rd on May 21, 2005 acording to LMP but I haven't been to the Dr. to confirm yet....
I am happy to be joining this group and am looking forward to some great months ahead...
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My name is Mia.
DH is Frank.
DD is Lucia born February 2002
Due date... I think May 25th.

Already have heartburn. Egads.
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I am Gigi, I am 37
EDD 5/20/05
dh Allen for 10 years
dd 4 Catherine
dd 2 Victoria
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Added. Welcome to the board ladies!!!
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hello please add me
crystal edd may 25 2005
dp Bruce
ds #1 Matthew 8yrs
ds #2 Hayden 5yrs
ds #3 Lucas 15 mnths
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I'm out ladies. Had a miscarriage this afternoon. Good luck to you all. Hoping to be on a thread for late summer.
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I'm sorry about that, Patti Ann. A warm hug to you.
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i'm sorry too patti ann. please take good care of yourself!!
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s to you patti ann. I'm so sorry about your loss.
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