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nursing 4 1/2 year old/child led weaning

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i have a little girl still nursing at 4 1/2. i have always let my kids wean naturally, but since she is my last it seems to be lasting forever. my first i had to wean at the age of 2 during my 2nd pregnancy due to severe contractions when he would nurse, but with the understanding that when the baby came he could nurse again...and he did and i tandem nursed for 3 months before i couldn't keep up, he was almost 3. my 2nd boy stopped nursing all by himself at the age of 2, again i was pregnant but not having any problems except abnormally sore breasts, but i tried really hard not to let him know it hurt to nurse him. he still noticed and would ask if it was okay just to "hold it boob." and that is how he weaned himself, and he had to hold my nipple for a very long time and even up until he was about 6 would still want to sit and cuddle like that, but only sometimes. with my daughter, she has had no pregnancy issues to interrupt her blissfully nursing "until she grows up" as she says. i had hoped to just let her nurse whenever, but i finally decided on nights and mornings. and she is okay with that and looks forward to those times. does this mean i am no longer using child led weaning? i still feel like i am doing everything i can to give her the opportunity to quit when she is ready. i get tired of it sometimes, but i know that she won't do it forever. my little sister nursed until she was 5, so it's not like i find this unusual...well i suppose it is very unusual with today's standards...but anyway, i'd love to hear from any really really extended nursing moms out there!
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Well, I suppose there are purist CLW types who will say you're not doing CLW because you're setting any limits at all, but in my opinion it's reasonable to set limits on a 4.5 year old that work for you and for her too. I'm not in your shoes yet (ds is only 2, although he has showed no signs of weaning during my pregnancy so far) but I have to say, rock on mama! :bf
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I set limits and I consider my child CLW. She was close to 6 years old
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I see nothing wrong with setting limits with an older child (older than 2 or 2 1/2 years) that are agreeable for both of you. Sounds like your dd is agreeable to your limits. If a limit causes undue stress for either one of you, it probably shouldn't be set.

Anyway, sounds like you are CLW and doing a super great job!
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I would still consider you to be CLWing your dd since you are letting her nurse until she is ready to stop. If you were putting so many limits on her that it led to your milk drying up then I wouldn't consider that child-led, but you aren't doing that. Limiting to mornings and nighttime sounds reasonable as long as she is happy with it too (which it sounds like she is). I think most (if not all) of us put reasonable and respectful limits on our children once they reach a certain age.
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mother_sunshine said it best!
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Come on over to the CLW thread.
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