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Hello! I'm Jess, my DH is Dan, and we have one son, Griffin, who was born on Christmas Day 2002. I just got my BFP on Friday and believe I should be due around May 29, 2005. AF was two weeks later before I got a BFP, so I'm a tad worried and it's making it harder to really believe I'm pg!
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I'm out as well. I had a miscarriage this weekend

Wishing you all happy healthy pregnancies and hopefully I'll be back soon!
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so sorry to hear about your loss. it is a tough thing to go thru. please take good care of yourself!!
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another one for the list

EDD May 18. -cameron
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Can u add me?

My name is Christine, I have a fiancee named Cory, we are expecting our first child on May 11th, 2005.
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I am sorry for your loss, andreac. A warm hug to you.
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Hey Ladywulf,
Could you please change my due date to May 23rd (I just had an ultrasound today)? Oh, and my son and daughter's names are Oscar and Rose!
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Thanks Ladywulf, for the update!
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HI. I am due with baby #3 on may 24, 05
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Yaaay I can finallt contribute to the due date section. I am due on May 23rd. I didnt know how far along I was for awhile. It may change too when I see the MW on the 22nd.
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Is it ChristinE or ChristinA? Or maybe Elizabeth? Or maybe even Sarah?
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I am also out. I just had a miscarraige on sat 10/9/04 .

Wish everyone lots of luck in there pregnancies.
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So sorry to hear that, Adriana. You and your baby will be missed here.
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Can someone add me to the list?

DH is Mark (sonce 2000)
EDD is May 26th
joining my sweet dd (Lily) 06.22.03
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Hi! I'm Brandi (31 next Monday), dh is Son (36), with Kaylee (4) and Lexi (21 mos) Due with this little pea April 30, 2005.
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I'm joining you all... switching over from April. I had my dates changed.

My name is Nina and I am due the beginning of May with #3.
DH is Tom.
DD is Lianne 9/8/01
DS is Conor 8/11/03

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Due Mid-May (between 12th and 19th)
DH Gregg
DD Grace 6/28/03
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