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I am still nursing my dd who is 3 3/4 yo, so I am not worried about supply and actually hope that this will wean her. I haven't read through the whole thread but is anyone feeling pain while nursing? Wowee am I in pain. It happened with my other pg this year too. It feels like it could be thrush (burning pain, but doesn't hurt to touch), but I know I had the same sypmtoms last time that just mysteriously went away when I m/c. Anyone? Help?
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I am nursing my 33 month old DD. She seems to nurse more fervently now that I'm pregnant, but still only really nurses before bed. She's only moved to this once a day pattern in the last couple of months. She'll still ask to nurse during the day occasionally, but not that often. I got pregnant with DD when DS was around 17 months old, he continued to nurse until he was 23 months and then weaned (2 months before DD's birth) so I never tandem nursed. I'll continue to nurse DD until she weans herself. I too, have really tender nipples. They seem a little better this time around, so we'll see. I would like to try tandem nursing but DD will be 3 and a half by the time the new bean arrives.
I popped really early with pregnancy #2, I was in mat. clothes at 9 weeks. But I tend to have a bit of a belly on me even when I'm not pregnant. I went to Cotton Ginny today and bought 3 tops in their Plus size small so I can wear them over pants with the tops button undone and folded under. They are cut a lot longer than the regular line and are way cheaper than regular maternity clothes!

Re. the question on colustrum, it is super rich in nutrients and antibodies, therefore perfect for a newborn. It certainly won't harm your older child though!
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I'm still nursing Gabriel, 21 months and counting........

Originally Posted by peace_lily_mama

Did your belly "pop" sooner? How soon?

How in the world do you tandem nurse?

Also, was your pregnancy rockier, as smooth, or smoother (as far as symptoms and complications in PG and labor.
You mean my belly pooch was supposed to go away between pregnancies?? Seriously though, I haven't popped yet, only 6+ wks. but when I do start showing -- BAM I am showing. No transition. Normal clothes and then BIG ol' maternity dud.

As for tandeming... Don't know personally. I have mixed feelings. I would like to night wean Gabriel by the time arrives. I really don't think i will be able to handle BFing them both through the night.

All my pg's have been different, just like all their looks and personalities.
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i'm nursing my twelve month old. she's still pretty much exclusively nursing but she's learning how to eat solids. i was worried about her starving and i really really don't want her to wean so i'm working to keep up my supply. she seemed frustrated a few weeks ago but is happy again. it really hurt about three weeks ago but it doesn't anymore.
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plum, i'm glad to hear it doesnt hurt as much right now. i noticed that too and had an irrational fear that i was going to miscarry again b/c the pain went away!! when i miscarried i had no pain while nursing and didnt realise til afterwards why. well i mean when i hurt like hell this time i figured it out!!

my 19 month old is nursing what seems like lots but maybe i just had less patience.

desdamona, night weaning is going well for us this time. i did try once before and it was awful so i figure she must be ready. i cannot imagine nursing two at night!! cassia did not sleep much at all (she woke 8-10 times a night) until she was 15 months so i am enjoying my sleep way too much now that it has returned. if the next one wakes the same way, i cant possibly do 2!! she has allergies and i think that was a factor.
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I am - sort of. My 26 month old told me yesterday afternoon after nursing of a minute or so, "Mama, milk all gone. Go play now." Ahhh! I have such mixed feelings. I have loved our nursing relationship and he has been slowing down on his nursing in the last few weeks, sometimes going a day or two without asking to nurse. But how sad if that was truly our last nursing. We will see. I did want him to self wean - wonder if this is what that looks like.

I love it that you are all still nursing!
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my dd 2.5 is in the process of self weaning... actually, I think she may have weaned, but everytime I say that, she asks to nurse again LOL..... So she is only "nursing" every 3 to 4 weeks right now... for 1 minute at a time
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I am nursing my 15 month old ds. I have noticed a drop in my milk supply but it is still there and Lucas is happily nursing away. I get chronic mastitis (about once a month) and I am kind of worried about how that will work now that I am pregnant. Not sure what I can take for it. I don't know if I want to tandem nurse but I am not making any decisions yet. I have never nursed during a pregnancy so this is a bit new to me. I figure I will just take it as it comes, I am not ready to wean yet and neither is ds.. so I guess we will just trudge along

funny thing is I have no discomfort or pain when nursing my nipples were so sensitve with the other three pregnancies it is kind of surprising to me
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my 2 and 1/2 year old nurses somewhere between 0 and 3 times per day. Right now it is the about only way I can get him to take a much needed afternoon nap.
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I'm nursing my 13.5 month old. He's no where near ready to wean and I'd never push it on him... I hope my supply doesn't decrease for a long long time.
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Originally Posted by fireflies~for~me
Yes, am nursing Sam who is 17 months...he is a bit confused and squeezes my breasts and switches sides frequently saying "meh meh:???

Hoping to tandem nurse...milk supply comes back throughout preganncy yes?
Me, too! Exactly. I think your son is saying more!?
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I'm continuing to nurse my almost-2-year-old about twice during the day and up to four times a night. I'd really like to night wean him by May, but I also realize the baby's arrival may cause him to regress anyway! So, I'm trying to prepare myself for the idea of night-nursing two. Not quite sure how that's going to work yet, as DS is a very light sleeper.

Anyway, I may be one of the rare ones who's not dealing with a huge increase in nipple pain. I don't know if this is because I just don't get that sore or if it's because nursing isn't all that comfortable for me regardless! I do notice my nipples are sore during showers, w/o bras, etc, just as they were when I was pregnant with my son. I don't really like letting DS nurse for more than 20 minutes at a time, and I definitely cannot sleep while he's latched on, but it's not as painful as I expected.
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