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For those who know about herbs and vitamins, I need help

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I am totally ignorant on herbs and vitamins, etc. I would love to visit a naturopath but my insurance is picky, so that's out. So right now all I take is a multivitamin, folic acid, and an omega 3 capsul daily. So here are my health issues that I would like herbal recommendations on what would help:

-fatigue (need an energy booster)
-can't fall asleep at night (what will help me wind down?)
-aid in milk production (my dd doesn't nurse tons, but complains that there isn't mich milk)
-choelesterol lowering (I eat alomost no saturated fat, but high choloestrol runs in my family and despite my diet my cholesterol is not good)
-mild bouts of depression and anxiety ( i hear that omega 3's are good for this??)
- other things I should take that are good for me, or that you take and like???

Thanks for the wisdom...

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I use cold water fish oil & also borage oil gelcaps for fatty acids, which are indeed supposed to have an impact on cholesterol & mental health.
I don't generally use multivits, but I do take (not necessarily all of these every day--more like a few x/week) B-50's, vit C via sodium ascorbate powder, chlorella with broken cell wall, NAC, a probiotic, selenium & zinc.
I would guess that if you're having anxiety that is probably a big part of your sleeping difficulty (thus fatigue) as well as decreased milk production. How about trying some general stress & anxiety relief measures? Generally increase dietary produce in a wide variety, whole grains, legumes, cultured foods.
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skullcap works great for winding down/ insomnia. it helps w/anxiety, pain, you name it! lol.
i like this herb a lot. you can also try valerian but for me, it leaves me groggy.
also some people like coffea cruda homeopathic tincture.
good luck
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Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a wonder herb. It is a galactagogue, meaning it will increase your milk supply. It is also chock full of minerals, vitamin, and nutrients, very nourishing. It helps to balance the body, so I have found it to be very good for my moods, and the hormonal ups and downs. It also could help with the fatigue. But you should also be getting a good supply of nutrients in your food. Are you aeting enough dark green leafy vegetables? Adding Kale, Spinich and Chard etc can really boost your system.
As far as Cholesterol I would make sure that you are getting enough good fats. Try taking Flax oil in good size quantities. I would take 2 capsules 2-4 times a day for 6 weeks and then get your levels checked again. Flax, Salmon oil, avocados, these all provide essential fats that your body needs. If you don't get the fat syou need, your body starts hanging on to whatever it can get, ie bad fats.
I have always done well with valerian, you could start with a low dose to get use to it. I never got a herbal hangover or anything, but you need to figure out what level of sedatve is good for you. If you are sensitive, you could start with Chamomile tea or tincture. Kava Kava is a little stronger than valerian but is also mild enough that alot of people have no hangover or side effects. One thing that is pretty rough on the body for alot of people is melatonin, I wouldn't recommend trying this unless you try all of the milder herbs with no success.

As far as general well being? Eat foods in their most natural state, whole unrefined grains, fruits veggies, drink lots of water. Take vit c every day. You sound like you might be suffering from stress also, so I would recommend taking a B complex until things calm down for you. Your body dumps b vitamins when it is over stressed so you may want to replenish them.

Reading over my post I cannot believe I wrote all of that!!! I HTH. Feel Better!

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Wow, thanks for all the info. I have heard great things about red raspberry leaf tea. I absolutly do not get enough green leafys. I am the only person in my home that'll touch em, so they don't get cooked much. But i guess it's time to start.

The thing with my cholesterol is that while my over all count is 203, a smidge high, my "bad" cholesterol, LDL, is very low. On the low end of the normal range, but my HDL is high, bringing my over all high. My dr said that I shouldn't lose sleep because my HDL was so low, BUT that since my dad has super high cholesterol I should be concerned and try to bring it donw a bit.

I have been taking one flaw seed oil capsul daily, obviously not enough. I also have a bottle of Omega-3 capsuls. What should I be doing with those? How do they differ from the flax?

I do sometimes take Valerian and it works great, with no groggyness. KavaKava didn't do much for me.

Well thanks so much for the info guts. Any other imput would be great.

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Sounds like maybe you just need to eat more protien. It helps control hormone ups and downs, Also helps balance good and bad cholesterol. It also gives sustained energy so you can work during the day and sleep at night.
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